Yeh hai ashiqui second os

Welcome frnds to yeh hai ashiqui one shot serial
Can someone think that it would become an important part of someone’s life
So friends let us see a different but a common love story of swasan
Swara and sanskar

Watsapp message
Sanskar: hii ..whose this?
Swara: i hate you
Sanskar: what?
Swara: you should check the number once before replying thank you for the all the best which i sent earlier during board exams
Sanskar: who are you?
Swara: umm i am swara
Sanskar : …
Swara: i want to say that you are important to me
Sanskar: is this kind of a bet or a dare
Swara: no
Sanskar: so you are saying that i am important in your life
Swara: yes because whenever i needed you you were there and our coincidences
Sanskar: wait a second swara i didn’t know of any coincidence you are talking about
Swara: ohk bye but when you meet me someday definitely give me a munch
Sanskar : listen don’t make this difficult to understand ..say it straight to the point
But swara didn’t reply

This was something new feeling ..a different one
When swara used to see sanskar she used to feel some spark and she used to feel her heartbeat near her ear
First time when she tried to see him their eyes met
And then start her life with full of coincidence with this guy sanskar maheswari
She feels so heavenly taking his name and his one smile makes her day
She always has her eyes stuck to his face for his one smile
She liked his all habits the way he dressed the way ,he stands holding his bag
So lets get some introduction to these characters
Swara: 18 years old , a very bubbly girl , but not beautiful as other girls ,has specs ,studying commerce she hates it and soon she is going to change her field.. shy in matters of talking to boys but at times fiesty showing boys what they are…
Sanskar: full of life ..happie go lucky guy but at the same time a gentleman type of guy .. like he respected his relationship .studying commerce same division as swara’s
Handsome ..

So these are the characters ..i will update with their friend’s name as story goes if any friend us needed

Like this days passed
Swara was nit getting any msgs from sanskar
She waited whole day seeing just one number that is his but no reply
She had to not face him as holidays were started after their board exam
She then thought something and msged
Swara: i am srry its my fault i should nit over react like this …u have no mistake
Sanskar: what us ur surname
Swara: umm swara gadodia..why u want this?
Want to kill me?
Sanskar: are u mad??
Conversation ends here
Swara was hell tensed about how would he would have made a fool of her
Days passed ..months passed
Both were in same clg now but different streams
But then too few coincidences happen
Swara just then decided as to she would confront him but how?
She daily thought about it but no she ended up ignoring her feeling
She did not love him but he was just a crush but so then why she wanted him to listen to her stories ,hold her hand ,fight with her ,care for her ‘only’ ..scold her and lot more
She changed herself like having a stylish haircut
Then changing her dressing style am

One day
She found sanskar in library as she was there to return a novel and she then decided to end it
Fortunately he was alone there studying as he was doing c.a.
She went beside him and sat on the chair nearby
She took out her books and started fidgetting her fingers as to how to start
Swara: hii
Sanskar: see swara i know you have feelings for me but understand i too have my life and i have a gf so lets end it and forget me and move on with your life
Swara: its so easy to say this for you but you don’t know i get thirsty to see your smile ..your smile make my day ..the way you walk .the way you look at me whenever we meet made me think that i was not the alone who liked you made me think you too liked me
Actually you know what sanskar you are just another guy who wants a beautiful girl to be a gf
Thanks for proving me wrong .
Saying this she got up and went from there to not control her tears and one more precious minute with him would make her weak
Till now u saw that both were on a different track
Guys u know that when you fall for a person you don’t seem to notice your bff’s stories too
But here swara was not knowing what exactly she was doing
How will she make him fall in love with him?

Next day
In garden of the clg ..the garden of the college was like when u enter the premises of the clg u can also see the garden view adjacent to it
Swara was playing badminton in the badminton court there beside the garden as it was a huge place
Swara was all laughing feeling the wind while playing badminton
She closed her eyes moved ger head upwards and felt the wind ..according to her wind made her feel sanskar’s presence
She smiled whole heartedly and continued playing badminton
But this was noticed by someone and he was none other than mohit (he too was good looking)sanky’s bff
He knew his story but according to him she was beautiful
He thought to erase her pain and proposed her
She asked him some time but sanskar’s words came in her ears move on
She said him yes
Now mohit and swara used to together but the problem was the feeling which she had for sanskar she could not have with mohit
Definitely mohit was a great guy but he was not sanskar
Now swara also was included in mohit’s grp which made difficult for her to stay away from sanskar
Sanskar too came with her gf for get together
Which made swara uncomfortable
Swara never thought of breaking his relationship but curses that girl a hundred times because she never understood sanky
They had arguements but still they were together
Sanskar and swara were still not friends
Both disagreed with each other on every issue
One day they decided to go to a beach
Swara had wore a one piece with her long hair open and a tiara on her head
She like beaches a lot ..she whined like a child and ran in the water and started feeling water taking her worries with it
They all went to her giving her company to which mohit holded her hand but she felt uncomfortable and changed the topic
Swara: guys lets play football
Sanskar: haha girls and football ?
Swara: boys and football? Hhaa ha she laughed
Mohit : ohk ohk lets play volleyball
Swara: but i don’t know how to play it
Mohit: Are we are there na to make you learn
Swara : ohk

So teams were made as captains were tanmay and raj and they were
Mohit,tanmay ,komal,hetvi and swara ,sanskar , kavita and raj
Swara: what i will not be in his team(she said while pointing towards him)
Sanskar: mohit take her from here
Mohit : swara its for some time its ohk
They started playing volleyball and unknowingly swara dashed with sanskar as she was new to game
Sanskar’s anger rose and he said
Why are you finding excuses to be close to me
Please can you leave me alone
Swara’s eyes welled up and she ran from there
Mohit: sanskar hats off to your cheap yhinking from when did you become like this
Sanskar ran his hand in his hair and seeimg mohit going back of her stopped him and said him he will handle
Swara was sitting on a place made of marble for sitting crying silently controlling her tears to come out and saying to herself
What does he think of himself ..i was just learning the game ..why does he have to give me pain everytime
Saying she took out her chocolate and started eating it
Sanskar heard all this and said
Sanskar: because i am an idiot sometimes
So i should pay you for making a mistake
Swara: no its no need mr maheshwari keep your cheap thinking with you but i want to slap you
Sanskar: then go ahead i bet it would heal you
Swara got her hand up and slapped him tightly
Sanskar kept hand in his cheek as it was burning
Swara: do not think that liking you is my weakness ..self respect is self respect
And she goes forgetting her chocolate there itself
She comes again and takes it and goes from there glaring him
Sanskar now tried to talk to her everytime ge met her but swara was distancing herself from grp
She mShe met mohit alone not along the group
One day
Swara was in classroom doing prank on someone just then mohit and his grp passed from there and sanky saw her and smiled seeing her mischief ..she was indeed a kiddo
Sanskar was going with his grp but excused himself
And went to swara’s classroom and signalled her to come outside
She moved her head vigorously in a no
But sanskar was sanskar
He signed her something to which she had to come from back door unnoticed by teacher
After coming
Swara: blackmailer!!
Sanskar: don ‘t say me you dont want to attend the lecture because you were seeming least interested and this silk bubbly
Swara: give me that she said like a child as he blackmailed her with that(she was a chocoholic)
Sanskar: first say me you forgive me
Swara : (giggled )really i must appreciate your gentleman attitude
To be true i haven’t the pain you give can’t be healed by that
Sanskar: i am genuinely srry i know i have done a mistake but..
Swara: leave all that now that you give me a bubbly treat i forgive you
Friends she forwarded her hand for a shake
Sanskar : you should have said earlier
Swara: dumb idiot
Now swara again joined the group had fun with them but still her feelings as they were but swara never tried to break his relationship but she and mohit broke swara felt it was not appropriate
Swara: hey sanskar are you free?
Sanskar: ya tell
Swara: actually i am finding economics too difficult was easy in commerce but in arts its getting on my head
Uff ..u know mohit he’s not good in economics and raj and tanmay mad fellows don’t come to clg and i don’t want help from my frnds as i am new in arts stream
Sanskar : you don’t need to give explanation
Swara and sanskar started spending time together with that
They spend most of their time with each other as swara give company to sanskar till hes there in clg
Next day was sanskars birthday she remembered as she loved him by now
She decided to give him a rose a simple gift a white andYellow rose
Next day
Sanskar was already waiting fir her in library
Swara came from back and closed his eyes
Sanskar: whats it kiddo?
Swara: happiest bdae sanskar maheshwari
And she gifted him two rose
Sanskar was confused as all give precious gifts and she!!
Swara smiled and answered that yellow one is for their friendship and white one beacuse she likes white and she laughed on her silly reason
“Haha sanskar now lets start our study”says swara
“And haa don’t think i am forgetting your treat
A cheese chilly sandwich ,a coke, a sada sandwich ,one plate noodles and 2 dairymilk bas”she said while moving ger toungue
Sanskar saw being shocked as she was slim and tall perfect
Sanskar: you know what come to my house
There ask my mumma she will make anything you want
Swara: haha i don’t want to trouble her.sanskar you should be going with kavita na today is your special day and she is your gf
Sanskar did not like her saying this and he replied being confused
Sanskar: yeah
Swara: can i ask you something?
Sanskar: yeah kiddo you don’t have to ask
Swara: spend a day with me as a bf
Sanskar tomorrow i am moving from here i got a call from my art school that they have accepted my mid term admission and i have to go there

Day after tomorrow
I want my last day with you to be special
Sanskar was all.shocked
He did not know that the newly discovered friend and SOMETHING More will part her ways from him
Sanskar: no this can’t be true right din’t joke yaar
Swara: its true just say yes or no
Sanskar: yes kiddo… U r my friend (but questioned himself about it) and i can do this much for you
Next day they roamed in the streets of mumbai
Went to beach again ..had fun then swara being bhukkar had lots of things
They were moving hand in hand
And sometimes swara hugged him too and placed a kiss on cheek
Sanskar did not have any problem as somewhere her presence too was loved by him
Lastly being tired they sat in a icecream shop sitting beside each other after their dinner
And swara was having her black forest pastry icecream like a kid and sanskar was seeing her with open mouth as to how can someone be this cute
He had an urgent need to kiss her and he did
Swara was shocked she did not respond
She was frozen in her place
She looked towards sanskar and said
“We should go”
After that neither of them spoke a word
Swara didn’t say even a goodbye
But but but this was not the end
Swara was sleeping just then her phone started ringing . Unknowingly she attended the call
“Who is this person dusturbing my and sansjar’s romance urghh”she went to receive the call but widened her eyes seeing it’s connected
Swara: voh voh sanskar what happened
Sanskar: i hate you
Swara got tears
Sanskar : i hate to have fallen head over heels in love with you
Will you be my kiddo gf?
Swara : pinch yourself
Sanskar: what?
Swara: pinch and see its not a dream na
Sanskar laughed nd said come to the window now
She got there and sanskar made signs of i love you and gave a flying kiss
Swara acted as if she caught it and said
Swara: good night
Sanskar: are i am saying this much ..confessing my love too ..don’t you think you should treat me well
Swara: i know its a dream i will open my eyes and see you will be out of my head bye
Sanskar: idiot he shouted and swara came in her sense
Swara: i luv u too i love u tooo
I luv you …. My messages worked now??

Guys its too short and boring o.s.
Pls forgive me

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