Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 28 & 29)

Recap : Arshi finally patch up

Anjali : chote you took less than 2 seconds to forgive her.. Even to make maggi we need 2 minutes

Arnav smile

Kushi : how can you forgive me so easily.. I deserve a punishment

Arnav : not your fault its.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : no arni my fault only don’t take blame on you..

Arnav : of course not my fault its manufacturing defect in you.. ( he tease )

Kushi : Maine bahut parishaan kiya na ( I troubled you lot..)

Arnav : No kushi stop thinking all this now.. Get back to normal.. I teased you should retort back & you’re making this face..

Kushi hug Arnav..

Kushi : I’m so sorry.. I troubled you a lot

Arnav : now you’re troubling me more by your sorry

Kushi : oh sorr.. Love you.. Happy now

Arnav : very much

Anjali : ok now its late already all of you to your beds

Everyone disperse..


Nani : did they really patch up

Shyam : yes. Let’s not talk about marriage now

Anjali : they need some time..

Shashi : will they remain the same as they were before.. I’m afraid not

Garima : after the way kushi behaved..

Anjali : you only see tomorrow morning how they will be..

Arshi room

Arnav : where shall I sleep now ah. ?

Kushi : sorry na.. Come here..

She pull him to bed..

Arnav : Finally I’m back on bed..

Kushi : happy.?

Arnav : No..

Kushi : kyun..? ( why..?)

Arnav : I slept peacefully there but now again I’ve to bear your kungfu at night

Kushi : how mean arni.

Arnav : pulling her nose.. You look cute in anger KITTY ( intentionally he stress the last word)

Arnav smirked

Kushi : Arni… ( she scream..)

Everyone in hall get startled hearing her scream.. & look at each other’s face..

Kushi : I’m not leaving you..

Arnav : catch me first..

One pillow comes & land in the hall from first floor

Everyone look at each other & then towards their room.. Now they hear both of them laughing.. & everyone burst out laughing..

Anjali : ab yakeen hua aunty aapko ( now do you believe us aunty)

Garima : hope they will be happy like this always..

Nani : kitna soona pada tha ghar aaj kushiya waapas aayi hai ( How void house looked today all happiness are back)

Later sanskar’s room

He was reading the past conversation of his online gf.. Pain was evident in his face… How desperate he was to meet her & how badly their fairy tale love story came into an ugly end.. Did she really cheat.. But all those words they can’t be fake.. Didn’t she love me

Thinking all this he scrolled down the chat & their he found those last words which broke everything..

Sanskar : ( read) ” I was just playing around with you.. I’m sorry I can’t meet you. I’m marrying someone else. Don’t try to contact me.. ”

He threw his phone away which broke into pieces.. & stormed out of the house

( where buaji & kushi stayed)

Swara’s room

She’s weeping sitting on a bed

Swara’s pov : why am I crying now. It was my fault I betrayed him… why am I know not able to bear this pain.. Shall I message him.. ( she take her laptop) No no.. What if he too cheats like rohan but he’s not like that ( she go & stand near a window looking aimlessly at sky)

That’s when she saw the car speeding through the street.. It looked familiar..

Swara : this.. Its sanskar.. Where is he going at 12:30.. What’s wrong with him.. He’s driving with this speed..

She try calling on his phone but switched off..

Sanskar reach the farm house he storm in & starts breaking everything.. His anger took over his senses.. He just wanted to vent out all his frustration & started hitting everything..

Sanskar : ( screaming) how can you do this to me.. Why the hell do I still love you.. Why can’t I hate you.. I hate myself for loving you..


Swara trying his phone repeatedly but same answer..

Swara : God.. Where he went at this hour.. That too with that speed.. Can’t even call shantivan.. Let me call hariprakash then..

On call

Swara : even you dont know. Ok thank u HP ( Cut the call) then where he went.. This route goes to farm house.. He went there? But at this hour.!?

Farm house

Sanskar is sitting on floor tossing a glass of wine.. He’s fully drunk already an empty bottle is lying near his leg..

Farm house phone start ringing & he pick the phone..

Swara : hello.. ( silence at other side make her feel its sanskar) Sanskar.. Are you there..

Sanskar : ( drunk voice) haan.. Mein hi hoon ( yes.. Its me)

Swara : sanskar tumne pi rakhi hai..! (sanskar you’re drunk..!)

Sanskar : haan toh.. Ab kya tumbi mujh chod jaavogi uski tarah.. Sab log chale jaav.. Mein akela hi teek hoon ( yes so.. Now you will also abandon me.. Everyone leave me.. I’m happy alone)

Swara : sanskar what’s wrong yaar.. Hello hello..

Sanskar doze off..

Arshi room

They were not gonna sleep tonight.. They had lot to tell each other..

Kushi : I don’t want to go to office tomorrow

Arnav : let’s go to farm house..

Kushi : great.. We can have fun there.. Let’s take swasan too with us..

Arnav : Kushi.. Weren’t they suppose to meet their online friends.. It slipped out of my mind ( very soon he remembered 😤)

Kushi : they said nothing.. May be because of all this they didn’t tell I suppose

Arnav : let’s ask them tomorrow

Kushi : Arni.. Even they’ve got partners.. Don’t you think aman is left out..

Arnav : No girl will stay with me.. He’s a clown & his jokes are awful..

Kushi : sirf tume boore lagte hai uske jokes.. Kyunki zyada tar woh tumpe hi hote hai ( oy you dont like his jokes as most of them will be on you only)

Kushi giggle Arnav frown

Arnav : whatever..!

Kushi : by the way he’s very romantic

Arnav : how do you know..

Kushi : arre yaad nahi woh le gaya tha mujhe date pe.. ( don’t you remember he took me on a date..)

Arnav : what..!?? Date..!


Swara reach there & find sanskar on couch

Swara : sanskar.. Sanskar ( she shake him) yeh kya haal bana rakha hai.. Utho.. ( what have you done here.. Get up.. )

She try to make him get up but he shove her hand.. That’s when she see glass piece struck in his palm & blood oozing out of it.. She hold his hand

Swara : ( concerned ) your hand.. How you got hurt.. ( she slowly pull out the glass piece.. )

Sanskar yelp : aaah..

Swara blow air.. : bahut dare ho raha hai.. ( is it paining more.. )
She start dressing his wound

Sanskar : haan.. Par yahan Nahi.. Yahan.. ( he gesture towards his heart.. ) dard bardaash Nahi ho raha ( yes.. But not here.. Here.. ( he gesture towards his heart.. ) can’t tolerate this pain..)

Swara : Kya hogaya tume sanskar.. Yeh kya haal bana rakha hai khudka.. Kya hogaya tume ( what happened to you sanskar.. What have you done to yourself.. What happened to you)

Sanskar : dil toota hai mera.. Dil tod di usne.. ( my heart broke. She broke my heart)

Swara : kal baat karenge chalo ab.. Utho.. ( we will talk tomorrow.. Let’s go now.. Get up.. )

Arshi room

Kushi : ( to herself) hey devi maiyya kya kar diya Maine.. ! ( oh God what did I do..!)

Arnav : kushi..! I’m asking something..

Kushi : actually.. I wanted to see how it feels on date so he took me once..

Arnav : then..?

Kushi : He was being very nice & romantic.. We even danced together..

Arnav : ( gritting his teeth) then..?

Kushi : and finally we both broke into laughter.. I couldn’t tolerate such sweet words from him.. Its better he tease & irritate me..

Arnav : Friends can never become a couple.. They know us way too much..

Kushi : you’re right arni.. Friends will be so comfortable around each other that jab romance shuru karo naa tab sharam nayi hasi aajati hai.. ( when friends start romance naa instead of blush we get laugh)

Arnav : have you seen how di react when jijaji hold her waist..

Kushi : yes.. She will be more red then kashmiri apple..

Arnav : and if I hold your waist.. ( he does that)

Kushi : arnav leave you’re tickling me..

Arnav : this will happen.. ( both laugh)

Kushi : par inhone humari shaadi karwa di yaar ab kya..? ( but these people got us married yaar.. What now..?)

Garden – Farm house

Swara is taking sanskar to car..

Sanskar : you were right she’s a witch..

Swara remember calling his gf a witch during their silly fight ( in part 14)

Sanskar : mein hi r : mein hi pagal tha.. Jo uske piche piche dauda.. ( I was fool to run behind her.. )

Swara felt very guilty seeing sanskar’s state.. Even though she don’t know he’s her online bf.. She felt guilty thinking her bf may also will be same state

Swara : ( to herself) God what have I done.. What if he too get disturbed like Sanskar.. Do he have anyone beside him to support him.. What if he’s alone..

She come out of trance as it starts raining..

Sanskar : dekho aaj aasman bhi ro raha hai meri toote dil ki kahaani sunkar.. ( he look at sky) poori sunoge meri kahani . ( thunder strikes)toh suno.. ( see even sky is crying hearing my heartbroken story.. ( he look at sky) will you hear my full story.. ( thunder strikes) then listen)

Sanskar :

Chaha Hai Tujhko Chahunga Hardam
Mar Ke Bhi Dil Se Ye Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

Teri Yaad Jo Aati Hai
Mere Aansoon Behte Hain
Apna To Milan Hoga
Pal Pal Yeh Kehte Hain
Kya Yeh Zindgani Hai
Bas Teri Kahani Hai
Bas Teri Kahani Hai
Ye Jo Zindgani Hai
Chaha Hai Tujhko Chahunga Hardam
Mar Ke Bhi Dil Se
Ye Pyaar Na Hoga Kam…

Teri Woh Baatein
Woh Chaahat Ki Rasmein
Jhoothey The Vaade
Kya Jhoothi Thi Kasmein
Kya Ye Sach Hai
Bas Itna Keh De
Toot Jayee Na Lamha, Aitbaar Ka
De Koi Silaa, Mere Intezaar Ka

Swara :

Chaha Hai Tujhko Chahungi Hardam
Mar Ke Bhi Dil Se
Ye Pyaar Na Hoga Kam…
Teri Hoon Teri
Jo Chahe Kasam Le Le
Mujhko Humrahi
Tu Apne Gham De De
Saari Umar Hai Mujhko
Dard Judaai Ka Sehnaa Rastey Mein Koi Hai Manzilein Meri
Mere Saath Jayengi Mukshkilein Meri

Sanskar :

Chaha Hai Tujhko Chahunga Hardam
Mar Ke Bhi Dil Se
Ye Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

Swara :

Tu Saamne Hai Mairey
Phir Kyoon Ye Doori Hai
Tujhe Kaise Bataoon Main Hai,
Kya Majboori Hai Yeh Bhi Koi Jeena
Hai Sirf Aansoon Peena Hai
Sirf Aansoon Peena Hai
Yeh Bhi Koi Jeena Hai…

Sanskar :

Chaha Hai Tujhko Chahunga Hardam
Mar Ke Bhi Dil Se
Ye Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

He stumble & fall..

Swara : ( running to him) Sanskar..!

Arshi room

Arnav : ab kya ka kya Matlab ( what now.. Means)

Kushi : ab batav shaadi ke baad kya hota hai.. ( tell me what will happen after marriage..)

Arnav : ( clueless) kya hota hai..,( what happens..)

Kushi : you’re waste.. Haven’t you seen in films.. Shaadi ke baad suhaag raat hoti hai buddhu ( aftbuddhu ( after marriage there will be wedding night idiot)

Arnav’ raise his eyebrow in astonishment

Kushi : hum dono se romance toh honese raha.. Agar nani ne bacche mang liya toh kya kare.. ( romance is not our cup of tea.. What if nani ask for babies..)

Kushi was teasing him but poor Arnav took it seriously..

Arnav : ( tensed) kushi kya Kuch bhi bolti ho yaar.. Buaji sahi kehati hai tum sanka devi hi ho ( kushi what rubbish.. Buaji calls you by right name crazy girl)

( kushi control her laugh..)

Kushi : Kuch bhi kahan bol rahi hoon sahi toh keh raha hi hoon hume iss baare mein sochna chahiye ( I’m not talking rubbish.. We’ve to think about it.. )

Arnav : about what dammit ( frustrated)

Kushi : ( hardly controlling her laugh) about our baby..

Arnav give her unbelievable look.. Kushi look at him from toe to head.. & move towards him giving seducing look..

Arnav : what’s wrong with you.. ( she keep moving) drop that look kushi..
ok kushi..

Kushi hold his shirt.. & look in his eyes..

Arnav jerk..

Arnav : ab kya mere kapde utaarne ka iraada hai ( are you planning undress me ) ( few sweat beads form on his forehead)

Kushi burst out laughing..

Kushi : God arni tum toh dar gaye mazaak kar rahi thi yaar ( God arni you got scared.. I was just Kidding..)

Arnav : bada bakwas mazak tha.. Agar naatak khatam hua hai toh kungfu shuru kare( very bad joke.. If your drama is over can we start kungfu)

Kushi : ( confused) kungfu.!?

Arnav : tumhare saath sona kungfu se kam todi na hai (is sleeping with you less than kungfu )

( he tease..)

Kushi : ( throwing pillow ) shut up..

Arnav : kyun mera mazak accha Nahi laga ab.. Its better than yours ( why you didn’t like my joke ah..)

Kushi : before I turn into kaali maata (dangerous goddess) sleep

Farm house

With lot efforts swara make Sanskar sit in car

Sanskar : ( still not in senses) where are you taking me.. Leave me alone.. (He start troubling her a lot by holding her hand & trying open door, removing seat belt..

Swara ; ( loudly) Sanskar shut up.. Don’t move or I’ll call arnav bhai..

Sanskar shut hearing it..

After a while..

Sanskar : where are we going..

Swara : ghar..( home) we can’t go to shantivan so going to villa

They stop infront of villa.. & swara somehow manage to take him to kushi’s room without anyone’s notice..

Due to drenching in rain.. He’s partially in his senses.. Effect of alcohol as reduced.. He’s sitting silently on bed holding his head..

Swara : Kushi di’s wardrobe is half filled with arnav bhai’s clothes.. Change your clothes first or else you’ll catch cold..

Sanskar just nod & swara go out to change..

After a while..

Swara return with first aid kit.. She dress his wound.. He’s quite.. She turn rubbing his gaus with towel now..

Swara : Sanskar can I tell you something..

Sanskar : hmm..

Swara : har kahaani ke do pehalu note hai.. Ek tarafa sach jaankar kisi pe ilzaam lagana teek Nahi.. ( every story has 2sides.. We cannot accuse a person by know only one side of truth)

Sanskar : I’m tired I’ll sleep.. You too rest..

Swara move out giving him last stare & he switch off the light..

Precap :

Arnav : what the hell.. How all this mess happened..!?

Before swasan could speak Kushi interrupt

Kushi : Arnav.. Do you remember the bride we eloped.. We sent her to farm house na..

Everyone hear someone screaming & look at the origin of that scream..

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