Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 3)

Arnav’s cabin

Arnav checking out designs of Lavanya..

Aman enter..

Aman : ASR the flight will land at 5 pm..

Arnav : ok.. Make sure no one disturbs me till 4

Aman : ok ( he leave)

Hearing this Lavanya gets happy & they both start discussion about designs & project..
Suddenly kushi storm into cabin..

Lavanya : ( to herself ) what do she think of herself.. Now she’ll know what it means to disturb ASR..
She assume arnav will shout at kushi fir disturbing as he did to other employees but..

Kushi : Arnav I need to talk now

She look all tensed & confused..

Arnav : first have some water ( he make her sit & feed water )

Kushi : I need to talk..

Arnav : sshh.. You skipped your lunch again..

Kushi nod no..

Arnav : don’t lie

Kushi : I was tensed so couldn’t..

Arnav : that’s why you are acting like this first you eat something then we will talk..

Kushi : lekin ( but)

Arnav call aman & order lunch..

In between all this Lavanya is standing surprised. ½an hour back he was hell angry % annoyed due to delay in work.. But now leaving all his work he’s doing this..

Arnav : you can go we will discuss tomorrow

Lavanya : but its impor..

Arnav : ( interrupt) I said out..

She go out annoyed by his behaviour..

Arnav : now tell me what happened

Kushi : Amma had called today she want me to get married

Arnav : what..!? This early..

Kushi : I’m already 23

Arnav : but you act like you are 13 ( he tease )

Kushi : Arnav I’m serious

Arnav : ok.. What’s the problem.. You are already madly in love with your baby.. Marry him

Kushi : there are 2 problems for that..

Arnav : what?

Kushi : 1st one who will convince amma babuji.. I’m not telling them anything..

Arnav : what but why..?

Kushi : I’m scared what if they reject him.. I can’t deny them.. But I can’t even leave rohan.. Oh devi maiyya ab kya kare ( o God what to do now)

She hold her head.. Arnav cupping her face

Arnav : calm down sweety.. I’ll talk to uncle aunty they won’t deny me… And rohan is fit for you in all terms why will they reject him..

Aman come in with lunch..

Aman : don’t worry kushi. ASR made full background check up of your baby before agreeing for this relationship. Remember how much he made you wait before saying yes

Flashback start ( A year back)

Kushi : Arni he proposed me last week & I haven’t responded till now.. Because of you

Arnav : I want be sure about him.. Let me do some background check

Kushi : please do it fast na.. Arnu I’m dying to meet him..

Flashback end..

Kushi : And he agreed after 2 more weeks

Aman : bechara rohan ( poor rohan )

Arnav : I wanted to be sure.. He’s right guy

Kushi : you are always right.. I’m this happy today only because of you love you..

Lavanya who came back to get her phone hear this last sentence & stand there..

Arnav : maska lagana band karo aur khaana kaav ( stop buttering & have food)

Kushi nod no..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi : tumhi khilaav na bahut din hogaye( you only feed na its been so long you fed me )

Arnav : are you kid..

Kushi nod yes..

Arnav : no doubt.. He start feeding her..

Lavanya go back seeing this scene

Aman : 1st problem is solved what’s the second one..

Kushi : actually we both decided to get married on same day.. Now we have to find bride for arni

Arnav : but its not possible now..

Kushi : why

Arnav : because you are in too hurry to marry your baby.. I mean to fall in well ( he tease )

Kushi : I’ll make sure you too fall with me.. I’m not marrying without you.. Samjhe.. ( got it)

Arnav : ok let’s see now eat first..

Lavanya’s cubicle

Lavanya : I heard her saying love you.. & ASR was feeding her

Tina : ( La’s frnd) didn’t I say they are in love..

Lavanya : I only had false hopes..


Kushi is all restless..

Kushi : why isn’t he here yet.. Flight landed long back. Why is he taking so much time

Arnav : relax.. Its still 5:01 flight landed a minute back & he’ll be coming

Again after 2 mins..

Kushi : look arni he isn’t here still

Arnav : it takes minimum 8-10 mins to reach us once flight lands have some patience

5 more minutes pass.. In these 5 mins kushi had troubled Arnav 10 times

Kushi : Arnav..

Arnav : shut up.. Or I’ll put plaster on your mouth

Kushi : but.. ( she see rohan coming )

Kushi : baby… ( she shout )

Arnav : Kushi its airport.. Don’t shout..

She go & hug him tight..

Rohan : missed you soo much

Kushi : me too ( she kiss on his cheeks )

Arnav : how embarrassing you are..

Arnav rohan have a formal hug..

Arnav : welcome back..

Rohan : thank you.. ( he us about to continue Kushi interrupt )

Kushi : you made me wait for 8 mins..

She frown..

Arnav : I’ll be in car.. ( he leave)

Rohan give her red rose bouquet which he brought

Rohan : because of this I got late baby sorry..

Hotel – 9pm

Arshi & mohit are sitting

Kushi trying to tell about marriage talks going on in her house but hesitating.. So

Arnav : so rohan when are the plans of settling down..

Rohan : uh.. Huh.. Soon..

Arnav : actually uncle Aunty wanted to kushi to get married so you better hurry..

Kushi : yes baby.. What if they find someone else for me..

Arnav : yea roha.. ( interuppted by message)

[Rohan – I’m proposing Kushi tmrw so let it be surprise for today..]

Rohan wink at Arnav & Arnav show thumbs up

Arnav : if they find someone else we two will be releived from your torture.. What say rohan

Kushi make baby face..

Rohan : no my baby is only mine I’ll never let her go away…

Kushi : so sweet they hug..

Arnav : I’m not coming out anywhere with you both.. Its public place & you people start romancing anywhere anytime..

Rohan : let’s see what happens when you fall in love..

Kushi : in saare baato ka badla mein gin gin kar loongi.. ( I’ll take revenge for all these matters then )

Precap :
Kushi in dark place.. She get scared.. She trying calling both Arnav & rohan but they doesn’t pick the phone.. Someone come behind her..

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