Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 5)

Recap : Rohan propose Kushi & she agree. Arnav plan to talk to Mr Gupta about this.


A guy in his early 20s sitting with his laptop chatting with some girl named

Boy : so you reached India..

Girl : nope I’m boarding the flight now..

B : oh.. Happy journey..

G : vaise aaj itna formal aur udaas kyun sound kar rahe ho ( why are you sounding so formal & sad today )

B : my best friend is going back & how do you want me to sound.. By the way we are chatting & how come you heard my voice ah..

G : but you too are coming to India next week right..

B : yes.. But..

G : oh.. As I didn’t tell about my hometown you are like this naa..

B : finally.. You got it..

G : I’m from Lucknow.. Is it enough for now..

Arnav’s cabin

Kushi sitting on his table while arnav on chair..

Kushi : read it arni..

Arnav : but why.. I don’t want to

Kushi : oh hello.. You are dumbo.. In all these matters so I’m giving you this so that you can get some experience.. Warna tumhari biwi mujhe aur di ko khosegi ( or else your future wife will taunt me & di)

Arnav : what ever..

Lavanya peep in to listen what they’re up to..

Arnav start reading letter given by rohan to kushi

My life.. My jaan..
I love you .. First time I saw you.. I had fallen for you….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . ( blah blah)
I love you…

Lavanya go out in tears…

Arnav : such a boring letter.. Which is not even true..

Kushi : what do you mean not true..


B : wow.. You are from land of nawabs.. My shehazadi ( princess )

G : and you are from land of pollution.. ( she tease )

B : Delhi is not that bad.. Vaise I know lot of people in Lucknow.. I’ll find you turning whole Lucknow upside down..

G : ooho hold now no need of all that we shall meet once we reach India ok..

B : really

G : yep.. Now let me go they’ve announced my flight..

They end convo..

Arnav’s cabin

Kushi : what do you mean not true..

Arnav : I mean you & beautiful.. Its bit digestable but intelligent.. Oh I think I got to consult a eye specialist for rohan.. ( he tease )

Kushi : arni… tume toh mein… ( arnav.. I will.. )

She start hitting him with files & he start escaping.. They both are running in whole cabin & kushi bump into Lavanya & Aman who are entering the cabin.. & Lavanya fall on arnav but he manage to hold her.. They have a eye lock..

Aman & kushi are like what are they doing..

Aman : seems like arnav is falling in pit ( love )

Kushi : ah.. Really you think so..

Aman nod yes..

Kushi : ( to arnav & la ) oo hello we are not playing statue game

They come back to senses

Lavanya : ah.. ASR I came to ask is it necessary I’ve to come there..

Arnav : yes.. ( he instantly reply )

La : but..

Arnav : no if’s & but’s we are leaving in an hour that’s final..

She nod & go.. Actually she’s upset after hearing arnav reading a letter so want to stay away from him..

Kushi : what was that..?

Arnav : what ( he ask as if he don’t know )

Aman : statue statue kyun khel rahe the.. ( he ask teasing )

Arnav : I think I’m getting a call.. ( & he go out )

Kushi : daal mein Kuch kaala hai ( there is something wrong )

Aman : Kuch nahi kushi poora daal hi kaala hai.. Nahi kaala nahi pink hai.. ( not something everything is wrong.. No not wrong its love )

Kushi : Kuch bhi.. ( what rubbish )

Paris airport

A girl in early 20s sitting in a plane..

G : ( to herself ) finally I’m going back to Lucknow.. I’m so excited to meet everyone.. Wait wait actually I’m excited to meet him ( that boy she chatted with ) he is so good at heart..

B : she’s so honest & pure.. She must be very beautiful too.. Oh I can’t wait to see you..

G : He must very handsome too.. I can’t wait to see you..

[ these 2 are chatting online & have because friends.. In fact more than friends.. But they haven’t revealed their true identity neither have seen each other nor have talked ]

Aman & La come in one car while arshi & rohan come in now.. Finally they reach Lucknow..

Both cars enter the gates of huge palace like building.. Rohan & Lavanya are mesmerised by its beauty.. But Lavanya in no mood to enjoy it

All 5 get down..

Rohan : wow kushi your house is amazing

Arnav : its ancestral palace uncle have maintained it very well..

They both start talking about it..

Kushi : will you both shut up I’m dying here due to fear that how they’ll react when they come to know we are in love & you both talking about palace.. Uh.. ( she get irritated )

As both arnav & rohan are with kushi Lavanya mistakes it as arshi are in love..

Lavanya : so ASR is here to take permission to marry kushi mam..

Aman hears it but doesn’t want to break suspense

As they move in they hear some chaos from backyard they go there & see 2 people talking with shashi Gupta

Man 1 : love marriages are never right..

Man 2: yes look how much that girl’s family suffering now..

Shashi : une shaadi ke liye maan na nahi chahiye tha tab yeh sab nahi hota (they shouldn’t have agreed to that marriage.. Then this would not had happen)

Kushi : what’s happening arni.. ( tensed)

Man 1 : they agreed as he was NRI

Man 2 : their friend recommended so..

Shashi : whoever he may be love marriages are always wrong.. I would never agree for one.. Whoever may recommend it.. Love marriages never bring peace to anyone…

Rohan : I think we should not tell him anything now.. Hw won’t agree..

Aman : yes ASR he is right..

Kushi : even rohan is NRI & you are my friend you are recommending the marriage… what a bad coincidence… damn..

Arnav : but..

Lavanya get confused at look at aman….

Aman whisper in her ears : what you thought arshi are marrying.. They best friends for life not love birds.. Kushi love rohan…

A small curve form on her lips..

Garima come there..

Garima : pari aagayi.. ( pari has come )

Everyone look at arshi.. & get happy.. Shashi welcome them..

Precap :
Kushi pacing in her room.. Arnav secretly enter her room & Lavanya sees it. ( New couple entry any guesses )

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