Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 4)

Recap : rohan has arrived.. & planning to propose Kushi.

AK office

Kushi’s cabin..

Kushi : cancel all my meetings today.. I’m going on date with my baby..

Rita : ( Kushi’s secretary) ok mam

Lavanya hears it..

ASR’s cabin

ASR : What meeting cancelled? Who asked you to do so

Mr. Sharma ( employee of other company) : your designer Ms Lavanya Kashyap sir. So we’ve postponed it for tomorrow

Arnav : what the..

He call Lavanya in his cabin..

Arnav : so what do you think of yourself Ms. Kashyap.. Who gave you the authority to cancel my meets ..

Lavanya : ASR.. Kushi mam told her secretary to do so I cancelled the meet..

Arnav : what.. Kushi?

Lavanya : she wanted to go on date with you so..

Arnav : what date ? With me..

Aman understands it..

Aman : yea lavanya good you reminded ASR thanx..

She leave..

Arnav : what the why you lied to her..

Aman : because she’s falling for you.. & you too like her..

Arnav : soo?

Aman : so let her feel bit jealous.. Then she will only come & propose you.. She will never order or trouble you.. No girlfriend tantrums..

Arnav : whatever..

An 1hr later..

There are some 15-20 dresses in front of Arshi..

Kushi show 1 dress..

Kushi : arni this is final I’ll wear this..

Arnav : no wait.. This one… no its too simple..

Kushi : this one.. ( she show another)

Arnav : no.. Look at its lace its not nice..

He criticise all dresses she show..

Kushi : what’s wrong with you.. These dresses are designed by you & me.. Most of them have got awards..

Arnav : stop talking & they’re just not..

Kushi : just not what?? Pehle toh bahut acche lage the.. Ab itni boorayi nikal rahe ho ( you liked them very much before & now you are finding these many loops..)

Arnav : they’re just not perfect..

Aman : perfect? Kya perfect perfect laga rakha hai woh bhi ek date ke liye.. Bakra fasne ke baad agar bhoot banke bhi jaav na.. Toh bhi bolega.. ” Baby you are looking gorgeous.. Tumhari khoobsoorati se toh pari bhi sharma jaaye ” warna woh uss bechare ka aakhri date hoga.. Death date.. ( what’s this perfect.. Perfect that too for a date.. Once a man falls in love even if you go becoming ghost he will say ” Baby you are looking gorgeous.. Seeing your beauty even angels will shy ” if he say something else then it will be his last date.. Death date

He start laughing out loud.. But stop seeing angry glares of Arshi..

Finally.. Kushi get ready in..

Arshi driving in car..

Kushi : where are we going arnav there are no hotels here..

Arnav : stop questioning..

They reach a place in Delhi outskirts.. Its dark there.. Arshi get down.. Arnav message rohan that they reached..
Kushi : yaha? ( here )

Arnav : yep.. This is address rohan messaged..

Kushi : insaano ki nahi bhooto ki date lag rahi hai ( its looking like ghost’s date instead of human’s)

Arnav : stop all this & go straight..

Kushi : I’m not going alone in this dark scary forest.. You leave me with rohan & then go

Arnav : I’m getting call from di.. You go I’ll join you..

Kushi move forward…. She’s lost in middle
Its dark place.. She get scared.. She trying calling both Arnav & rohan but they doesn’t pick the phone.. Someone come behind her..
Kushi : ( screaming) Arni……..

Rohan close her mouth.. & she bite his hand…
All lights get on.. There’s a beautiful stage arranged.. All decorated with red roses.. Beside that a cute dining table is organised..

Kushi : oh baby I’m so sorry I thought.. Is your hand hurting..

Rohan ; no that’s fine… come with me..

He take her to stage.. Lights again get off.. A spot light fall on rohan kushi.. Rohan is on his knees..

Rohan : The day I met you in London.. I fell for you.. Your mesmerism was all over my mind.. The very month I proposed you.. & you agreed after a month.. From that day my life turned into some beautiful fairytale .So today I’m asking.. ” Will you marry me princess ”

Kushi nod yes.. He make her wear a ring & both hug each other.. Flowers shower on them.

After 3 hours. Arnav pick Kushi arshi & rohan returning back in a car..

Arnav : so. Rohan when are you talking to uncle aunty

Rohan : tomorrow..

Arnav : you are in a hurry… Shall we leave to Lucknow tomorrow then Kushi..

Kushi constantly staring her ring.. & blushing.. Lost in her own world..

Rohan : baby.. Are you listening.. Shall we leave tomorrow..?

Kushi : ah.. To where..?

Arnav : pagal.. ( crazy girl) rohan I’ll inform you

Gupta house..

Arshi stealthily get in the house & about to enter their room but buaji switch on the light..

She give some angry glares to both.. Kushi is all worried..

Buaji : itni der kaise huyi.. Ab Kuch bologi.. Hum tumse poochat hai sanka devi.. ( why you got this late.. I’m asking something.. Will you answer kushi ) she scream angrily..

Kushi : I was with arnav.. Tell na arnav..

Arnav : yes buaji..

Buaji : chup.. Jhoote mujhe bewakoof samjha hai.. Khon hai wo ladka.. Haan ? ( quite.. Liars do you think I’m a fool.. Whose that boy .. Ah ?)

Kushi ; woh… Haa.. ( that.. Hmm.)

Buaji : speak out fast now..

Kushi is all tensed & about to cry but arnav & buaji burst in laughter surprising Kushi..

Arnav : sorry buaji but I can’t do this drama more.. ( he again laugh )

Kushi look in surprise…

Buaji : look at her face.. How scared she is…

Kushi : why are you both laughing..

Buaji : I know everything about that rohan. Arnav bitwa always kept me updated..

Arnav : we were just playing with you..

Buaji : aur tum dar gayi.. Tumhare salmanji ka dialogue nahi yaad hai.. ” pyaar kiya tho darna kya ” ( and you got scared.. Don’t you remember salman khan’s dialogue ” why to fear when in love ” )

Kushi hug buaji…

Kushi: Arnav ke bacche..

She chase him to beat

Next day..

Raizada mansion

Anjali : so when are you leaving for Lucknow then

Arnav : next week di.. I’ve some new project there.. Both works will be done..

Anjali : hope uncle agree for this marriage.. You handle them with patience ok..

Arnav : don’t worry di.. Have they ever refused for anything I’ve asked.. they will agree for this too..

Precap :

Shashi : Love marriages never bring peace to anyone…

Garima come there..

Garima : pari aagayi.. ( pari has come )

Everyone get happy..

Any guesses who pari is.. I’m introducing one more famous couple from tv.. Pari is nickname I’ve given..

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  1. Nice but i have confusion its arnav and khusi are gng be in couple na

  2. Hey, Anaya, very nice episode..
    But I can’t understand anything..
    What’s going on?? Rohan proposed Khushi!!!
    What will happen with Arshi???
    Aren’t they couple???
    I an very confused..
    Dear, please clear my confusing…

  3. Arshi are not couple.. They are best friends childhood friends.. Destiny turn them into love birds.. That’s the theme of the story. Check out the prologue you will understand clearly..

  4. Oh i just love this
    Please br regular and ya
    Why arshi are together as couple
    Their frirndship bond is awesome but want to see them gogether as couple

    1. I’m sorry for making you wait kajol.. I’ll try my best to be regular

  5. Happy to hear that arshi are love birds but don’t get married khushi with rahul

    1. Nope they won’t get married.. There’s a biggest twist in arshi’s life

  6. Thank u Dinnah, vavachi, kushi, kajal, myna

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