Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 9)


Recap : Arshi swasan pillow fight, future prediction by monk.. Kushi scared in a park..

Rohan come wearing a joker mask along with a sugar candy to cheer her. These 2 are famous in that garden.. & are available since ages.. Kushi get scared seeing him & push him away screaming..

Rohan : kushi its me rohan..

Arnav come there.. & she hug him tightly..

Arnav : kushi.. Kushi relax… ( he caress her.. )

Rohan : remove mask & come to them..

Rohan : Its me baby.. Why are you getting scared..

She’s holding arnav tightly not ready to leave him…

Arnav : let’s go home.. You shouldn’t have brought her here..

Gupta mansion..

Arnav make kushi sleep.. She’s still not ready to leave his hand in sleep so he sat beside her… Rohan gets bit uneasy seeing this..

Rohan : what happened to her.. she just..

Swara : She hate that garden.. She have some bad memories there..

Sanky : And that mask & candy.. Those scared her more..

Rohan : why is she scared..?

Arnav : her parents were killed there..

Rohan : oh God.. What have I done..

1 week later..

Swsan & Arshi are trying hard to potray rohan as a perfect man infront of Shashi Gupta.. He too is impressed to some extent.. Arnav – La bonding is also growing everyday.. Swsan have still haven’t met their secret friend..


Kushi : come let’s go.. Its 6 already..

Arnav : I have another meeting.. Shall I drop you home or will you wait here..

Kushi : drop me I’m hungry..

Swasan are chatting on their respective laptops

Sanskar : Long time.. I suppose you’re very busy..

Swara : yep.. Started work here.. And you..

Sanskar : I too started work.. But I’ve time for my special ones..

Swara : so you’re in Delhi..

Sanky : no luckno.. ( I’ll look desperate if I say I’m in Lucknow he erase it ) yes..

Swara : ok then let’s catch up next month..

Sanky : still 15 days.. 🙁

Swara : sabar ka phal meetha hota hai.. 🙂

Kushi enter swara’s room

Kushi : Shona… my

Swara immediately close the laptop..

Kushi : Huh.. Again chatting with your secret friend..

Swara : di..

Kushi : ok.. Where’s my watch.. That brown one

Swara : I don’t know.. Check in sanky’s room.. That day we were fighting there na..

Sanky’s room…

They search there..

Sanskar : its not here di.. I’ve seen everywhere.. I never saw it in your hand.. I think you left in Delhi..

Kushi try to remember..

Kushi : oh yes.. I had put it in Arnav’s draw..

She call anjali..

Kushi : di check out Arnav’s draw I left my watch there..

Anjali : hmm wait I’ll check..

She search & find watch but along with it she find Arnav’s medicine box too…

Kushi : what..!?


In middle of meeting

Aman enter..
Aman : ASR we need to go home..

Arnav : is kushi alright..

Aman : yes.. Sanky called its urgent..

Gupta mansion

Arnav : what’s the problem.. I was in middle of important meet there..

Swsan are standing giving angry looks..

Sanskar : you took your medicines.. ?

Arnav : you called me to ask that..

Swara : answer us first..

Aman : you are gone now.. ( he say slowly )

La is all confused..

Arnav : yes..

Swara : show us your box then..

Aman : he forgot it in Delhi.. So I brought new here..

Sanky : then show us the new one..

Arnav : huh.. I think its here only somewhere in my room..

Swara : We’ve searched whole room but didn’t find it anywhere

Sanky : bhai.. Can’t you remember where you kept it a hour before..

Arnav : ok fine.. I agree I have skipped them ok..

Swara : since 2 weeks..!!!??

La : what he skipped.. ,?

Aman : medicine

La : what medicine

Swara : I’m asking something..?

Sanky : he won’t answer us call di

Arnav : you both are getting good training from both of your dis ( anj & kushi )

They glare him angrily..

Arnav : ok now.. Stop shooting me with your looks. I’ll take them from today.. Happy

Swara : you tell this to kushi di.. She’s waiting for you in her room..

Sanky : after that call anjali di too..

Arnav : No. You’re not telling them anything..

Swara : they know everything.. In fact anjali di only found your med box & called kushi di..

Arnav : Damn.. Now both of them will eat me alive..

Swasan : bechare chote..

They push him into kushi’s room..

La ; what !!? ASR is diabetic..!?

Aman : yes..

La : how can he skip medicines that too since two weeks..

Aman : he maintained his diet.. & took medicines in middle. He hate their taste..

Kushi’s room..

Arnav : kushi.. I can explain Don’t get angry now..

Kushi : Explain..!? my foot.. I won’t leave you today..

Arnav : kushi this is domestic violence..

Kushi : oh really.. ( she say moving towards him with broom stick )

She hit with it..

Arnav : kushi..

Kushi : dont dare to talk me..

She starts hitting him with it.. He try to escape

Arnav : sorry.. Sorry. Ouch.. Kushi.. I’m really sorry.. Aww..

Everything is audible outside… la & rohan are confused & shocked..

La : what’s going on..

Rohan : why is he screaming.. What’s kushi doing

Arnav : Ouch.. Kushi please stop hitting me now..

Rohan : she’s hitting him..!!!!?

La : The ASR asking sorry..!!?

Arnav : Sorry na.. Ouch.. Kushi..

She throw broom stick on him he escape & she starts calling anjali..

Arnav : Isn’t it enough for today.. Don’t tell di anything.. Please…

Kushi : hello.. Di ( she look at Arnav who’s pleading ) huh di he’s taking medicines.. He forgot box so bought new here..

She cut the call.. & go out..

Kushi : and you Aman.. How dare you hide this from me..

Aman : I didn’t know kushi.. I got to know yesterday.. Sacchi..

Dining table..

Kushi & swasan not talking to arnav.. He’s getting bit difficult on chair as his back is aching..

Shashi notice a scar on arnav’s hand..

Shashi : what’s this Arnav..

Everyone look at it..

Arnav : jungli billi ne hamla kar diya..( wild cat attacked me ) he say looking at kushi..

Worker : mam I’m not finding broomstick

Garima : it was here only..

Kushi : its in my room..

Worker comeback after a while holding broomstick.. Its fully broken..

Worker : mam its broken..

Garima : what..? ( she look at kushi who’s glaring Arnav she understand what might have happened ) get the new one from store

Worker leave..

Garima : this is too much kushi.. Bechare chote. What he did..?

Swara : skipped his medicine.. Since 2 weeks..

Shashi & garima look at him in disbelief.. They about to say something but arnav interrupt

Arnav : Sorry…

Precap :

Kushi massaging Arnav’s back..

Lavanya & Rohan see it & gets uncomfortable

Credit to: Anaya

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