Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 2)


Raizada mansion

Kushi & anjali all giggling & laughing

Arnav : roz itna baat karne ke liye kya hota hai tum dono ke paas ( what is there to talk so much everyday )

Kushi : what’s your problem

Arnav : ghar nahi jaana madam ( don’t you want to go home )

Kushi : no.. Chalo kahi dinner ke liye chalate hai ( no.. Come let’s go for dinner )

Arnav : not in this saree

Kushi : abhi change karti hoon ( will change now )

She go into arnav’s room

Arnav : ( going behind her ) wait I’ll give you dont mess my wardrobe

Half of arnav’s wardrobe is filled with kushi’s clothes… Same is the condition of Kushi’s wardrobe

Arnav : make it fast..

Kushi : look I’m all ready.. You get ready fast

Arnav : come help me I’m not finding my white shirt

Kushi : oh ho.. Wear other one naa that white shirt is in my wardrobe


Arshi having dinner

Kushi : why you brought me here.. I don’t like the food here

Arnav : kyun acchi bhi hai aur healthy bhi ( why.. Its nice & even healthy)

Kushi : hogi healthy lekin acchi kehake asli swaad ka insult mat karo tum ( its healthy but by terming it has healthy don’t spoil the name of good food )

Arnav : ooh meri teeki mirchi.. Your health was upset last week so took you here next time will go to your roadside dhabha ok.. Now eat..

Kushi : that’s like good boy ( she pull his cheeks)

Lavanya & her friends sitting in another table see this..

Frnd 1 : look at your boss & his girlfriend

Frnd 2: they are so cute together

Lavanya : she is not his girlfriend I suppose.. They’re co owners

Frnd 3 : which co owners come out for dinner

Frnd 4 : that too enjoying like this..

Lavanya : so you think they’re committed

Frnd 1 : no doubt

Lavanya : leave it why are even discussing them

Frnd 3 : something is burning

Frnd 2 : someone is jealous ah. ?

Lavanya : why would I be you people are mad

Frnd 1 : oh really..

Kushi gets call from her mother

Kushi : hello Maa

Garima : where are you & why haven’t you reached home yet is it time for girls to stay out

Kushi : ( to herself- its still 10 & ..) Ah.. Maa woh..

Garima : why don’t you understand..

Kushi : maa I’m in arnav’s home I had some office work I’ll stay here only.. Don’t worry

Garima : ok then

Kushi cut the call.. & take a sign of relief

Arnav : jhoot bolna koyi tumse seekhe.. ( people should learn lying from you )

Kushi : tumhare haath mein kya hai.. Beer right ( what’s in your hand Beer right)

Arnav : toh ( so..)

Kushi : aur di kya kahoge.. Grape juice naa.. Toh who’s bigger liar ( and you will tell di its grape juice then who’s bigger liar )

Arnav : what a comparison ab chale.. ( shall we go..)

Arnav’s room

Kushi roaming here & there talking with rohan ( her boyfriend)

Arnav : kushi why don’t you go to your room yaar ( she stay in guest room whenever sleep in Raizada mansion)

Kushi : sshh.. Ok baby bye..

Arnav : hogaya baby baby ka baatein ( finished your baby talks)

Kushi : yes..

Arnav: go to your room & sleep & let me sleep

Kushi : I’m sleeping here with you..

Arnav : what why!!?? You saw another horror movie? God kushi..

Kushi : let me sleep

Arnav : your room is beside mine & that too have a common door from inside ( a secret one through wardrobe which no one knows except arshi & anjali ) then…

Kushi : I’m scared I won’t sleep there alone

Arnav : ok sleep here itself.. & one more thing sleep only on bed not on me

Kushi : you only come over my space..

Arnav : oh really.. Sleep now

At midnight Arnav get up as kushi troubling him a lot by putting her legs & hands over him in sleep..

Arnav : kabhi nahi sudregi..( she’ll never learn )

He get up & sleep on recliner..

After some time he find kushi sticking to him even on recliner..

Arnav : damn..


Arshi asleep over each other.. Nani knock the door

Nani : chote chote . .

Arnav get up & is tensed as Kushi is beside him.. He try to wake her up but its useless

Arnav πŸ™ to himself ) what to do now.. Yeh toh godhe bejke soo rahi hai ( she’s sleeping undeterred)

He sprinkle some water which have no effect on her so he pour glass full of water.. She’s about to scream he close her mouth..

Arnav : nani is outside get inside wardrobe now..

Nani come & go arnav open the wardrobe

Arnav : come out & get ready fast we’ve meeting

Kushi : I’m sleepy arni.. Let me sleep naa

Arnav pick her & throw her in washroom & close the door

Arnav : 10 mins you have..

Dining table

Nani : how’s everything going on Kushi bitiya

Kushi : fine nani

Nani go from there

Arnav : di give me pain relief spray..

Kushi : mein toh booli gayi.. Arni ke bacche mujhe akela chodkar recliner pe soogaye ( oh I almost forgot.. Arnav you left me alone & slept on recliner )

Arnav : aur tum waha bhi aakar chipak gayi.. ( & you came there also )

Anjali : adjust for some more days chote.. Baad mein chahakar bhi woh tumhare saath nahi soo sakti.. ( in future even she want she can’t sleep with you)

Kushi : why

Anjali : Rohan wapas aaraha hai na.. Pata hai kyun.. ( rohan is coming back so you know why )

Arnav : why

Anjali : its a surprise wait till Sunday

She give teasing smile leaving both confused

Precap :

Rohan is back.. Arshi go to receive him

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Pls update next episode fastly plz Anaya.. Make me also a friend of u

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  2. Awesome episode
    Can you update it daily?

    1. Thank u Shifa.. I can’t upload daily yaar.. Actually I write 4 fan fictions soo. But I will try to upload once in 2 days

  3. Superb episode.

  4. Wow dear Anu, really ur this ff is superb… I really liked their character a lot… It’s Awesome…
    Waiting for the next episode and also majbooriyan.. Please post them soon dear πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Thank u akshaya & Kushi

  6. Priyal khandelwal

    Awesum update but when will u update nxt part

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