Yeh Hai Aashiqui – SS (Part 2)

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui❤️

Guys small correction, Sanskar is a carefree guy whose life went horrible but it became alright.

Precap: Introduction, Swasan internet bond.


It’s been a month since Swara had not come online. I felt restless. Even tho I didn’t know her personally and neither had I ever seen her or heard her. But somewhere I knew that something wasn’t right. I don’t know how I understand her feelings so easily. Laksh keeps joking saying its a heart to heart connection. I wonder if it is true. But how can someone fall in love with someone who they’ve never ever met? Laksh is speaking bullshit.

As usual the next day I went for college. I met Ragini and Laksh and told them my worries. They brushed it away teasing me as usual. They were right tho. She has a reality to live in. Just like I do.

“Sanky bro, come on we have chemistry! Dayan kahiki will shout!”

“Yea I’m coming!”

We went for class. After class, during break we sat down together with the whole final year batch. All our friends were there. We decided to play the dare game. The bottle spun many times and many ppl were given a dare. Laksh was given a dare to go and kiss our Dayan kahiki chemistry lecturer, Mrs. Yukta Sinha on her cheek. Laksh like a coward refused. We had to change the dare to ‘kiss Ragini on the lip in front of us’. Ragini didn’t mind. But that coward took a lot of time to actually do it! Finally the bottle was spun again and it came on me. Everyone looked.

“Sanky bro, ur dare is that whichever girl u see first when u turn to ur right, u have to go to her and sit on ur knees and sing a romantic song for her!”

Damn Arjun. Why did he give me a dare like this! I suck at songs.

“I’ll probably scare the girl with my voice. I sound like a broken recorder while singing. So it’s impossible”.

“Idk, Idc. Nothing is impossible so Just do it!”

I sighed. “Fine. Don’t blame me if u go deaf”.

I turned to my right and just then the wind blew in my face, tousling my hair. Damn the wind. I had combed my hair neatly for once in my life. I pushed the hair out of my eyes and saw someone coming. I rubbed my eyes and saw it was a girl.

BG- Tum Paas Aaye

She smiled, looking at us.

BG- Yun Muskuraye

I found myself getting up and walking towards her.

BG- Tumne najane kya, sapne dikhaye

I saw her face more clearly. It was really cute. Those big black eyes. Those fair cheeks. Those piercing stares which would make any guy go gaga. And uff. She walked like a deer. Damn she’s s*xy af!

BG- Ab toh mera dil, jaage Na sota hai…

The wind made her hair fly making her look even more hot. Her nose especially was so cute.

BG- Kya karu haaye, kuch kuch hota hai…

She came and stood in front of me, with her hands on her hips. She was wearing a crop top, and extremely short shorts. I couldn’t stop myself anymore.

“Excuse me, could u pls guide me to the principle’s office? I’m new here”.

“And damn hot!” I said dreamily.

“Excuse me?!”

I realised I had to do the blo*dy dare. I didn’t want to. I just wanted to stare into her cute eyes and drink in all her beauty. Nevertheless, I knelt down on one knee. She looked shocked.

I started singing in my terribly voice, “Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen, Yeh Gore Gore Gaal!! Yeh Tikhe Tikhe nazare, Yeh Hirni Jaisi Chaal!” I realised that my hands had gone into the SRK pose. I tried forcing it down but couldn’t. She glared. “What a cheapo!”

She walked off saying that but my sixth sense made me catch her hand and pull her back so hard that she fell back so hard that she landed straight into my arms.

“Hua Hai Aaj Pehli Baar, Jo Aise Muskuraya Hu, Tumhe Dekha Toh Jaana Hai, Ke Kyun Duniya Mein Aaya Hu”, I cringed hearing my pathetic voice. She just stared at me as if I’ve gone mad. My friends were laughing hard.

“Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan!!!!”

She snapped her fingers at me. “Oh hello! Let go of me!”

I dramatically said, “Chill jaaneman. Aisi Badi Badi colleges mein Choti Choti Baathe hote rehte hai”.

“What the hell? What’s happening?”, she asked looking very angry.

I dramatically exclaimed, “KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI! Wait actually Bahot kuch hota hai. Tum Nahi Samjhoge!”


Sensing her anger, like a good boy, I immediately helped her up.

“U think I have time for ur nonsense here? Go and flirt wid someone else… I don’t have time for this. I’m new and I intend to work hard. Not fall for a*sh*les like u. Get lost if u can’t help me!”

She pushed me asked wid her soft small hands and walked away with a lot of attitude. Arjun came to me.

“Whoa whoa whoa! Sanky! She was so damn hot. And u held her! Congrats bro! And her attitude. Uff!”

I laughed. “I like her attitude. She seems familiar tho. I don’t know why”

Later during the class we were all sitting when professor Harish came in with the same girl. I stared shocked. She was as shocked as I am to see her.

“Guys, welcome the newest member of this batch. She joined today. Her dad’s work got transferred. He’s a government official. Some the whole family had to move. From now on she’s studying here. Till, I don’t know when. Introduce urself. And go sit down”, Professor loudly said.

“Hi guys:)”, Gosh her smile! ?? “I’m new here. I’m from Kolkata. I’ve heard so much about Mumbai. I hope I make some friends. My mom’s name is Sharmishta Gadoddia. My dad is Shekhar Gadoddia. U must have heard of them”. We actually had. Shekhar Gadoddia is a great politician. “And yes. My Name is Swara. Swara Gadoddia”.

I started coughing hearing that. Raglak were shocked too. Everyone else welcomed her. Tears brimmed in my eyes. Is this my Swara? No it can’t be!

“Sir where do I sit?”, asked. Sir looked and saw a free seat next to me. “Go sit next to him”, he said pointing at me. I straightened nervously. She glared at me.

“Don’t think I’ve forgiven u yet!” She whispered. I gulped. Why did she remind me so much of my Swara?

The lecture continued. It was boring. Once the lecture got over I tried to talk to her. She walked out. I ran out and caught her hand.

“Hey I’m sorry. It was a dare and I had to do it. Otherwise I’d be labelled coward. I didn’t mean to irritate u I’m sorry-”

“Can u go away? Ur damn annoying… I have no time for ur nonsense.

“Swara yaar calm down! It was just a dare!”

“For u it might have been JUST a dare. I might have just brushed it away if u had just stopped when I was going. But u touched me. By pulling me back. And I DO NOT LIKE ANYONE TOUCHING ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. So go away!”

I was shocked. I didn’t touch her with any wrong intentions and judging by her expressions, I guessed she knew it. So why was she behaving like that? I guessed arguing with this girl wouldn’t help me at all. So I raised my hands up in surrender.

“Ok ok I’m sorry. I surrender. U win, I loose. I didn’t have any wrong intentions when I touched u. So calm urself down… Chill yaar”.

She blinked in confusion. There was a moment of confusion I saw in her eyes. Her eyes suddenly widened as if some sort of weird realisation dawned her. I look confused.

“R u alrig-”

She just ran away from there, leaving me extremely confused. Why did she run away like that?

That night I lay on my bed wondering why she did that. I got Laksh’s call. I received it.

“Saale u finally remembered us!”

“Who’s the us here? And no I didn’t forget u”.

“Ragini and me. She’s staying over wid me tonight”.

“Ah. Couple night eh?” I asked, a mischievous grin forming in my face.

“Shut up Sanskar”, I heard Ragini scream from the background.

“Gods! Laksh u actually put this convo on speaker? I understand bro ur girlfriend and all but there’s something called brother talks too ya know!”

“Don’t. She’ll kill u. She looks angry already. She was the one who wanted to talk to u!”


“Ahahahaha! Now u remember me? Go die!”

“Kaan pakad ke sorry yaar. But that dare wali ladki, was intriguing my mind”.

“Woh Swara? Yaar why do u run after girls called Swara? There r so many hot chicks like Priya, Rita, Tina, Shanaya-”

“Lucky shut up. Ragu will kill u now if u continue talking about all the girls u find hot”. What kind of a boyfriend r u dude?”

“And what kind of a friend r u bro? Instigating ur best friend’s girlfriend against ur best friend!? Now I’ll have to think up of something to like console her! Damn u!”

“Oh god u guys! U boys r extremely mean. God knows how ur BFF Swara handles u! Speaking of Swara, why was our college wali Swara even in ur thoughts?”

“No yaar”, I took a deep breath and told them. They were just as confused as me. We talked about it for a while and then I felt sleepy.

“ACCHA ok! I wanna check if My Swara has sent me a msg and then sleep”.

“Oho! Ok. Go check on ur love!”

“Shut up idiot! She’s just a friend. I just wanna know if she’s alright. Ur the one who shud be careful today. Ur love is wid u for the night!”

“Gosh u two! I’m going to sleep bye!”

Ragini went.

“Saale go to sleep”, I said. “Don’t do anything weird in the night. Be careful!”

“Dude shut up! U know I won’t do anything to Ragu without her permission. I’ll make sure she’s comfy before doing anything out of my own comfort zone. So sheddup!”

“Fine fine. Gosh I was kidding! Ok good night. Bye:)”

Laksh cut the call. I went to check my hangouts. I don’t know why I do so. I know she won’t send a msg. She’s busy. And apart from her, I don’t really msg many other ppl. Like I do but not that much. I use Snapchat for others. None of them r on hangouts. I’ve stayed on hangouts only for her. Otherwise I would have left.

But to my surprise there was a msg. It said:-

Sanskar, I’m in Mumbai now. I wanna meet u outside city mall. Tmrw sharp 8:30am. Before college. The mall is close to ur college so u can come. I know u normally come to college fifteen minutes before bell. But for me come half an hour before. I wanna tell u something. Don’t argue. And yes. U r not bunking the second class tmrw.


YAYYY! She wants to meet me. I’ll go one hour early for her! I switched off the computer and was about to sleep when a thought struck me. I never bunked much. Yesterday was the only day I bunked the second class. Swara doesn’t know me. How did she know I bunked today?


Precap: Sanskar’s Swara meets him. Arjun tries flirting with Swara in college.


Ta daaaaa! How was it? Do leave ur precious comments down there below. My exams r over! Yipeeeee! And I may not be able to update this from 9th to 25th. I might update tmrw. On 16th I’ll update. Coz I’m free. Other days I’m slightly busy. I love u all❤️

Credit: Rain

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