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This story is not a fairy tale it’s a mature love story. They didn’t fall in love in their first meeting nor did they feel anything for each other at first. Difficult situations make them fall for each other, both were very different from each other girl was a Hindu Brahmin and boy was south Indian. They face many difficulties but still they are together and living a happy life.
The episode starts with dev entering the bank and wishing all the staff good morning, the staff wished him back. He was the manager of the branch but by his appearance no one can guess it. He was simple, down to earth, no attitude nor arrogance, polite and selfless person.
The office work was going normally; they were like normal manager and staff. Like these days passed.
Sonakshi was having many problems, she was having fever because of cold, and her maid who used to cook for her was not a good lady so she fired her. She was not able to cook after coming from bank so she used to sleep without eating food and the big problem was that she was a alone girl there sometimes men used to follow her from bank or sometimes tease her in way. She was suffering a lot.

At last one day she fainted in her house and didn’t come to office.
At office when Dev comes to know that she is not present, he was tensed not because of any love for her because of a manager he used to care his girl staff and he knew that she was not well. He tried to call her but she didn’t pick …..
After some time when she opens her eyes she was at hospital. She was shocked so she asked the doctor who told her that Dev took bought her here.
Her mother and sister came to see her; they take a good care of her. Dev used to come daily to check her.
After some days she got discharged from hospital. She came back and joins the bank. There she got to know that Dev was transferred to another branch in Mumbai and she got transferred to Kolkata her home.
When both of them reach their transferred places they realize their love for each other both talked to each other and confessed their feeling and decided to get married. They were really happy for this decision but they didn’t know about the after effect of the decision.
Both of them told this to their family but no one agrees because of the difference as I have told earlier shona was Hindu and dev was south Indian.

When shonakshi’s relatives get to know about this they started taunting asha that “why did she allow her to go outside alone and work look now what she has done, we have told you not to send her.”  Asha was so sad. Sonakshi told her to believe that their love is pure and they can’t live without each other.
Asha agreed because she loved her daughter more than her life but other than her no one agrees. Sonakshi’s masi also agreed. Both were ready for this marriage but were not able to do anything as they were alone. But the new generation of her family like her sister, masi’s daughter, mama’s sons and daughters took stand for her they fought for her with their parents to make them agree and they helped her in all the preparations of marriage.
Dev family was also not agreed at first but he makes them agree but in one condition that marriage will be held on their state.

So the marriage was held on Vijaynagram (Andhra Pradesh). Sonakshi with her family went there and got married. Her reception was held on Kolkata.
Now both of them are at Mumbai as Dev was transferred there and shona also got transferred there, their marriage has completed 1 year this April 2017 and they will get a new person in their life soon this year.
So done with my 3rd episode now 2 left.

Next will be shivika.
I  hope you all like it do tell me through your valuable comments.

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  1. Fenil

    u rushes out in this chppy like snakes.
    Can’t u told this story in slow pace.
    Leave it.
    Waiting for next episode.
    Loved it.

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much bhaiya
      I know i should write it slow but it could take one more part so decided to write like that sorry if u don’t like it

  2. Kanfi

    Its fabulous dear,,,,and az it is a true story sooo i’m very happy for them….n they r xpcting their frst childd wowwwee….may they have happy life aheadddddddd,…
    Wish them luck from my side…

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much di
      I will surely wish the
      Love you ??

  3. Awesomeeeeeee yaarrrrrr This always happens all see classes n all.what will they get by it.nothing I hope it gets changed soon.amazingggggggggg superbbbbbbbbb

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much rufi
      Even i hate this things
      Love you??

  4. wow awesome story , i just loved it a lot , wonderful , i am reading it again and again , very simple , sweet and realistic story

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much varshini and I’m waiting for your ff

  5. N.M

    Awesome di , as usual the story was fab, and i am sooo happy for dev and Sonakshi , eagerly looking forward for shivika story ???????????????Love u di

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much nidu dekh ff me chalta h thanks
      Love you too ??

      1. N.M

        ??pucca chalta hai na?then u r most welcome

  6. Akshita


    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much akshita?

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much harshita?

  7. Ohh soumya just loved it yr…..
    Amazing characters n amazing story…..
    Waiting for next….
    Nd love u my sissy….

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much mahima
      Love you too??

  8. Priya12


    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much priya?

  9. Awesome it’s little fast but realistic .nice

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much tulip and sorry for fast

  10. awesome yaar really real life stories are beautiful
    good work

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much candy?
      Love you??

  11. awesome. devakshi rocks. plz wish the couple on my behalf.

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much ritika?

  12. IME

    Loved it
    Love u???????
    Take care

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much ishu don
      Love you ??

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much sethidisha

  13. Orchid

    Wow amazing I love it di. Do post next soon. Love u.???

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much Oreo
      Love you ??

  14. Dramalover

    loved it yaar, keep on postingg:)))

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much harsha
      Love you ??

  15. Sorry for late comment ☹☹ the episode was amazing waiting for next part ?❤

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much sandy

  16. nice epi dear waiting for next post asap

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much ayshakhan

  17. Neha_Pheonix

    Simplicity is the best thing which I love in your all chapters and maybe you are fond of many places. Siligiri, Vijayanagari ….Amazing!!!You portray real incidence which is great. Waiting for Shivika. Loved ya!

    1. Soumya85

      Thank you so much neha di
      Di the places I have taken were we really went….they are true
      Love you ??

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