Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 20, 21, 22)


Recap : Rohan la a bit disappointed by Arshi’s closeness.. Trip to goa for kushi’s b’day..

Clock is ticking… 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 &…

Arnav Rohan lavanya aman & swasan scream…

” Happy birthday Kushi ”

Rose petals shower on her & she give million dollar smile & hug to all.. Whole resort is decorated by lights.. There’s not even a inch of darkness.. A cake is placed infront of her which contains all her photos on top.. Arnav move bit away to make a call.. Kushi cut the cake & look for him

Swara : di.. Feed jiju..

Kushi feed rohan followed by others..

Arnav come to her & feed her

Kushi : why are you on even today.. Huh..?

Arnav : planning something..

Kushi : surprise !!

Arnav nod..

Swara : ok now let’s dance..

Aman play the song & all 3 couples start dancing in each other’s arms..

They enjoy for an hour.. Now time for gifts..

Swara : here I’ve designed a dress for your mehendi function..

Sanskar : I’ve designed a dress for your haldi function..

Lavanya give a wrist watch..

Aman : here’s mine..

He give a photo of her parents blessing her & rohan from sky.. Kushi get emotional & hug aman thanking him..

Aman : hold your tears if ASR sees it then..

Arnav come finishing his call.. Pull Kushi towards him & gaze aman..

Arnav : what you did..? Ah.?

Everyone laugh

Aman : didn’t I say..

Swara : ok its time for much awaited gift so..

Kushi : Arni I’m waiting..

She excitedly ask arnav while others face become pale.. Swara poke kushi..

Sanky ; come on jiju.. Your turn..

Rohan compose himself & give a box.. Kushi opens it & find a locket with RK written on it using diamonds..

Kushi : how cute.. Thank you baby..

She peck on his cheeks & hug him..& he make her wear it

Morning 8 am

Rohan : Have you seen kushi..

Swara ; no she was with bhai yesterday..

Rohan : Arnav..!?( confused)

Sanky : no.. May be she’s in room..

After a while

Swara : They’re no where..

Rohan : what..!!?


Arshi are all set in diving suit..

Kushi : I’m so excited but scared too..

Arnav : ( holding her hand) oh come on no shark’s gonna eat you.. They don’t like bones & there’s no flesh in you.. I should be scared with all these muscles & all

Kushi : oh please.. I’m not bony & shark won’t eat you too because they’re not diabetic.. Tume khaake kya milega na swaad na shakkar ( what will they get eating you no taste no sweeteness)

Arnav : are you happy or complaining that they won’t eat me..

Kushi : complaining..!!

Both smile & jump into the sea with expert team

They spend some 2 hours exploring underwater life.. Playing with those cute little fishes.. Seeing large giant fishes from aloof.. Kushi finds a bottle underwater.. Which looked familiar so she take it with her.. All these moments are being captured by a photographer but kushi doesn’t know it..

Back on boat..

Kushi : this was the best gift arni.. Love you..

She peck on his cheeks..

Arnav : arre hold on still lot more to come..

Kushi : Matlab..

Arnav : remember I promised to fulfill your bucket list on your 25th b’day..

Kushi : you will fulfill all those stupid wishes

Arnav : finally you agreed they’re stupid ah..?

Kushi frown..

Arnav : now stop frowning & look there..

He point at the group of dolphins swimming their way.. Kushi get excited.. They start playing around their boat..

Kushi : they’re so cute.. She start playing with them jumping into water.. Arnav & experts too join her..

Arnav : Kushi come on kiss it.. This was your wish right .

Kushi : no.. I wanted it to kiss me..

Arnav : let’s see that later.. You kiss it first..

She hold one little cute dolphin & kiss it.. Overwhelmed by her gesture.. It starts licking her & finally kiss her ( or it looked like it kissed her.. )

Kushi : arni it kissed.. It Kissed..


They’re having breakfast

Kushi : so what’s next..

Arnav : 1 Scuba diving – done..

2 To kiss a dolphin – done..

Now next..

Kushi : let me guess.. Hmm.. Helping bride run away from marriage

Arnav : no..

Kushi ; but it was in my list

Arnav : but not now.. 3 Finding a treasure is also done..

Kushi : where..? I didn’t find anything..

Arnav : this bottle.. Finish your food we will see it later..

½ an hour later. Arshi are lying on shore.. No one around.. All alone..

Arnav : open it Kushi..

She take out the bottle.. Some thread is tied around it.. It looked similar.. She tried to recall & immediately it strikes her mind..

Kushi : Arnav.. This this.. ( Arnav nod yes)

She immediately open the bottle & find a letter inside

Flashback 15 years ago

Little Arshi are on the same beach

Kushi is all gloomy..

Arnav : cheer up kushi.. Its your 10th b’day..

Kushi : ( start crying) I’m missing mumma papa..

Arnav hug her & try to console her but in vain..

Anjali wipe her tears & give her a paper

Anjali : write a letter to them..

Arshi look confused at her..

Anjali : write it na.. It will reach them..

Kushi does so & anjali put it in a bottle & tie it with Kushi’s frock lace..

Anjali : Now leave it in a sea.. And one day you will get it back.. That day you will know they read it & have sent their blessings in this bottle to you

Kushi : really di..

Anjali nod.. Little Kushi do as she say..

Flashback ends..

Kushi had tears in her eyes recalling it..

Arnav wrap his hands around her making her comfortable..

Arnav : they won’t like you to see crying..

Kushi wipe her tears..

Kushi : where you got this bottle

Arnav : if you remember you found this bottle in the sea

Kushi : seriously arni.. You want me to believe it.. I know you planted it there.. Tell me na.. Did you search whole sea for this bottle..

Arnav : i know I keep on saying Nothing is impossible to ASR but don’t you think its too much to assume I searched whole sea & guess what I got it.. Do you think its possible

Kushi : then..? How. ? Where you got it.?

Flashback yesterday Night

Arnav was walking on the shore.. Deep lost in his thoughts.. He felt something near his feet when he looked down.. He saw turtle.. With bottle around its neck.. At first he didn’t recognise but that lace made him realise it was the same bottle which they threw 15 years back..

Flashback ends..

Kushi : di is always right.. Didn’t she say one day it will come back..

Kushi was overwhelmed Arnav was enjoy the happiness on her face.. Kushi took bottle in her hand.. They heard some sound inside it.. Kushi immediately opened it & found 4 pearls a white sea pearls she looked at arnav..

Arnav ; I don’t put it in.. In fact I’ve not even opened the bottle..

An old fisherman passing by see the pearls.. It was shining bright due to sun..

Fisherman : you’re lucky beta.. Its a precious pearl very rare one.. Its believed to be angel’s blessings..

Arshi look at each other..

Arnav : anyway I don’t believe in all this.. But you can assume 2 angels are your mom dad..

Kushi smile.. : & other 2 are your mom & dad.. I know for sure its them

Arnav : ok give me the pearls I’ll give it to you later..


Rohan : damn both their phones are switched of where are they..

Swara : hope they’re fine..

La : only aman can help us in finding them.. He will know ASR’s every move..

Rohan : where is he then..

Sanky : he had some personal work..

Beach.. – Wedding is taking place near a shore..

Arshi reach there..

Kushi : so finally my 4th wish Enter a wedding uninvited.. ( she say excitedly..)

Arnav : only your devi maiyya knows what’s so exciting in it..

Kushi drag him in.. Everything was arranged beautifully.. There were many delicious foods too

Kushi : everything is so perfect.. But why the bride what’s to run away..

Arnav : who said so..?

Kushi : its my 5th wish na.. Help a bride to runaway from marriage

Arnav : Kushi I’ve organised it in other wedding not this one.. So don’t even think of it..

Kushi : thank God you informed.. Otherwise I was ready with chloroform here.. ( she wink)

Some girls were dancing on stage Kushi too join them & enjoy a lot dancing with them.. She almost talked with all the people in wedding as if she know them addressing them as kaka kaki bus mausi chacha chachi..

While having lunch..

Arnav : I’m still unable to believe I did this..

Kushi : it was so much fun arni.. Wow.. Eloping bride will be even more fun..

Arnav : actually kushi.. Woh.. I got the call & the bride already eloped..

Kushi : what. !!?

Arnav : sorry..

Kushi : it was my favourite one
She make sad face

Arnav : I’ll arrange some other day.. Don’t make that face now..

Kushi : ( smile) I was joking & its ok.. Now eat fast before anyone gets to know we’re uninvited here.. Imagine Arni.. News flashing.. ‘ Famous business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada went uninvited to wedding & ate free food ‘


Lavanya : even aman isn’t picking the phone..

Swara : where did 3 go..

Watchman : sir Arshi went out at 6 in morning & aman went at 8 & he looked very tensed sir

Rohan : they’re not together..

Swara : I think someone kidnapped arshi so Aman was tensed..

All3 : what..!!!??


Arshi about to go out while passing by a room they hear something..

Girl : ( on call) where the hell are you..

Caller : your father’s goons are following me everywhere.. I’m no where near the venue

Girl : what now.. Will you come after the wedding ah.. I’ll die if this wedding takes place..

Kushi gets happy hearing it..

Kushi : arni..!! Bride wants to elope.. Come on let’s help her

Arnav : what..!!?

Kushi : God gave us opportunity come let’s utilise it she pull him inside the room

Caller : I’ll do something baby please dont say so..

Bride : I’ll wait for you.. ( cut the call)

Arshi enter..

Bride : who are you.. ( she recognise them) ASR..! KUSHI..!

Arnav : you know us..?

Before bride could speak..

Kushi : she’s wearing AK designer lehenga.. Obvious she know us..

Bride : are you two here to help me.. He.. ( interrupted)

Arnav : do you know..

Kushi : oh Arnav leave it na.. First let’s help her elope.. Come.. She literally drag both of them out..

Kushi stealthily check everywhere & carefully bring the bride to the car after telling some 100 lies to guests & after jumping some 100 walls..

All 3 burst out laughing in the car

Arnav : only you can make me do these crazy things

Kushi : I know that.. Ok where shall we drop you.. Where’s your lover ah.? What’s his name..?

Bride : Can you two help me reach Delhi.. If I stay here my dad will find out & their stalking on my lover too so he was not able to reach me..

Kushi : how cruel..

Arnav : but Delhi..

She look at arnav with pleading face

Arnav : my private jet will take you to Delhi.. & till your lover come you wait in our guest house.. ( to kushi) happy now..

Kushi : very happy.. You’re the best

Bride message her lover about her whereabouts


Aman : what kidnap..!!? I’ve no idea about it

Rohan : its a serious issue now.. I’ll call home

Swasan : No..!

Swara : they’ll get worried

La : but they’re missing its a serious issue..

Rohan call home..

Sanskar drag swara & Aman a bit far from there

Sanky : do you think they’ll go missing

Aman : I don’t think so ASR & missing.. no chance

Swara : are you two also thinking what I’m thinking.. ( she ask with horrified face..)

All 3 : oh No..!

Aman : definitely they’re celebrating somewhere

Sanky : Both have zero brain.. Idiots

Rohan : Anjali di & jijaji are coming.. They might land here in 1½ hour

Evening.. Sun was setting.. Sky looked beautiful.. Sight was mesmerising..
Arshi went to open hotel near a shore.. There was nice music going on & everybody were dancing on sand..

Kushi : so.. Arni what’s next..

Arnav : close your eyes..

She does it & open her eyes when she hear Arnav’s voice..

He was on stage with a mike..

Kushi : omg.. Its my 6th wish Scream I love you & propose me infront of a crowd

Arnav : So here we are to celebrate my best friend’s 25th b’day.. I’m here to fulfill her crazy wish.. So here I go..

All lights get off & one spot light gets on right above her & she find Arnav infront of her..

Arnav : You’re one among the most important ladies of my life.. Innocent like a kid, crazy like a teen, understanding & matured like a woman.. Me the ASR can be a child again with you which I lost.. Well let’s ignore the reason but you & di are the only persons who can control me guide me love me.. I’m here because of you two.. So for all those things you’ve done I love you for that..

” I LOVE YOU KUSHI…..” He scream & the whole crowd cheer them.. He take out a box from his pocket.. She opens it & find a platinum chain with a pearl at its centre.. It was the same pearl they got in the bottle.. He make her wear it.. Kushi removes rohan’s gifted chain..

Arnav : now no need to get scared of dark.. Your parents & my parents are always with you in the form of these pearls


Shyam : Dont worry I’ve talked to commissioner.. They’re searching..

Rohan : I think we too should start searching

La : yea that’s better..

Rohan la leave in one car..

Shyam : let’s go..

Swasan : wait..

Anjali : what happened

Aman : we think they’re celebrating somewhere

Swara : do you think they’ll go missing di

Sanskar : jiju & lavanya are really disappointed with their behaviour

Shyam : what are you 3 talking about

Sea shore

Arshi sitting on car..

Kushi ; I love you..

Arnav : I know that.. Ok now time for next one..

He get a box from car & tears form in Kushi’s eyes seeing it..

Kushi : this.. This is kaushalya maa’s saree na.. ( Arnav’s mom)

Arnav : yes.. You wanted to get dressed in her wedding lehenga on your wedding right & she even promised to give it to you..

Kushi : kaash wahi mujhe sajati shaadi ke din

Arnav : don’t worry nani & di will make you ready just like her .

Both get emotional..

Arnav : Ok now time for your 8th wish..

Arshi : Get fully drunk & dance like crazy

Arnav : not fully ok.. We need to go back na..

Kushi : we need to.. ?( she wink & drag him to dance)

Both run back to the same open hotel & start dancing & having cocktails in the middle..

Kushi :

Angrezi chidiya ki khatir,
Desi dil mera tod diya,
Maine chod diya usse chod diya,

Uski kaali kartooton ne,
Uska bhaanda phod diya,
Maine chod diya usse chod diya,

Dil pe pathar rakh ke,
Muh pe makeup kar liya,

Mere saiyan ji se aaj maine,
Breakup kar liya,

Subah savere uth ke maine,
Yeh sab kar liya,
Mere saiyan ji se aaj maine,
Breakup kar liya,

Arnav :

Humko bin bataye tune,
Yeh kab kar liya,
Arey humko bin bataye tune,
Yeh kab kar liya,

O tere saiyan ji se kahe tune,
Breakup kar liya,

Kushi :
Subah savere uth ke maine,
Yeh sab kar liya,
Tere saiyan ji se kahe tune,
Breakup kar liya,

Kuch din toh rona dhona bumper kiya,
Aur phir delete uska number kiya,
Aansu jo sukhe sidha parlor gayi,
Parlor mein ja ke shampoo jam kar kiya,

College ki saheliyon se,
Catch up kar liya,
Arey college ki saheliyon se,
Catch up kar liya,

Jinko mil na paayi,
Unko whatsapp kar diya,

Mere saiyan ji se aaj maine,
Breakup kar liya,
Subah savere uth ke maine,
Yeh sab kar liya,
Mere saiyan ji se aaj maine,
Breakup kar liya,

Arnav :
Look baby,
Mujhe lagta hai ki jo bhi tune kiya hai,
Woh very very right hai,
Bhootkaal ko bhool ja ab tu,
Aane wala future very very bright hai,

Main hoon na baby saath tere,
Haan party-sharty honi puri night hai,
Mind na karna jo thoda zyada bol dun,
Kyunki banda very very tight hai,

Usse phone mila aur gaali de,
Photo jala ke kar de raakh,
Saale teri maa ki ankh,

Kalti hua jo saiyan stupid tera,
Jivit hua hai phir se cupid tera,
Baasi relationship ka label hata,
Duniya ko tu hai available bata,

Mere soye armaano ko,
Wake up kar diya,
Arey mere soye armaano ko,
Wake up kar diya,

Jo tere saiyan ji se aha..,
Tune breakup kar liya,

Tere saiyan ji se kahe tune..tune,

Tere saiyan ji se kahe tune,
Breakup kar liya,

Arshi : Breakup song karde dil ki,
Feeling strong

Both in excitement of dancing & enjoying loose the count of drinks & get heavily drunk..

Both come to the car..

Kushi : drink & drive is illegal.. Police will arrest us

Arnav : forgot your 9th wish ah..? Get locked up in police station for a night

Kushi : So..?

Arnav : let’s drive police will arrest us..

The secret photographer karan come to them..

Karan : Sir its not safe.. I’ll drive you two back

Kushi : whose this arni..

Arnav : your 10th wish.. All these moments should be secretly captured by a photographer & you will treasure them ypur whole life

Kushi : so he’s the one.. He’s cute..

Police come there

Police : any problem

Karan : no sir.. I..

Kushi : yes inspector.. We were about drive & we are drunk see

Arnav : so arrest us..

Karan : sir ignore them they’re not in senses..

Police about to go but kushi scream

Kushi : where are you going take us too arrest us

Arnav : what kind of police you’re.. Leaving criminals like this

Kushi : he’s corrupt arni..

Police : you..

Arnav : I’ll complain to modi Saab..

They go on irritating them so police arrest them & karan too..


Rohan : its 11:30 already there’s no sign of them

La : I’m getting worried now..

Shyam : I’ll call commissioner once more

Police station

Arshi behind bars.. Karan capture those pics too & sit beside them.. Arshi doze off as they were tired..

Inspector see the photos which were faxed to him & get shocked..

Precap : Anjali punish Arshi.. All travel to Lucknow for wedding

25th epi will be the wedding.. I’ve written this part with lot of efforts.. Tell me how it was.. Please silent readers you too comment on this

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