RECAP-kaira’s love confession and naira telling everything to gayu
The episode starts with Naira-that’s it gayu di
Gayu (in mind)-naira you are very innocent naira you don’t know boys they fell you in trap a and cheats but for your happiness I will meet him once
Gayu-ok naira, you said he lives in Mumbai so invite him in our house for diwali
Naira-ok di thank you so much I love(naira hugs gayu and went to her room)
@At Naira’s room
Naira-I’m very happy, I know she never say no to me, ups I should call him(Naira calls karthik)
Naira-karthik phone conversation
Karthik-naira I was waiting for your call, did you reach Mumbai?
Naira-karthik di wants to meet you at diwali you are invited to our house here
Karthik-wow I’m really very happy but one minute diwali tomorrow I have to do lots of preparations bye naira I’m going to press my cloths, clean shoes and lots of things(without listening anything karthik cuts the call)
Naira-karthik first listen to me hello hello uff he cuts it….aww how cute he is coming home I will meet him for the first time
(The passed both were super excited and nervous)

Next Day (DIWALI)
After reaching Gayu’s society karthik calls naira, she went down to take him
They both saw each other and were mesmerized in each other’s eyes
Karthik-you are looking beautiful
Naira (blushes)-thanks even you are looking handsome
They both reach the flat, Gayu and mishkat welcomed him
All sat on sofa and here starts question answer-
Mishkat- so karthik were you work and live?
Karthik-I work as ceo in a multinational company, the company is of my dad Goenka group of companies and Iive in Mumbai only with my family(he was very nervous yet confident)
Gayu and mishkat smiles by knowing this as they know about the company,they were satisfied
After their chit-chat they celebrate diwali and eat food
Now karthik was leaving, he bid bye everyone and kaira had a small eye lock but before leaving karthik takes permission from gayu and mishkat to take naira out tomorrow.
They sleep after talking with each other, thinking about their first date

Karthik came her house took naira with him in his bike.
Naira was hugging karthik from back in bike, they were not talking anything just enjoying each other’s presence.
At last karthik broke the silence by saying we reach mall naira let’s enter
Naira-oo yeah
They both enter the mall bought movie tickets and went to pvr.
Both were watching each other more than movie hand in hand, smiling. After movie they eat pizza and ice cream. At evening they went to juhu choupati for seeing sunset after that karthik leave naira in her house before entering naira hug karthik. Both say I love you to each other and leave.
Naira enters flat smiling still that time gayu had told about kaira to family members and all were happy for naira. When naira enters gayu starts teasing her about her marriage.
The days passed all preparations were done for kaira’s marriage.

The pandit asked them to stand for the pheras. Both of them started pheras, with each of the pheras they promise each other that they will love and trust each other throughout their life. At last karthik filled naira’s hairline with sindoor. Pandit declares them as husband and wife, they smile seeing each other. Naira and karthik took blessings from their elders. At last they went to naira’s nani, they took blessing.
Naira’s nani-still now I didn’t understand how u get to know each other as you both were strangers. Hearing this they look at each other and smile.

I hope you like it, say through your comments and thanks for your lovely comments in my 1st episode.


  1. Aswah


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    its very nice..
    loved kaira scences..
    n there date tooo…
    waiting eagerly for the next…
    post next asap..

  2. Manya


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    Awesomee somu❤️❤️💘💘😍😍💞💞❣❣💕💕😘😘
    Love u❤️❤️
    And plzz post the next story soon❣And plzz a DEVAKSHI story💕💕

  3. Fenil


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    Nice Chppy !!




    Cute Date

    Simply Fantabulous

    I Loved It.

    Can’t wait for next Episode which will be on your favourite pair Swalak.

    Really i like your work.

    I love u lil Soumya Dii.:*

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    Sorry for commenting late , it was amazing and the date was cute and romantic 😍😍
    Waiting for next episode 😉

  5. Riyasmiles


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    aww…that was such a sweet post di… loved it… u r such a gr8 writer.. i lived the way u wrote…
    now i cant wait for next part…
    loads of love di…..

  6. Ishika_ishu


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    Wooowwww yrrrr.. somu di….kya likhti ho aap..sachi sachi bataon toh mujhe kaira zaada pasand nhi hain..par ye jo aap likh rhi ho mujhe unka fan bana rahein hai … sachi mein itna achcha idea kahan se aata hai…..keep writing… next one soon pls..
    Love you di😘😘😘

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    Awesome…love naira
    but pls do post the a episode of devakshi and ya even i have started an ff..
    “It’s LOVE my dear …
    do have a check if u get time😊

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwww sooooooo cute.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Exactly opposite of u.😉😋.
    Loved KaiRa scenes 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    It was just muah 💋💋💋
    Love you infinity
    Your amazing sis,

    • Soumya85



      Abhi mujhe sweetest person ka award diya aur abhi hi cute ka opposite bol diya😡😡lol…but tune mere story ki tarif ki h to maf kiya…Love u too meher😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    It was soo cute😍😍😍n lovely thought.keep writing.actually I dont watch yrkkh but I read it because how can I not read my bff’s ff I should n it’s her first writing.n it is awesomeeee somo.

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