Hi everyone thanks for your comments on promo I didn’t expect that much comment. The first episode is on kaira. Guys I can’t write on all couples that u have suggested as the stories r real so I will take the couples who can match the real one. Sorry if u r hurt but I will try my best to add them all. The couples which are for sure r:kaira,swalak,ragsan,devakshi,shivika,arjun maya sanjh. I have a request that the people who are fan of a single couple here not of all other couples still read all stories as they r real and may u like it. Now let’s start the story:
The episode starts with a girl  shouting-ok ok I’m ready to get married but u have to find a suitable boy.(After hearing this all family members get happy)
Gayu-wow naira at last u r ready!(yes the first girl is naira)
Naira-it’s all because of u only gayu di before ur marriage I used to say let u marry than I will but now after ur marriage I don’t have any excuse uff(Gayu is already married)
By saying this Naira went to her room,all family members were happy and thinking about boy for naira.

@Naira’s room
Naira-uff now what I will I don’t want to marry I wants to study.
Then she check her phone where she gets a notification of face book
Naira-who’s friend request is this  Karthik Goenka umm he is handsome so accepted(suddenly she heard gayu’s soud of vomiting she ran to the hall)

Gayu was vomiting and mishkat (gayu’s husband) was calling doctor. They take gayu to the room and doctor came. After some time doctor came out of the room.
Mishkat(in serioustone)-what happened  to her doctor? is she alright?
Doctor-congratulations mishkat u r going to be a father.
All r very much happy by hearing this news. Naira went to the room and told this to gayu she was very much happy.
The day passed. Next day
Gayu and MIshkat r going back to Mumbai where they live. They said good bye to everyone and leaved.
Naira was sad than suddenly she gets a msg from kathik.Msg convo-
Kathik-will u be my friend?
Naira-but we r strangers
Karthik-I’m just asking for friendship not marriage
After that they used to talk everyday in msg calls, they became very good friends, they used to share all their problems and happiness.
After 5 months-
Their friendship grew stronger now deep down in their heart they started to like each other. Naira’s family member’s got many boys but naira rejected all.
Akshara(naira’s mother)-Naira u have to go to Mumbai gayu needs u there
Naira-ok mumma
After 2 days naira left for Mumbai

@MUMBAI (Airport)
Mishkat-are meri Sali saibha,welcome (they hug each other)let’s go
They reach home.Gayu and Naira hug each other.
Naira-gayu di u have become very fat (naira and mishkat laugh)
Gayu-tease tease when ur turn will come than I will show u and mishkat I will not allow u to touch the baby.
Naira was in her own thought.
Naira’s pov
I think I should tell di may be she will support me.

@Gayu’s room
Naira-di u called me do u need anything?
Gayu-no naira sit with me I want to tell u something important
Naira-ok say even I want to say something, u say first
Gyu-naira I have found a boy for u he is mishkat’s friend, he is handsome, rich and very good in nature I have talked with him and he is read,  we will go to his house today.
(naira’s eyes were full of tears with some courage she speaks)
Naira-di I love someone, his name is kathik goenka (gayu was shocked) he lives in Mumbai we both love each other a lot.
Gayu-u never tell me this? naira tell me everything about him?
(naira told everything to gayu that how they start talking, how they become friends and the proposal)
Flashback-(after the day when akshara told naira that she have to go Mumbai )
Naira gets a video call from kathik
Naira-what happened karthik ?
Karthik-Naira the day I saw ur pic I’m felt something foe u in my heart….when I first talked with u I wanted to talk with u my whole life….i fell for u naira everytime I saw u smiling….i love u naira I love(he sings the song I love u fron bodyguard)
Naira was in cloud nine
Naira-I love u too kathik
Naira-that’s it gayu di


I’m sorry I can’t write in one shot as the stories r long so it will take 2 parts…I’m really sorry
This is my first attempt I hope u all will like it if not than I’m sorry..pls tell by ur comments


  1. Abhija17


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    superb bff…yaar u have a great talent…i know u r superb…this ff is osm….waiting eagerly for next epi post it soon….plz…luv u a lot

  2. Ishika_ishu


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    Awesome…somu di..its superb…👍👍👍👍
    Continue writing like eagerly waiting for the next episode…
    But somu di one request…please keep swasan instead of swalak…please…
    Love you😘😘😘

  3. IME


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    I dont have words yrr
    i loved it
    post nxt soon
    love you
    more than you love me
    byee take care

  4. Fenil


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    Loved it.
    Can’t wait for next chppy !!
    Good writing skills lil Soumya Dii !!
    Keep it up !! Don’t know i can comment regularly or not but i will try. Don’t be angry on me.

    Love U !.

    • Soumya85



      Thanks bhaiya…lil Soumya di😂😂seriously…Ok bhaiya mai gussa nai hongi I can understand but whenever u will get time do comment..Love u too bhaiya

  5. Tigeress


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    awesome…..its really amazing…next chappy fast please
    and one request please add raglak also na in ur couple list
    and post next chappy soon

  6. Pia

    All my fav couples please upload on them specially KAIRA &SWALAK❤❤
    And about your episode must say very nice ❤❤
    Ur first attempt is really very good
    Keep writting✌💯

  7. Christie123


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    Hay somu mar Dala. It was super duper cute.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Aur mein batarehihu agla epi jaldi post karna varna Tu jahabhi hogi to wahapar akar tujhe mardalungi. And you know me mein toh waise bhi paagal Hoon mein Kuch bhi karsakti Hoon.
    Bujchish? Na bujle valo kore bujhe ne. I will not make you understand again.
    So, post soon.
    Love you 1000000000 more than you say you love me.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Your pagal sis,


    Amazing chapter soumya loved it so much….
    Waiting for the next…..
    And one question……kya kaira ki story ek hi baar hogi ?????

  9. |Registered Member

    That was so good Soumya
    Your writing style is so cool
    The story was amazing as well
    I just have one suggestion, when you write don’t use abbreviations, it doesn’t looks professional, I am sorry if you felt bad
    Overall terrific start, keep writing more
    Also send me the links, whenever there is a new post
    Love you mate

    • Soumya85



      Thank u soo much di and thanks for the suggestion I will remember it😊suggestions from our elder di doesn’t felt bad it felt nice….I will surely send you the link love u too di😘

  10. Akanksha

    Awesome story sisso…loved it…eagerly waiting fr the 2nd part..plz write fast…love u sisso..😘😘😘

  11. N.M


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    thats sooooooooo nice soumya , as u said this r real my interest to read it got increased , who ever the couple be i will read all of it , bcz u write it in such a beautiful way…

  12. Neha-17


    |Registered Member episode….Sry I am late ..yesterday, I could not come ol…Really your work did look like a real story!!Fantastic….Love ya!

    • Soumya85



      Thank you so much neha di for reading it I know you are busy becoz of college still you read it,thanks a lot Love u too 😘😘

  13. |Registered Member

    Somo sorry I am super late.but this one superbbb awesome .nice idea of adopting things from real life.

    • Soumya85



      Thanks you so much rufi,no problem that you are late but still you commented it really means a lot to me love u rufi 😘😘

  14. Anjali

    Somo………. mast story hai……… Awesome 😊👌but Facebook ka payar tikta nhi………. 😂😂😂😂

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