Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 25)


Arnav : what are you saying uncle..

Shashi : there’s no choice left.. All guests will be here in an hour..

Garima : poori Lucknow ke saamne bejati hojayegi ( we will be humiliated infront of whole city..)

Nani : They’re right chote.. Its the only choice left & I too feel you two are better together..

Arnav : nani but kushi love rohan..

Shashi : she’s just too naive to realise what she need & you too

Arnav : but.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : I’m ready to marry Arnav

Arnav : kushi tum.. ( he stop looking at her she was not even acknowledging him she stood as if he is some stranger.. )

A voice come from door ” Sweetheart ”

Kushi : Aryan..

She hug him & start crying.. Arnav wanted to wipe her tears & console her.. He moved to them but she moved back he could read her eyes.. They were refusing to let him near her or touch her.. That’s it

Aryan : how could you marry someone else when I’m here not fair..

Nani : its no time for joke Aryan leave her..

Shashi : Arnav please agree for sake of family respect.. For Kushi’s respect

Arnav : I’ve no problem if she’s ready

Kushi : I’m ready..

Aryan : you two are marrying each other..!?

Swara : yes.

Aryan : Arnav mamu.. I’m giving up my sweetheart only for you always keep her happy otherwise..

Sanskar : champ let’s go down we’ve to make preparations right..

Sanskar take out 8 year old Aryan out

An hour later

Priest : bring the bride & groom

Arshi are made to sit & the rituals start.. All the memories with rohan start rolling infront of kushi’s eyes..

Rohan saying ” I love you baby ”

” No my baby is only mine I’ll never let her go away… ”

She recalle the day he proposed her

Rohan taking her to stage.. Lights again getting off.. A spot light falling on rohan kushi.. Rohan is on his knees..

Rohan saying ” The day I met you in London.. I fell for you.. Your mesmerism was all over my mind.. The very month I proposed you.. & you agreed after a month.. From that day my life turned into some beautiful fairytale .So today I’m asking.. ” Will you marry me princess ” ”

Kushi nodding yes.. He making her wear a ring & both hugging each other.. Flowers showering on them.

Then she remember how rohan walked out saying ” I’m sorry Kushi but this wedding is not happening ”

She come out of her thoughts & tears roll down her eyes..

Priest : both of you stand up for pheras..

She wipe her tears & get up..

As they walked around the holy fire Arnav observed kushi.. She was moving like a lifeless body.. Finally the pheras were complete.. Kushi tripped Arnav held her from falling she struggled irritated by his touch but he forcefully made her sit for further rituals..

Priest : fill the vermilion & tie the mangalsutra..

Arnav does that & kushi close her eyes pouring some more tears..

That’s it he decided not to touch her or talk to her unless she speaks..


Sanskar waiting for his gf in park..

Sanskar : why isn’t she here yet..

Meanwhile at home..

Swara walking restlessly fiddling with her dupatta..

Swara : ( to herself) what shall i do he must be waiting for me.. Shall I go.. But what if he cheats.. No no swara you know him since 3 years he’s nice guy.. But I’m afraid.. I can’t trust anyone.. What if he does the same with me like rohan did with di.. I can’t trust man whom I’ve not even seen.. I’ll not go anywhere..

Sanskar waits till 9pm he even drop several messages but he gets no reply Finally he get a message from her..

Message reads.. ” I was just playing around with you.. I’m sorry I can’t meet you. I’m marrying someone else. Don’t try to contact me.. ”

Sanskar : playing around.. Sorry.. My foot

He throw his phone in anger breaking it into pieces..

Swara ; ( to herself) Sorry I had to lie.. But I can’t trust anyone Mr. Ajnabhii

She cried her whole night but couldn’t muster the courage to meet him..

Next day

Everyone were back to Delhi..

Arshi haven’t spoke a word to each other. Finally it was night & Kushi was sitting on bed with Aryan..

Aryan : sweetheart maa said she can’t come now.. There’s some problem in weather

Kushi : we will wait then..

Aryan : but why are you all sad.. I’m seeing since time I’ve come.. Are you not happy with mamu.. Did he do anything tell me I’ll take his class

Kushi : Nothing Aryan its.. ( she stop seeing Arnav entering the room )

Aryan move down as nani call him..

Arshi looked at each other it was first time they were looking at each other after marriage. She looked away as their eyes met. Irritated by her behaviour he threw his coat on recliner & barged into washroom.. When he came back she was not in the room. But he saw her pillow & quilt on recliner..

Arnav : what the..( he scream) KUSHI..! KUSHI..!

Kushi come in looking at him..

Arnav : kya hai yeh.. ( what’s this..)

She doesn’t speak & look away..

Arnav : I’m speaking to you dammit.. You will sleep on this now.. Ah. ?

Still she doesn’t speak.. He move forward shouting..

Arnav : look at me.. Kushi..

He’s about to clutch her but she move back..

Arnav : Fine then.. !

He throw her pillow & quilt on bed & sleep on recliner

Kushi sleep on bed.. But sleep was far away from both of them today they couldn’t get sleep even for a second..

Next day..

Arshi totally avoided each other both at office & home.. Finally swasan thought to speak to them..

These 2 separate conversations between swara arnav & sanskar kushi..

Arnav : I don’t want to talk about it shona..

Sanskar : but di you don’t need to suffer like this.. You can talk

Arnav : I’m not talking to her

Kushi : I don’t want to talk to him

Swasan : but why..

Arnav : because she don’t want to..

Kushi : I don’t know.. I can’t take all this sanskar please stop this here..

She start crying.. Sanskar console her..

Sanskar : ek din mein sab bikar gaye ( everything is spoilt in one day)

Precap : 15 days later.. Anjali back to Delhi

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  1. Veronica

    Anjali di aa jeyegi toh pura problems solve……. Nice epi yaar loved it Lot…. Arnav getting angry on Khushi for not talking to him was so intense. Loved it….. Actually i have become a very BIG fan of your writing now…… I only wait for two people’s ff a day one you and other Arshi di’s….. But i like other ffs also but i love these two authors ffs a bit more??????

    1. Anaya

      Thank u vero that’s a great compliment.. I don’t get time to read much but I used regular lg read arshi’s ff but we have to wait for her

  2. Inu

    Superb epi

  3. Fanficoholic

    Ahhhhhhhh poor arshi. My heart is paining seeing their seperation. Pooooor arshi. Y is khushi nt talking to arnav? Wats his mistake in all this? I hope things between them gets resolved. Somfianllyyyyy anjali di is cmng. I hope she solves the matter.

  4. Anaya

    Thank you so much vero, inu, fanficoholic

  5. Its getting interesting
    And finally anjali is back but why after 15 days

    1. Anaya

      Thank u kajal.. She was struck in Banaras so 15 days leap

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