Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 8)


Recap : Sanskar come to Lucknow..


Gupta mansion

Swara : how’s my plan jiju

Rohan : perfect.. Hope uncle accept me fast

Sanky : oh ho itni bechini Kushi di hai hi itni khaas ( so restless kushi is such a gem so I think )

Kushi blush..

Aman : ok now stop this you both & leave them alone for a while…

Kushi : hey its ok.. I have some work.. Gud night rohan..

Rohan : Gud night baby.. ( he give flying kiss )

Arnav’s room

Arnav is looking into some files & lavanya is admiring him..
Arnav : everything seems perfect.. We will finalise it tomorrow then..

La : ok..

Arnav ; anything else..

La : hmm.. You’re looking very handsome in this white shirt..

La say it in a flow.. Arnav shocked to hear such comments so openly from her.. She realise what she said..

La : huh.. Ah.. Gud night..

She rush out…

Arnav : ( to himself ) not bad..

Swara : this much speed is also not good..

Arnav : huh shona..

Swara : stop covering up & come we’ve war today..

Sanskar’s room..

Kushi & sanky are hiding behind sofa with all pillows beside them.. As soon as arnav & swara enter they start throwing pillows at them..

Swara : cheating.. Cheating

Sanskar : what were you both doing yesterday with my kushi di

Arnav : this not fair you’re breaking rules

Kushi : everything is fair in love & war..

They again start throwing pillows..

Swara : do something bhai..

Arnav : wait & watch… ooh.. Kushi there’s mice beside you…

Kushi : what..? Where…

She scream & come & hold arnav leaving everything..

Sanky : di.. He tricked you..

Kushi : liar..

Arnav : there was a white mouse beside you.. ( he say pointing at sanskar )

Swara & kushi start laughing… Sanky pout..

Sanky : now see..

He start hitting with pillow.. All 3 join & start playing.. Jumping here & there hitting with pillows..

Suddenly all of them jump on bed & it breaks making a loud sound…

All 3 scream..

Arnav : shut up.. Its already late & you guys are waking everyone..

All 3 try to get up at once & fall on arnav making him scream…

Kushi : who’s screaming now..?

Arnav : get up first.. Idiots..

They again try to get up all at once..

Arnav : no.. First swara.. Then u sanskar…

They both get up..

Arnav : and madam you.. Should I pick you in arms.. Get up.. ( he frown kushi pout )

By this time everyone reach room.. & are shocked.. The whole room is messed up.. Some 20 to 25 pillows are thrown here & there.. All furnitures are misplaced.. Room is filled with cotton which came out of pillows.. & in middle of it are standing our arshi & swasan with messy hair & torn clothes.. Looking perfectly like jokers.

La : what’s this aman..

Rohan : they’ve even torn each other’s clothes..

Aman : Nothing new in it.. They always do this..

Shashi : I thought you all are grown up but..

Arnav : I didn’t do anything uncle these 3..

Kushi : ah. Liar..

She throw pillow on him which get torn & all cotton fall on arnav..

Sanky : look bhai.. If you lie this will only happen

Garima : ok now stop all this.. & sleep you’ve to go to temple early morning tomorrow..

Sanky : my bed broke..

Shashi : you sleep with arnav today..

Arnav : but I sleep with kus.. ( he stop looking at kushi.. ) ah nothing you sleep with me..

Next day.. Morning 8


All finish Pooja & sit on benches outside..

Sanky : its so peaceful here.. Missed this temple so much..

Swara : will you shut up.. I need to execute my plan..

Shashi : where’s rohan..?

Kushi : he’s offering special pooja for his family.. He believe in all this very much..

Shashi : nice upbringing..

After a while they see him donating some clothes food & money to poor… caring for poor children..

Arnav : its too much now..

Swara : papa will get impressed wait & watch..

Now rohan care for a dog with broken leg..

Sanky : kya overacting karwa rahe ho unse ( you are making him do overacting now )

Kushi : swara we will get caught..

Shashi : he have such good values.. Even being brought up in abroad..

Swara : I’ve heard he never cross his parents words papa..

Garima : the girl whom he will marry will be very lucky then..

Kushi get happy.. Swara show thumbs up to rohan..

La : swara is so sweet..

Aman : you impress her then you can easily marry ASR..

LA : what..!?

Aman : someone’s calling me.. Bye..

Garima : arshi swasan you 4 go & collect prasad & take blessings from guruji there…

There is some monk.. He bless them…

Monk : (to arshi ) you’re destined to be together.. Accept life as it comes.. Don’t try to change anything because at last only everything happens as per God’s wish..

Arshi bow down at take his blessings..

Monk : ( to swasan ) Whatever you are wishing will soon come true.. You just need to open your eyes & see what’s infront of you instead of searching it elsewhere..

Swasan also bow down at take his blessings..

AK Office..

Arshi & swasan in a large cabin with 2 tables & chairs…

Swara : Why we need to share a cabin..

Kushi : you work on same project so..

Sanky : but..

Arnav : in Delhi.. A well furnished separate cabins are waiting for you.. Adjust here in Lucknow.. Because we don’t want you to fight here on who’s cabin you’ll sit & work..

Swasan : ok..


Kushi call arnav

Arnav : how was your lunch..

Kushi : take me home now..

Arnav : what happened I dropped you just a hour back..

Kushi : please come fast we are we are.. Near that garden..

She cut the call..

Rohan : what happened kushi.. Isn’t it nice place why are you shivering.. Kushi…

Kushi : you. You shouldn’t have brought me here..

Rohan : ok ok.. Come I’ll take u home..

Kushi : no let Arnav come.. I want sit in car without him..

After a while..

Rohan come wearing a joker mask along with a sugar candy to cheer her. These 2 are famous in that garden.. & are available since ages.. Kushi get scared seeing him & push him away screaming..

Rohan : kushi its me rohan..

Arnav come there.. & she hug him tightly..

Precap :

Arnav : kushi this is domestic violence..

Kushi : oh really.. I’ll show you what is violence now ( she say moving towards him with broom stick )

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Precap was awesome
    It has been ao long u posted ur last episode was eagerly waiting for urs
    It is really interesting to read urs ffloved it
    Please be regular
    U r that only na who post majbooriyan ff ur both are awesome but u dont post any

    1. Thsnku & I’m sorry kajal.. My exams are going on since a month.. So.. After 4th I’ll post all 3 regularly..

      1. Oh no need of sorry u first give ur exams concetrately then after only u continue with this

      2. And best if luck to ur exams

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  3. Amanigatta

    Nice episode?arnav and khushi friendship is fantabulous??and I really love to see friendship bond somehow it made me remember my old friends?will wait for ur next episode…

  4. Veronica

    Funtastulic.Precap seems funny….update soon….I love all ur ffs dea.U are an amazing writer….No joking

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