Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 26 & 27)

Recap : Arshi marriage.. Kushi’s cold behaviour towards Arnav


Arnav was late it was already 12:30 when he entered the room he saw lights were on & kushi was sleeping on recliner.. He knew she wasn’t asleep.. But why the hell was she sleeping here didn’t he clearly deny yesterday.. He was supposed sleep there..

Arnav : Kushi.. Kushi..

She continued pretending to sleep.. He was about to shake her but he withdrew his hand remembering the way she acted when he touched her.. He fisted his palm in anger & went into washroom.. Kushi opened her eyes when he heard the door getting shut.. She again closed her eyes when he was back.. Instead of sleeping on bed he took his pillow & quilt & went to poolside Kushi opened her eyes hearing the sound of French doors.. She saw him sleeping beside the pool.. No she can’t let him sleep there.. He looked tired.. She was sure he has not eaten anything.. If he sleep in that cold he will get cold.. She shifted her pillow & quilt to bed & went there & stood infront of him.. Their eyes met.. She looked away unable to meet his angry gaze.. He pulled quilt over him ignoring her.. She sat in the corner.. Not willing to leave him in this cold.. He got up & threw his quilt & pillow on recliner.. He came back & held the doors open for her to enter.. She moved in & he closed the door & slept on recliner & she slept on bed as he wished.

Days passed.. Their was utter silence between them

Arshi were at loss of what to say or do as days passed & swasan observed no improvement in their behaviour. They neither smiled as before nor talked but the growing distance between them spoke volumes. They were practically dragging each other out of their life, their thoughts, their heart. Just few days back they were so much into each other.. Practically sharing everything.. They were like they would die even if they take a single breath without each other.. Kushi was open book for arnav telling everything that popped in her head & shared little little worries too but today she wasn’t even ready to look at him.. the new silence between them was something arnav couldn’t tolerate. Kushi kept a pale expression less face all the time while arnav had turned into full time The Arnav Singh Raizada. They completely avoided each other at the office.. At home they hardly came face to face it was only during the night they could see each other.. No one could no longer see all those cute fights , tom & jerry chases & all those dramas kushi did to make arnav do what she wanted.. That drama queen of arnav was lost & that cute arni of kushi was also lost.

Every night when kushi thought he had fallen asleep he could hear her crying into pillow, her quite attempts to muffle her sobs pierced his heart but he too wasn’t in any better condition.. He felt helpless.. He wanted to console her assure her that he will set everything right but what was that right even he too didn’t know. Kushi too had seen Arnav screaming unnecessarily in the office she had seen him breaking things… throwing phone the whole office feared to go before him but she couldn’t go before him & talk..

Earlier they had their own ways to lit up each other’s mood.. Arnav would’ve made whole delhi dance for kushi’s smile.. Now due to her tears arnav was shaking the whole fashion world. Kushi who could melt Arnav’s anger in seconds was reason for it now..

15 days later..

A party was thrown on behalf of the wedding.. It was planned long back for the people from fashion world who weren’t invited for wedding as it was kept a private affair among family & just some close friends. But now situations were not the same as before arshi were least intrested in this party.. So Arnav denied but nani didn’t agree.. Gupta’s arrived at Delhi

Shashi : did we took decision in haste by getting them married..

Swara : they don’t even look at each other forget talking..

Sanskar : their smile , their masti , their friendship everything is lost..

Garima : kushi is not even ready to share her grief with us..

Shashi : she lost faith in us as we forced for marriage..

Mamaji : Arnav bitwa too doesn’t do anything other than breaking things & lashing at everyone

Nani : Anjali bitiya is coming back today.. They will talk to her.. Only she can mend things now


Kushi was slowly realising what she was doing.. She was hurting her best friend for no reason.. She was missing him badly since 4-5 days.. Finally she got back to her senses.. But she wasn’t ready to go to him & but even couldn’t stay away. Her dilemma was taking toll on her.. His anger sometimes was intolerable she just wanted to calm him by intervening but the next moment she wanted to be away from him.. She was hell confused on what she wanted one thing she clearly knew.. She was ruining both their lives..

AK Office

Kushi was on first floor she was coughing so her secretary went to get water that’s when Kushi saw Arnav shouting at the employees in the ground floor.. His anger was in the peak.. She knew this extra anger was due to the party organised tonight.. All the employees were shivering & praying all the Gods’ that existed to save them.. That’s when bottle full of water fell on their already fuming boss.. But who dared to that.. All horror stricken faces looked up they saw kushi with a empty bottle & her secretary shivering in fear.. ( The same office that they’ve shown in ipkknd.. Imagine Kushi standing near arnav’s cabin & Arnav down where kushi fell from 1st floor when Arnav left her hand remember guys)

Arnav didn’t have to see who it was he knew.. He knew it was his kushi.. He was happy finally she realised he still existed but soon his anger took over him.. He was angry on her.. His anger won’t calm with a bottle of water

Arnav : ( continued screaming on employees) All of yo.. ( before he could complete the empty bottle too hit him all of them gasped but to their surprise Arnav walked back to his cabin )

Swasan who just entered the office witnessed it & smiled that finally everything was coming to end

Night – Party

All guests had arrived arshi were attending them separately.. Arshi didn’t know about Anjali shyam’s return.. They were back in the afternoon & swasan had narrated the whole story.. Anjali exactly knew what to do with them..

Party was finally coming an end almost all guests had left arshi were adressing the media that’s when one of them requested for a photo of them together & there they looked at each other.. Arshi were about to refuse but swasan asked them to agree because media will get doubt.. Swasan pushed both of them together.. Still they had 2-3 inches gap between them..

After finishing everything when they stepped back into the Raizada mansion suddenly they were pulled into a hug & their hands met heads so close.. That person whispered ” Congratulations ” she pulled back from the hug it was their Anjali di..

Seeing her kushi hugged her again.. Tears had already welled up & started flowing uncontrollably.. Anjali pulled back & wiped them but kushi was in no mood to stop so shyam gave his kerchief

Shyam : will it be enough or shall I bring towel ( he teased)

She hugged him now crying some more

Sanskar : don’t congratulate them di they’re not at all happy with this marriage.. Can’t you make out from their faces they hate each other’s company.. ( he purposely said)

Anjali : who said I congratulated them for marriage.. I’m congratulating for the freedom they got from the relationship they were tied with a persons who didn’t even trust their loved ones.. I’m congratulating them for their broken marriages..

Shyam : And accept my deep condolences too

Arshi look confused

Shyam : for your dead friendship..

Some more tears pour from Kushi’s eyes

Shyam : Kushi I don’t know swimming do you want me to die..

Kushi : what.. !

Shyam : if you cry this much shantivan will drown

Kushi wipe her tears smiling at him.. Finally that smile was back..

After the dinner.. Aryan & shyam were keeping kushi busy while in room

Anjali : what’s all this Chote.. What are you two doing ..

Arnav : I’ve done nothing di. Aapko.. Aapko pata hai usne kya kiya.. ( you know what she did)

Anjali : I know..

Arnav : she spoiled everything.. She didn’t talk to me.. It was her mistake..

Anjali : why didn’t you correct her Chote.. You know she’s hurt no girl can take such allegations.. She’s broken.. She need us

Arnav : she won’t let me near.. Now you’re back na.. You only console her..

Anjali : chote..

Arnav : di you don’t know what she did

Anjali : then tell me.. How this miracle of not talking to each other for 15 – 20 days happened

Arnav : I talked di.. But she wasn’t ready to respond.. And you know she don’t even want to look at him all the time she keep avoiding me & you know she wanted sleep on recliner can you believe it di.. However I threw her things on bed & slept on recliner.. She just doesn’t want to let me near her.. She don’t cry infront of me.. She wait till I’m asleep & then start crying at night.. & I’m helpless neither can console her nor can bear her sobs.. Its torturous di.. She tortured him with her silence.. And today she threw water on me hell why.. Wasn’t she running away from me & I’m not giving in that easily this time.. If I had done something like this to her she would have shown me hell before forgiving.. She would’ve broken 100s of broomsticks.. Belts.. Utensils & God knows what more would’ve hit me

Anjali patiently heard him..

Anjali : are you done.. Do you know how you sound like now.. ( Arnav look on) An angry little kid complaining that his friend is not talking to him & he wants his friend back .

Yes that was true.. He wanted her back..

Arnav : I’m not giving in easily..

Anjali : I know I know.. It make take max 10 seconds right Chote..

Was it true.. Would he forgive her so easily.. Let’s see..

10 mins later

Anjali’s room

Kushi was crying since past 10 mins hugging anjali finally anjali spoke..

Anjali : even I don’t know swimming kushi..

Kushi pull back & anjali wipe her tears..

Anjali : what’s all this kushi

Kushi : di.. Its.. Its. Rohan.. He.. ( tears again well up in her eyes.. )

Anjali cup her face..

Anjali : it was not your mistake.. What is done is done kushi.. Why are you punishing yourself for that ..

Kushi : di.. His mom.. She..

Shyam : she will rot in hell.. Cheap people won’t understand the value of your priceless friendship..

Anjali : tell me why you’ve become like this

Kushi : rohan.. He.. This marriage

Shyam : tell me one thing kushi how was your life before rohan’s entry weren’t you happy..

Kushi : I was..

Shyam : its still the same his exit shouldn’t bother you this much if he really loved you he wouldn’t have done this.. It would not abandon you..

Kushi : but I..

Anjali : he shouldn’t matter you anymore kushi.. He’s your past.. You can’t your spoil your present & future like this..

Kushi : I know di.. I shouldn’t have done this. But I was so confused & affected by his mom’s words that I.. I don’t know what I did.. And marriage.. I mean.. Arnav..

Anjali : I know you both were not ready for it then why you agreed kushi

Kushi : Papa’s respect..

Anjali : let it be now.. Let’s think what to do next..

Kushi : di.. This marriage..

Anjali : his dies it matter kushi.m forget you’re married.. What has changed in your life tell me

Shyam : you used share a bed earlier too.. Spent most of time together.. Raizada mansion was your second home.. What’s the difference

Anjali : for some days forget about the marriage.. You’re single now.. Break up time.. Just enjoy with your friend.. We will think of this marriage later..

Shyam : problems should be dealt one by one..

Anjali : first a super vacation & loads of new memories to forget past few days.. Then we will think of this marriage ok..

Kushi happily nod.. Her Anjali di always had a solution for every problem.. All these days she simply suffered the solution was so simple..

Shyam : before vacation.. You & Arnav should patch up..

Kushi smile vanish hearing it..

Kushi : I treated him so badly.. He’s very angry..

Anjali : come on.. He will never shower his anger on you..

Kushi feel guilty recalling how she behaved with him..

Study room

Swasan & Arnav were discussing something.. Kushi enter with Anjali & shyam.. Arnav ignore her.. Kushi place a broomstick & belt before him & hold her ears..

Kushi : SORRY arni.. Galati hogayi.. ( a lone tear roll down her cheeks..)

Can Arnav resist this scene na never.. He hug her.. & she start crying in his arms uttering sorry..

Precap : Arshi swasan aman night out at the guest house.. Wait did we miss something.. The girl arshi eloped is still in guest house..!? Complete forgot na guys.. Lets see what happens when they meet her.. Even swasan had a breakup what’s their condition now.. Are we missing something.. ?

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