yeh hai aashiqui (episode 1)


Hi guys’s nisha…from Tamil nadu…I frst started to see kkb in Tamil but later my frnd told about kkb and now I am watching in both languages..while reading…tisha’s,sowmiya’s,reji,aditi ‘s ff..I suddenly got an idea..I don’t know it Wil work or not…it’s just an attempt. ..
it only based on kkb none other than them…

A 6 year old boy sees a girl crying….the boy is non other than abhi…and the girl is pragya…abhi goes to her.pragya looks at him
Abhi asked why she is crying. PRAGYA says my father is admitted in hospital..abhi says oh..pragya says I want my father…abhi says ,nothing will happen to your father…wait…and runs from there. .pragya wipes her tears.abhi comes and sits beside her. Abhi blows the ballon.abhi gives her and ask her to write a wish on the ballon and pragya writes with the marker.then abhi says close your eyes and leave it..pragya does as it is.pragya asked where will this baloon go ….abhi says to heaven.actually my dad and mom died in an accident when I am young dadi used to say to do lyk it teaches my parents and they will fulfil it.pragya says oh….abhi asked what’s ur name…pragya says I will not say.abhi asked why.pragya says my mom warned me not to say my name to strangers
Abhi says but i am your friend.pragya says ok and says my name is miss.arora…abhi asked it’s ur name…pragya says yes and asked what’s ur name…abhi…abhi mehra…pragya says ok it’s tym I am leaving….and runs from there. Abhi thinks this girls na…but she is different.

Next day….abhi ..pragya met in the school.abhi asked .my school..pragya said oh
..we are studing in same school…abhi says it’s play time let’s play and chases pragya. But abhi falls down.and pragya runs towards him.she says i am sorry bcoz of me…na…and takes her handkey…and ties ..abhi was lost in her concern.pragya asked its paining a? Abhi says no…
pragya smiles at him..abhi says ur name na…miss arora nahi….miss drama queen. ..pragya says acha. ..and says your name na abhi nahi …mr. white. …both laughs…abhi asked we will meet daily na. ..pragya says ofcourse..abhi said you should not leave…without thinking…pragya asked where will I go…my best friend is here…abhi says first tym…I am feeling like protected with you…pragya says stop talking like this….mr. white…..

Abhi searches for pragya and gets sad…..

Hope you enjoyed reading it…comment what you think abt this track

Credit to: nisha

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  1. Nice yaar… BT y I don’t know while reading tz episode I’m just smiling yaar… It’s soooo cute n sweet yaar bt tat scene abhi SD his dad n mom died Na it’s felt somewhat sad but after tat it’s tooooo cute

  2. awesome nisha dii really nice i also starteed watching kkb in tamil only now i see both in tamil and hindi really nice story line continue akka pls

  3. It’s osm nisha . I just luv it . dey both r cute . same as u I’m also from Tamil nadu , chennai only Bt I won’t see kkb in Tamil

  4. Nice episode and nice thinking they both are school going childrens am also tamil girl

  5. super ya continue..

  6. Superb yar… it’s different feeling waiting for next episode

  7. Superb year continue

  8. It’s really very nice nisha so good I luv it pls continue it yaar…

  9. nice nisha…am too Tamil ..

  10. Really awesome yaar……soooo luvly ff…..cute frndship luvly nd funny yaar…..

  11. Very nice concept but 6 years is little bit not logical

  12. Hey childhood of abhigya

  13. Its nice……..Go ahead………..

  14. Good attempt dr go ahead and this episode was soo cute and I liked it update the next part and keep going

  15. WOW….awesome….pls continue…

  16. Nice nisha
    But you left me in count. I’m also a tamilian ff writter.
    I’m angry on u. But your ff is awesome. Wish u all success

  17. Hai nisha ur ff is nice pls continue. I also belong to tamilnadu

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