Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 6)


Recap : Arshi in Lucknow.. Lavanya knows that Kushi & rohan are in relationship & Arnav is single


Arshi have introduced Rohan as their investor for Lucknow project

Shashi : so you are here for only a month

Arnav : yes uncle..

Shashi : Rohan.. So you are born & brought up in London.. Are you NRI.. ?

Kushi about to deny.. But rohan say yes..

Kushi kick him from leg.. Rohan : ouch..

A cab in full speed come & stop inside…

Arshi : shona… ( they get up in surprise )

A girl in early 20s step out… screaming…

Shona : mere karani arjun aagaye.. ( my karani arjun came.. ) she say in filmy voice & hug arshi..

( she call them karani arjun as they are best friends.. Kushi is karani.. Instead of karan as she is girl.. )

Shashi : hum bhi hai.. ( even I’m here )

She hug him too..

Shona : and aman.. How are you.. You have became very lean.. Yaar did you miss my food soo much..

Aman : very much..

She look at Rohan & lavanya..

Shona : who are these aliens..

Shashi : swara… go freshen up you must be tired.. & have dinner.. It’s late already….

( yes she is swara from swaragini.. She is daughter of shashi & garima )

An hour later..
Kushi’s room..

Arshi, rohan, Aman, la are discussing how to convince shashi.. Swara enter..

Swara : kya kichadi pak rahi hai mere bina.. ( what’s cooking without me )

Aman : come madam.. Now you can only solve this..

Swara : toh saare bhakto.. Apni samasya batav.. Devi swara solve kar degi.. ( so all my devotees tell me your problems.. Goddess swara will solve )

Arshi : dramebaaz..

They are about say but swara shout wait…

Swara : wait… you both were supposed to bring my future jiju right where is he.. You both praised him soo much..

Arnav about to introduce rohan but swara start again.. Swara think rohan as investor..

Swara : ( to rohan ) Mr. Investor.. You too are very good looking.. Shall we..

Kushi : ( interrupt ) shona.. He’s your jiju..

Aman : ( whisper in swara’s ears ) and she’s your bhabhi.. ( la hears it & blush )

Swara is double shocked..

Swara : not bad my karani & arjun.. Good job..

Swara : hi jiju.. & .. ( Aman whisper la ) lavanya

Rohan & la : hi..

Arshi explain the problem..

Swara : only this much.. 1 month is more than enough to convince papa.. We will build good image of jij infront of him.. That’s it..

Kushi : but how..

Swara : when swara is here why to fear.. Ab aage aage dekho devi swara ki maaya

All leave..


A guy in early 20s who was chatting with girl.. Is restlessly walking in his room…

Boy : ( to himself ) oh.. I can’t wait to go back.. But I can’t even miss that concert.. What to do…. Huh..…

He call travel agent & book ticket to Delhi..



Kushi pacing in her room.. Arnav secretly enter her room & Lavanya sees it.

La : what’s he doing here at this time ?

Kushi : what’s this Arnav.. How long you took..

Arnav : we are in Gupta mansion madam.. Not Delhi… now sleep… I’ve come naa..

Kushi : I’ll sleep but don’t you dare leave me alone after I sleep..

Arnav : have I ever done it here.. Sleep now..

He make her sleep & himself sleep beside her holding her hand… & lock the door

Lavanya is shocked to see it.. Aman passing by notices it & pull lavanya back..

Aman : why are you peeping..

La : what are they doing..?

Aman : don’t misunderstand la.. Kushi dont sleep alone.. That too never in Lucknow…

Lavanya : what? But why?

Aman : I can’t tell you fully but.. I can tell you this much.. Something happened to her parents in front of her when she was just 8 from that she’s scared of darkness & never sleep alone.. Except in Delhi she sleep on her parents bed alone.. Lucknow is very scary place for her.. That’s why she doesn’t come here much.. Its only Arnav who can handle her..

Next day..


Raizada mansion – 7 pm..

Anjali get down & see someone slerpiyon couch..

Anjali : sanskar… ( she say bit loudly )

( yes he is sanskar from swaragini.. he is son of mama& mami)

He doesn’t move a inch but whole family get down hearing it..

Mami : my sanskar came..? She hug him.. Still he’s asleep..

Nani : this boy.. Khaana chode peena chode magar neend naa chode.. ( he’ll leave food & water but not sleep )

Anjali : let him sleep nani.. He must be tired from journey..

Mamaji : but he was suppose to come week later na ?

Shyam : I think he was missing us..


Kushi get up & doesn’t find arnav beside her..

Kushi : Arni…( she scream )

Arnav who’s in bathroom run to her tying towel & close her mouth..

Arnav : I went now to take bath.. That too here only..

Kushi: sorry.. I thought you left..

Someone knock the door.. Arshi get tensed.. Arnav hide in bathroom.. Kushi open the door..

Swara : di.. I need your bathroom..

Kushi : what..? No no.. I need it now..

Swara : let’s see… ( she wink )

Kushi : no swara.. No..

Swara run into the bathroom & scream aaahhhh… but arnav close her mouth…

Garima come & ask what happened..

Swara : nothing maa there is cockroach here..

Garima : pagal.. ( mad.. she go )

Arnav & swara come out..

Swara : why are you here isn’t your bathroom nice

Arnav : if your sister leave me then I’ll go to my room na

Swara : oh.. I almost forgot.. Today I’ll sleep with you di..

Arnav : chalo ek din toh bach gaya mein.. ( I’m spared for a day at least..

Raizada mansion

Anjali & mami are busy feeding sanskar..

Sanky : enough.. Stop before my stomach bursts..

Anjali : just one more bite..

Mami : look how lean you’ve become..

Sanky : where is our laad governor..

Anjali : Lucknow..

Sanky : what.. ( to himself ) wow now I can find my girl…

Anjali : there is some project there.. He said to send you once you return..

Sanky : ( to himself ) waah… What an coincidence.. ( to anjali ) ok di I’ll go tomorrow morning..


Swara : what..!? I’ll be joining after a week..

Kushi : yes.. You & sanskar together.. So that we will train you together

Swara : and what is he doing there for a week.. His exams are completed then..

Arnav : he want to attend some stupid concert..

Swara : idiot..

Precap :

Arnav is shouting on everyone in office..

Kushi pour a glass of water on him…

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Its really a nice ff the freindship bond between arshi is very nice but why arshi are not a couple
    Why khushi and rohon
    Arnav and la are there i didnt like this
    Please bring arshi togethrr

  2. I know the concept of ur ff is falling in love with ur best friend but we all are arshi fan and cant see them seperated

  3. I know the concept of ur ff is falling in love with ur best friend but we all are arshi fan and cant see them seperated
    Please keep on writing and make arshi together

    1. Rohan & la are there for just name sake.. I’ll show arshi bonding itself.. But for them to be couple you have to wait.. Soon jealous track starts..

  4. omg.. superb yaaar…. i m really exciting to read further… post soon

  5. Hi anaya…u r superb…aranv nd khushi friendship bond nice…bt I can’t see aranv nd khushi separate..plz understand our feeling s…plz post daily plz plz…….

  6. Try to post daily yar…plz

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