Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 7)


Recap : Kushi scared to sleep alone. Swasan entry


Kushi’s bedroom…

Arshi & swara are chatting..

Swara : jiju is very handsome..

Arnav : oh really.. Abhi se uske side le rahi ho.. Party change.. ( from now only you are taking his side..)

Swara : listen full he’s handsome but not more than my laad governor… ( she wink )

Arshi : shona.. You are gone…

All 3 start running in room fighting with pillows.. Leaving swara Arnav start hitting kushi & swara too joins him..

Kushi : ( scream ) stop it….. Arni.. Why are you hitting me she teased you

Swara : because he’s my partner..

Kushi : wait till next week when my sanky come back I’ll show you..

Swara : woh buddhu.. Hum dono ka Kuch nahi bigaad payega.. ( that dumbo.. Cannot do anything to us.. ) she tease hanging her tongue out..

Kushi : swara ki bacchi.. Sleep now..

Arnav : ok shona.. All the best thank u for this sacrifice..

Kushi throw one more pillow on him..

Kushi : niklo baahar.. ( get out.. )

Arnav : I’ll leave early tomorrow… Some sites have to be visited we will meet directly in office ok..

Kushi : even I’ll come..

Swara : oh buddhu…( oh dumbo ) why will you go ? You stay with your Romeo & he’ll go with his jul.. Ah designer ok..

Delhi – Raizada mansion..

Sanky : I can’t wait to go to Lucknow.. Yeh subah kab hogi.. ( when will sunrise )

He check his mails.. There are no messages from his girl..

Sanky : why hasn’t she seen my messages yet.. India aake itni bhi kya busy hogayi ( she got this busy after coming to India )


Swara thinking of her chat friend..

Swara : wow.. I can’t wait to meet him.. But he’s still coming back next week.. That too in Delhi.. How will meet..?

Delhi – Raizada mansion..

Anjali enter with glass of milk..

Anjali : koun busy hogayi ( who became busy )

Sanky get alerted.. & try to cover up but anjali is smart..

Sanky : no.. No one di..

Anjali : jhoote.. ( liar ) she hold his ears..

Sanky : ok ok I’m telling you listen..

He say everything…

Anjali : oh.. Soo cute.. But you haven’t seen her pic yet & neither she have seen yours.. Very interesting love story..

Sanky : di..

Anjali : ok I won’t disturb you drink this & sleep.. Gud night..

Sanky : gud night di.. Love you.. Don’t tell anything to maa ok..

Anjali : sochungi.. ( I’ll think ) she tease..

Next day…

Whole night swasan have seen dreams of their respective chat friends.. Sanky has already left for Lucknow early morning he might reach any time now.. Our swara is in full mood of singing & dancing today…

Swara is in bathroom..

Kushi : shona.. Make it fast its already late…

Swara come out tying towel ( just like kajol had tied in ddlj)

She start dancing holding kushi..

Swara :
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye

Kushi : you think of him in meantime I’ll take bath..

Dining table..

Kushi : Kuch pata chala aapke sapno ke rajkumar ke baare mein ( did you get something about him )

Swara :

Kaisa Hai Kaun Hai Wo Jaane Kahan Hai
Ho Kaisa Hai Kaun Hai Woh Jaane Kahan Hai
Jiske Liye Mere Hoton Pe Aah Hai

Garima : pagal.. ( crazy ) I think you didn’t get proper sleep so you are acting like this..

Kushi : come out of dreams madam..

Swara :
Apna Hai Ya Begana Hai Wo
Sach Hai Ya Koi Afsana Hai Wo
Dekhe Ghur Ghur Ke Yunhi Door Door Se
Use Kahon Meri Neend Na Churaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye

Garima : someone call doctor this girl has gone mad… learn something from kushi.. Look how she is..

Jadoo Se Jaise Koi Chalne Laga Hai
Ho Jadoo Se Jaise Koi Chalne Laga Hai
Main Kya Karun Dil Machalne Laga Hai
Tera Deewana Kehta Hai Wo
Chup Chup Se Phir Kyon Rahta Hai Wo
Kar Baitha Bhool Wo Le Aaya Phool Wo
Use Kaho Jaaye Chaand Leke Aaye

Door bell rings…

Garima : go at least open the door..
Swara go signing song..

Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye

Saying last line she open the door & find sanky infront of her smiling..

Seeing him kushi… scream…

Kushi : sanky…….

They hug… swara too join them..

Kushi : Sanskar attack the target.. She has troubled me a lot yesterday..

Kushi & sanky wink at swara…
Swara run saying no.. These 2 chase her..

Swara : cheating.. Let my partner come then we will fight…


Arnav is shouting on everyone in office..

Lavanya : why’s he so angry today..

Aman : Nothing is properly arranged here.. ASR need perfection..

Lavanya : now what..

Aman : once Kushi she’ll handle..

Arnav : who the hell are you to cancel my appointments..

Rita : Sir.. Woh..

Arnav : shut up & get out… ( he scream )

La get scared… kushi come there & pour a glass of water on him… Arnav close his eyes… he know its kushi. So he’s calming himself not to shout on her… but lavanya is shocked..

Arnav : what’s so urgent that you cooled me..

Kushi : guess what arni… Sanskar is here…

She move aside & arnav find sanky standing with bright smile near a door…


Sanky : so he’s our jiju .. Hello jijiu.

Rohan : hi..

Swara ( whisper ) : and she’s our to be bhabhi..

Sanky look at both swara & la in surprise…

Sanky : ( whisper ) kushi di & anjali di maangayi.. ( did kushi & anjali approve ??)

Swara : no one knows not even Arnav bhai.. Its initial stage..

Sanky : I don’t think this is gonna work

Kushi : arni tomorrow we need to go to temple early morning at 7 ok..

Arnav : but why Kushi..

Kushi : we are starting our work here we need to pray right.. You two be ready ( swasan ) tomorrow first day of your work..

Swasan : yes mam..

Precap :

Arshi & swasan fighting on bed with pillows.. But they end up breaking the bed…
Future prediction of arshi by priest at temple

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Aami

    wytng wytng wytng…… sooo nyz episode….. aw naughty swara… cute sanky…. cool khushi n my funny Arnav…. ??lve u alllll

  2. Nice

  3. Really nice swason dont know that thay are the chat couple only
    Khushi poured a glass of water on arnav hahaha
    Its really cute too see their bond
    Waiting too see arshi together

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