yeh hai aashiqui


sorry guys for small episodes. ..

recap…abhi organizes a party….

the episode starts with pragya praying to God ….”please help me….you know na…it’s good opportunity to work with rockstar..please make him to select me as his personal assistant. ..please God. ..bulbul comes there….stay di you gonna select don’t worry…. ( pragya doesn’t know that abhi is her childhood friend…as she thinks there are many abhi in this world and one
amount them he is..and same abhi doesn’t know pragya …he knows her as miss.arora ..))

pragya enters mehra’s mansion…purab asked whom she is..she says pragya…came to see abhi.abhi comes there and looks at pragya..he asked what’s ur name.she says pragya ar…but was stopped by dadi…..dadi asked arey tum…beta…what are you doing her..
pragya gets blessings from dadi. abhi asked dadi …do you know her..dadi says well known..

fb starts…
dadi was selecting dresses in the mall…she faints but pragya holds her…and made her to drink water..dadi blessed pragya….fb ends. .

abhi asked arey dadi are you okay na. .you didn’t say anythg about this. ..dadi says I am fyn…not to worry. ..pragya says abhi I want to talk to you.purab says dadi let’s leave.

abhi asked what miss…and was stopped.she says you can call me pragya..abhi says ha pragya.pragya says listen..dadi needs rest…on my point she is week. there is somethg in her heart which worries her.abhi says i will call the doctor.pragya says arey…no need of doctor.just spend some time with her…that’s enough.abhi says thank you.pragya says my job.abhi says confirmed.come tomorrow morning to my office.pragya says thank you and leaves happily….

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