Yeh Dosti hum nahi Todenge (Episode 31)

Arnav : What’s all this dammit

Sanskar look at kushi as if pleading to save him from Arnav’s wrath

Arnav : will you speak up..

Kushi : don’t tell me you broke up with your gf & all this is break up effect..


Aman : I thought I lost you

Anisha : leave all that now.. Finally we are together

Aman : hmm.. All thanks to kushi’s crazy wish

Anisha : how did they both end up with each other what happened to Lavanya & rohan


Kushi hug sanskar

Kushi : everything will be fine.. Don’t spoil your health for someone who doesn’t value you

Arnav : I’ll make sure she pay for playing with you..

Sanskar : leave it bhai.. One day she will repent

Kushi go on cursing that girl.. Arnav & sanskar just look on giving her unbelievable look but suddenly swara start crying

Arnav : shona.. What happened..

Sanskar : her boyfriend too didn’t come..

Kushi : damn.. Why all this is happening with us only

Arnav : ( wiping her tears) don’t worry I’ll make sure he see hell

Swara : no bhaiyya.. Its all my fault


Aman explain what happened in arshi wedding

Aman : but I’m happy for them.. La was complete misfit for ASR & I don’t think rohan could handled kushi. These 2 are perfect for each other

Anisha : but they’re just friends right.. Even after marriage there’s no chemistry between them

Aman : me & di have planned all chemistry physics biology.. Just wait & watch..


Swara ; I didn’t go.. Its all my fault.. I was scared after seeing what rohan did with di.. I .. I’m sorry.. I.. He.. ( she start crying more )

Arnav take her in embrace.. She start crying more..

Swara : I didn’t do it intentionally.. I.. I was scared.. I can’t trust.. I didn’t cheat.. I’m not cheater.. ( she pour some more tears)

Sanskar was shocked hearing her confession so that’s why she was telling him to know other side of story too..

Arnav cupped her face wiping her tears..

Arnav : no one is calling you cheater.. Its not your mistake.. Stop crying princess..

Kushi : shona.. Situations were only like that.. Don’t worry everything will be fine

Arnav : shona I can’t see those tears stop crying princess I’m here to set it all right..

Swara compose & look at sanskar who is giving blank expression to her..

Swara : sanskar don’t get angry please.. I didn’t do it purposely.. I.. ( he hug her)

Sanskar : till today I was cursing her ( his gf) but today I feel even she might have had some reasons… I’m not angry I understand..

He give her smile & she smile back..

Aman : anyone remember even I’m here..

Arshi & swasan glare him..

Aman : please forgive me also sorry… ( he make puppy innocent face )

All smile..

Kushi : ok now let’s move to kitchen.. I’m hungry

Anisha : but there’s nothing to eat

Arnav : kushi will prepare right kitty

Kushi glare..

Swara : we all shall prepare together

Raizada mansion

Shyam : hope this Paris idea works

Anjali : they’ll enjoy & it will be refreshment for them

Shyam : that’s it? What about romance

Anjali : romance!? Aur woh dono bhool jaav aap aise Kuch nahi honewala ( romance & those two forget it.. Nothing like that is gonna happen)

Shyam : Matlab ( means)

Anjali : we need to give them time.. Let them enjoy the trip.. I have planned how to make them fall for each other.. ( she state proudly)

Shyam : ( pulling her closer) accha.. Share your ideas with me too

Anjali understand his intentions..

Anjali : what are you doing..

Shyam : romance.. With my wife.. ( he pull closer Anjali turn red)

Anjali : darwaza khula hai (door is open)

Shyam : toh.? ( so.?)

Anjali : koyi aajayega ( someone might come)

Shyam : aane dijiye ( let them come )

He lean to kiss her but Aryan get in..

Aryan : mumma..

He stop seeing them.. Anjali Shyam pull back getting embarrassed..

Shyam : woh.. Huh aapke mumma ke aakho mein Kuch chala gaya tha ( huh.. Ah . something went into your mumma’s eyes)

Aryan : ( smiling) I’ll come back later..

Anjali : why.. I’m fine tell me..

Aryan : its ok mumma I don’t want papa to curse me later.. You two continue..

Anjali & shyam’s jaw drop..

Aryan : waise Maine Kuch nahi dekha.. Phir bhi darwaza band karlo ( anyway I didn’t see anything but still please close the door)

He wink at them

Anjali : shaitan ( naughty boy)

He run away..

Anjali : rukho tum . ( stop.. She’s about to run behind him but Shyam hold her)

Shyam : see how intelligent our child is.. He’s giving us space & you’re not utilising it.. ( he wink at her )

Guest house..

All 6 are busy in kitchen.. Arnav take flour from shelf & it slip from his hand as he was feeling dizzy.. Aman hold him immediately & make him sit on chair.. Swara give him water.. He look at kushi..

Kushi : so you skipped your medicines again

Arnav : No.. Huh I mean.. I’m sorry

Kushi : let’s go to hospital..

Arnav ; I’m fine kushi..

Aman : I’ve got him checked yesterday.. He will be fine..

Kushi go out of the kitchen..

Sanskar : why do you do this bhai..

Swara : because of all the tension since 15days you didn’t care of your health right..

Arnav nod yes..

Aman ; par kushi toh gussa hogayi ( but kushi got angry na..)

Anisha : she’ll understand don’t worry

Aman : kushi & understanding.. That too for skipping meds no way..

Swara : yaad hai pichli baar kya kiya tha ( remember what she did last time)

Sanskar : bhai aapke tho haath ya pair tootne wala hai aaj ( arnav either your hand or leg is gonna break today)

Arnav : will you guys stop scarin.. ( he stop as he see kushi coming back with broom stick)

Everyone look at her & then at Arnav

Arnav : kushi phirse maarogi ( you will hit me again)

Kushi : utho.. ( get up..)

Arnav : Kushi please..

Kushi : Arnav go to room now..

Aman : ( whisper to Arnav) I think she want to hit you locking in room.. Be careful..

Arnav glare him & walk to room.. Everyone is looking at her..

Kushi : what are you guys staring at start cooking.. I’ll clean this..

She start sweeping the flour which arnav spilled using broomstick

Lunch time

Everyone assemble on dining table. Kushi doesn’t speak to Arnav.. They have lunch silently. He was already annoyed by her silence enough

Kushi : we should rest now.. We’ve to leave for Paris tomorrow..

Anisha : I’m so excited..

Swara : we 6 can enjoy full on..

Everyone disperse to rooms Kushi was also about to go when arnav pull her..

Kushi : ( not looking at him) Arnav leave.. Go & rest you need it

Arnav : ( making her look at him) gussa ho toh maarlo yaar par mujhse baat toh karo.. ( you can hit if you’re angry but at least talk to me )

Kushi hug him…

Arnav : Sorry

Kushi : ( start crying) I’m sorry.. Everything is my mistake.. Because of me only you’ve spoilt your health.. I’ve troubled you lot na..

Arnav : stop crying first ( he wipe her tears) who said so.. You’re not responsible.. & we’ve decided not to talk that topic again.. So this topic ends here.. Is it clear..

Kushi nod..

Arnav : & you know how much I hate those medicines.. I would’ve skipped even if all that hadn’t happened..

Kushi : I’m leaving you this time.. If this repeats I’m gonna break your bones..

Precap : Paris..

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  1. nice episode

  2. Veronica

    Yipeee! Anaya ki update aa gayi…. Anaya ki update aa gayi. I was waiting for it. And today finally my exams are over. Last one is tomorrow.And after that i have my MBA entrance starting and again busy life Awesome epiiiii loved it to the core. Waiting for next.

    1. Anaya

      Sorry for making you wait.. I’m really struck up in my life.. So I’m being irregular.. All the best for your MBA

  3. Wonderful update soon. Can’t wait fir swasan to relize they there are their online buddies. Update Anjnabhi soon. I know I didn’t spell it correctly

    1. Anaya

      I have updated ajnabhii & manzil today check it out

  4. It was really good liked it
    Just love the chemistry of arshi
    U have created a great chemistry between them just live it

  5. really nice plz update regularly awaiting

  6. Update is very good
    But I have a request
    Yaar please update atleast once in two weeks al the stories
    Readers are losing their control on the stories
    I think u should consider this
    I know time issues h but once in two weeks krlo manage age apki marzi
    Sorry if u didn’t like my suggestion or request as you take it

    1. Anaya

      I’m really sorry yaar.. I’m really trying to be regular but some personal issues have struck me up.. I understand its very difficult to keep track on story.. If I give so much gap.. I’ll try to give 2 updates of every story in a week.. And dont be sorry its my mistake.. Thank you for putting up with me even after so much delay

  7. Anaya

    Thank you so much somya, vero, Kristy, kajal, n & vaishali

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