Yeh Dosti hum nahi Todenge (Episode 32)

15 days later

arshi swasan, amsha ( aman anisha) have returned from Paris enjoying a lot & now they have planned a small party just these 6 in Raizada mansion as no one will be home

Aman : so let’s start the party guys..

Kushi : where is the setup

Aman : in living room..

All move to living room to find it decorated with so many props & small stage at the centre & there was also a bar counter set up

Swara : such a sweet setup

Arnav : bar counter! Aman?

Everyone look at it

Swara : wow red wine.. I can’t wait to have it

Kushi : you’ve arranged cocktails na aman

Anisha : i love them all.. ( to aman) love you

Aman : love you too baby.. Its specially for you

Sanskar : guys we’re in shantivan not Paris.. Nani will kill us

Kushi : they’re not returning till tomorrow evening by then we can clear all this so chill

Arnav : but kushi..

Kushi : arni please let’s have fun anyway from tomorrow we’ve loads of work

So then the music starts & all start dancing like crazy teens sipping their favourite drinks in the middle

Some 2 hours later they were all exhausted & completely drunk so settled on a couch

Kushi : guys let’s play truth & dare

Everyone nod & spin the bottle & it stops near sanskar..

Swara : I’ll ask I’ll ask..

Arnav : ok..

Swara : truth or dare

Sanskar : truth

Swara : do you still love your girlfriend ?

Everyone look at him curiously ( Guys everyone are drunk & whatever you read next is completely drunk drama no serious crying & all.. Imagine how people act & funny crying when drunk )

Sanskar : yes.. But she doesn’t love me.. ( he start crying like a kid)

Kushi throw pillow on swara & go near sanky & hug him..

Kushi : its ok.. Sanskar.. You promised you won’t mourn over that relationship.. Na.. Stop crying.. ( to Arnav) see your chamchi made my baby cry

Swara Arnav frown..

Kushi : don’t worry sanskar she will rot in hell

Now swara start crying like a kid..

Swara : bhai see.. Di is cursing me too.. If she curse his gf my bf’s sister will also curse me na.. I’ll go to hell now… ( she hug Arnav & start crying)

Arnav : kushi see you’re making by princess cry.. Take those words back

Kushi : ok.. She won’t go to hell

Arnav : see swara now nothing’s gonna happen kushi took her curse back so now your boyfriend’s sister will also not curse you..

Swara : sacchii . (really)

Arnav nod & swara smile..

They again spin the bottle it stops at aman..

Aman : I’m taking dare..

Kushi : are you sure.. Think its me who will give you dare..

Aman : nothing is impossible for me

Kushi : ok then kiss anisha ( interrupt)

Before she complete aman peck on anisha’s cheeks

Kushi : oh hello I didn’t complete.. Kiss on her lips

Everyone open their mouth & anisha blush..

Arnav : ( whisper) kushi anisha won’t be comfortable ( our Arnav is being gentleman even when drunk)

Kushi about to change dare but..

Anisha : what are you waiting for aman its been 4 hours you kissed me I need it now..

Arshi swasan look at aman teasingly..

Aman : ( showing his teeth) she’s drunk.. ( as if he’s in senses..)

Anisha irritated by Aman’s delay she pull him closer & lock the lips.. Surprising everyone

They spin the bottle again & it stops near arnav..

Sanskar : bhai should take dare.. He’s very brave..

Arnav : ok..

Sanskar : call di & tell her you’re drunk & partying hard at shantivan

Arnav : No way..

Kushi : arni its cheating.. You’ve to do that…

Everyone compel & he call her..

Anjali : Chote what happened you called at this hour ( 1 am )

Arnav : di.. ( he stop but everyone force him) I’m drunk & we’re partying hard at Home

Anjali : what..? Chote.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : I love you don’t get angry bye..

He cut the call before she could speak. She call back but no one pick the call neither arshi nor swasan

They spin the bottle again & it stops at kushi..

Kushi : I’ll take dare..

Swara : ok then propose bhai

Kushi : that’s it..

She turn towards Arnav..

Aman get call from Anjali as he was concentrating on arshi & drunk too instead of disconnecting he attend the call

Aman : di why are you disturbing

Anjali : Aman..

Aman : here kushi is proposing arnav & you’re disturbing

Anjali : what.? ( he cut the call)

Anjali : God they’ll drive me crazy

Shyam : I think they all are drunk & playing some games there..

Raizada mansion

Kushi : Arni I love you..

Swara : chii such a bad proposal

Sanskar ; how unromantic di

Aman : I disapprove this proposal..

Kushi : now see what I’ll show how the proposals will be

Kushi drag arnav to stage.. Aman switch off all other lights & just put a spot light on arshi

Kushi hold Arnav’s hand & look into his eyes

Kushi : arni you know everyone say you never gave me to others when I was baby & when we grew up you never left me alone & then my parents accident.. I’m alive after that only because of you.. All my fears nightmares vanish when you’re by my side

Arnav : and I’ll always be there..

Kushi : I know that & then I moved here to Delhi with buaji we started the company together & it touched sky heights everyone say we are perfect together.. But I’ll say I’m nothing without you.. You’re my strength my support system my guide everything.. Everything is perfect because you’re perfect.. You agree to all my crazy wishes you care for me like I’m your baby.. I’m so lucky to have you.. I love you arni.. I love you sooo much

She peck on his cheeks & hug him..

Arnav : I love you too..

Anisha : soo cute they love each other

Aman : there’s nothing like that they’re saying it as friends.. Its nothing new..

Sanskar : this is cheating

Swara : this isn’t a proposal.. I asked you to romance him

Kushi : this is all I can do

Arnav : it was very cute..

Swasan : we want hot not cute..

Arshi : what.!?

Swara : di as you didn’t complete the dare you will get punishment..

Kushi agree & swara whisper something in arshi’s ears…

Kushi : Ye kaali kaali aankhen ( Kushi point at arnav’s eyes )

Swasan ,Amsha : Tu ruru tu ruru

Arnav : Ye gore gore gaal ( Arnav touching kushi’s cheeks)

Swasan ,Amsha : Tu ruru tu ruru

Kushi : Ye tikhi tikhi nazaren ( Kushi holding Arnav’s shirt move push him behind)

Swasan ,Amsha : Tu ruru tu ruru

Arnav : Yeh hirni jaisi chaal ( now Arnav move forward & kushi move back & collide to wall)

Swasan ,Amsha : Tu ruru tu ruru

Aman : Dekha jo aap dono ko jaanam

Swasan ,Amsha : Huaa hai boora haal

Everyone clap for them..

Aman : waah what a performance..

Anisha : now even I want to dance.. Let’s dance

They start the music & start dancing

Next morning – 11am

All 6 were sleeping in living room only.. Everything Scattered everywhere it was a complete mess bar counter setup was still there

Anjali shyam were shocked to see it..

Anjali : god.. What shall I do with these idiots.. Nani will be here in an hour & all this mess

Shyam : wake them up first

Aman & anisha were sleeping on stage..

Anjali : aman.. Aman.. ( she shake him anisha wake up but aman doesn’t move)

Anisha : di.. !?

Anjali pour water on aman & wake up with jerk..

Aman : di aap..? Huh..

Anjali : yes am I disturbing you again..

Aman : yes.. Huh no.. No..

Shyam : get up now nani will be here anytime..

Aman : oh God

Sanskar had dozed off in sitting position on sofa & swara was sleeping keeping her head in his lap

Anjali pour water on his face..

Sanskar : di.. Jijaji..

He’s about yo get up but swara’s weight pull him down..
Swara : Sanskar let me sleep..

Sanskar wake her up & they too start giving some excuses to Anjali shyam

Shyam : stop all this & clean the mess nani will be here..

Anjali : wait… where are those two.. ?

Precap : Rohan back in Arshi’s life

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