Yeh Dosti hum nahi Todenge (Episode 30)

Thank you all for waiting patiently.. And my exams are over yesterday & I’ll be regular from today..

Swara : Mujhse yeh kya hogaya.. Kahi woh bhi sanskar ki tarah.. Itni badi galati kaise kar baiti mein.. ( what have I done.. What if he too is depressed like Sanskar.. How can I commit such big mistake.. )

She walk out of house & sit under a tree in garden drenching in rain crying her heart out..

Next morning

Arshi are still sleeping.. Door is knocked..

Arnav get up immediately.. He panick as kushi is with him..

Arnav : kushi get up.. Kushi.. Someone is knocking the door go to your room

Kushi : let me sleep ( she keep pillow over ears)

Nani : chote..

Arnav : kushi.. Its nani dammit utho.. ( get up)

He shake her & kushi get up lazily.. He drag her out of bed & is about to push to the adjacent room through the secret door in wardrobe.. ( remember guys I told about it )

Kushi : Rukho.. ( stop)

Arnav : arre kya hua.. Jaldi niklo.. Nani is at door ( what happened go now.)

Kushi : what a dumbo you’re.. I’m your wife now.. Idiot you spoilt my sleep..( she walk to bed)

They hear a knock again..

Kushi : open the door & don’t disturb me.. ( she pull quilt over her)

Arnav smile at his stupidity


Buaji see swara sleeping under a tree & get tensed..

Buaji : Swara.. Swara.. ( she shake her & swara wake up)

Swara : buaji..

Buaji : kaa kar rahi ho yaha.. Tum yaha kyun soo rahi thi ( what are you doing here & why are you sleeping here..)

Swara : ah.. Woh.. Hmm.. Walk.. I came here for walk.. Then I felt sleepy so slept here only..

Buaji touching her forehead

Buaji : tabayat toh teek haina.. Sar pe chot vot lagi hai ka.. ( are you well.. Did you hurt your head ah..?)

Swara : Buaji..

Buaji : woh sanka devi ka sangat ka asar hai.. Ek hi paagal kaafi hai hmare ghar mein doosre ki zaroorat naahi hai.. Saare paagal mere phaale pade hai nandakishore chalo bitar office jaana hai ki nahi ( its all because of kushi’s company.. One mad is enough for her family.. I dont need another.. All mad girls are with me only.. Get in won’t you go to office today.)

Sanskar notice all this from balcony

Sanskar : why did she sleep there.. That too in rain.. What’s wrong with her..

Shantivan ( Raizada mansion)

Everyone are having breakfast

Arnav : where’s sanskar..

Everyone now notice him missing..

HP : He didn’t return yesterday

Mami nani kushi Anjali : what. !?

Nani : he never does that

Mami : I’m not getting good feeling now..

Anjali : he didn’t even come for lunch yesterday..

Kushi : see this only happens.. When you don’t concentrate on kids.. All of you’re always behind me & arni only..

All start discussing disturbing arnav

Arnav ; Shut up I’m on call.. Yea aman.. What..! Ok.. No his phone’s switch off.. I want him before me in one hour

Aman : ( pale reply) hmm ok..

Arnav : dammit what’s wrong with you now a days..

Aman : ah.. Nothing ASR I’ll find him bye ( he cut the call)

Kushi : what he said

Arnav : he left office at 7pm yesterday..

Anjali : why didn’t he come home then.. Kushi ask swara she might know


Sanskar : actually uncle my car broke down & it was late & raining too.. so I stayed back here only..

Shashi : its fine.. Have breakfast now..

Swara gets call from kushi..

Swara : ji di..

Kushi : do you know where sanskar is.. He didn’t return home yesterday

Swara : oh.! Di he’s here only.. His car broke down & he couldn’t take it to garage as it was raining yesterday so he stayed here only

Kushi : pass the phone to that idiot (she say angrily)

Swara : di please.. He’s already worried..

Kushi : worried..? Why..?

Swara : huh.. Nothing we will come to office directly bye..

She cut the call

Kushi : what’s wrong with these 2..

She discuss their weird behaviour with Arnav

Arnav : let’s take them to farm house.. We can talk there..


Swasan rush to farm house to clean the mess sanskar created yesterday but it was late.. By the time these 2 reached Arshi & aman’s car too entered the premises

Arnav notice swasan have arrived in Sanskar’s car.. Kushi noticed both were worried

Arnav : Your car looks fine.. You got it repaired in an hour.!?

Sanskar : huh.. Actually.. Yes bhaiyya

Arnav : which garage?

Sanskar ; our regular one dharma garage

Kushi : but its closed since a month

Swasan search for words..

Arnav : get in..

Swasan : No..! ( these 3 look at them)

Swara : why farmhouse let’s go out.. Weather is so nice

Kushi : No.. No outing.. Let’s get in..

Sanskar : come on di look at the weather.. Let’s go for picnic.

Arnav : enough now.. Get in..

Swasan reluctantly get in with arshi while aman stand there only inspecting the car

As soon as they step in living room.. Arshi are shocked at the mess.. Sanskar fearfully look at his brother..

Arnav : what the hell.. How all this mess happened..!?

Before swasan could speak Kushi interrupt

Kushi : Arnav.. Do you remember the bride we eloped.. We sent her to farm house na..

Everyone hear someone screaming & look at the origin of that scream..

She was the same bride they eloped.. She come & hide behind arnav & pointing at Sanskar

Bride : now you’ve started coming at daytime also have some shame..

Arshi : what.!?

Swara : you came to her..? ( whisper)

Sanskar : no.. I’m seeing her for first time

Kavya : every night he sit drinking here.. I never came infront of him but watched silently.. Yesterday he broke all this things here & this girl came & took him from here

Arshi angrily look at swasan especially Sanskar

Arnav : will you spe.. ( interrupt)

Bride : ( scream) AMAN….!

She run to him & hug him.. He too hug her & she start crying..

After a while..

Kushi : so we eloped your girlfriend..

Bride : i stayed here as neither you two nor aman came to pick me..

Aman : these 2 know nothing they’ve unknowingly eloped you..

Bride : thank God otherwise I would’ve got married to that langoor ( monkey)

Kushi : btw what’s your name..?

Bride : Anisha

Kushi : you hid it all from us how mean aman

Aman now come out of his smiling mood & look at angry arshi & gulp down fear..

Anisha : Can I talk to him.. I mean..

Kushi : yea sure.. You two go to room.. We can take his class later..( she say angrily looking at aman)

Aman : kushi.. I can explain..

Kushi : not now.. You’re spared only till lunch aman & you better have good reason..

Aman now look at silent fire spitting ASR

aman : ASR.. I..

Arnav : I’ll talk to you later aman now leave before I change my mind ( he say in dreadful tone)

Both move upstairs to one of the room.. Swasan were silent all the while.. Swara was thinking of 100s of excuses.

Precap : Trip to Paris..

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