Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 19)


2 months later

Lavanya had gelled up well with family but she felt somewhat isolated from arnav.. She never faked anything she learned everything with her own interest.. Nani too started liking her.. Both of them even went for a walk couple of times.. Meanwhile Rohan’s family visited kushi.. They too seemed happy but were they actually happy.. They had witnessed arshi’s friendship.. They looked inseparable.. Everywhere she wanted him.. This irked Rohan’s mom a bit but rohan made her understand..

Now today nani had accepted lavanya whole heartedly & their marriage was also fixed with rohan & kushi.. Everyone were on cloud nine.. But Lavanya was somewhat confused with her feelings.. She was happy for her marriage but at the same time something pricked her too but what..?

Sanskar: Celebration time..

He bring the cake & place it on table

Swara : perfect so who will cut the cake now..

Arnav : you know how interested I’m in all this so pleasure is all yours.. ( he look at kushi)

Kushi cut it & she fed it to arnav but rohan expected something else… Lavanya was also bit taken aback.. Arnav just had a small bite & now he fed kushi & applied some cream on her nose too..

Kushi : I won’t let you escape this time..

She take cream & start running behind him..

Sanskar notice 2 people standing with cake in their hand looking not so happy..

Sanskar : Stop.. ( he scream) arshi freeze

Arnav : what..?

While Arnav is looking at sanskar kushi apply cream on arnav’s cheeks..

Kushi : thank you sanky..

Arnav : kushi.. I won’t leave you today..

They again start their tom & jerry show.. Running all over the room..

Kushi climb on the bed..

Arnav : kushi get down.. Dont spoil the bed..

She intentionally jump on it like a kid to irritate him.

Arnav : how will we sleep on it.. Idiot get down

Rohan didn’t think on that word ‘we’ but lavanya..

La : ( to herself) do they still share the bed

Rohan go to poolside to attend a call & he hear a sound.. When he rush in he find these two laughing like idiots on broken bed..

Rohan : kushi..

She try to get up but again fall in arnav..

Arnav : ouch.. You always do this kushi.. Get up carefully..

Anjali come in hearing a sound.. La try to cover up

La : di they fell by mistake..

Anj : broke another one.. God it was 3rd in a year.. Rohan nani is calling you..

Rohan leave with Anjali.. & these two get up..

Sanskar : why are you two behaving like kids today..

Ignoring him arnav see kushi’s sleeves slightly torn..

Arnav : hey its torn here..

Kushi : where.. Huh. (She try to see.. ) it’s torn nowhere don’t lie..

Arnav : really.. (He tear it fully & give the sleeves to her hand.. ) now you can see it ah..?.

Swara : dont you think these two are in too much mood of fun..

Sanky : do you see what they’re doing swara..

Kushi : see your shirt got some stain.. ( saying that she tear his shirt exposing his six packs & start poking them.. )

Swara : you two better change first..

Arshi look at each other & run towards bathroom to get in first.. Kushi makes it first & close the door..

Arnav : damn.. Let me in kushi..

Kushi : na.. Na.. Naaana..

Sanky : bhai you can change here we won’t envy your six pack.. & di you dont have clothes in bathroom what will you change ah..?

Kushi : sanky please get my top…

Swara : lavanya give shirt for bhai..

Sanskar about to stop her but she open the wardrobe & he hold his forehead muttering “God”

Lavanya shocked to see half of wardrobe filled with kushi’s clothes.. Both their clothes were mixed up.. She never expected it.. He hated that jittery sound of ornaments.. She had seen him yelling at employees for wearing all bangles & noisy ornaments but here kushi’s bangles were tied to his tie.. Her earnings bracelets everything were scattered with his watches.. She was in a shock.. Just looking at it.. Swara came to her..

Swara : god.. How messed up it is… Can’t you both keep your clothes separately..

She find his shirt & give it to him.. Kushi come out of bathroom.. Rohan to get in..

Sanky : if you two are done with this drama can we continue the party..

Kushi cut out one more piece of cake & feed him.. He too feed her & then she feed it lavanya then swasan.. Now lavanya take a cake to feed arnav who was busy on his phone..

La : ASR..

Arnav : no la.. Its not sugar free..

He take it from her & feed it to her.. La feel bad.. Because he ate a small bite from kushi earlier..

All had fun for an hour.. They planned for a trip to celebrate kushi’s birthday..

Sanky was observing all these change of expressions moods & behaviours of lavanya & rohan.. Though rohan didn’t see wardrobe he was little taken aback when kushi didn’t feed him first.. Sanky had witnessed it.. Swara didn’t pay any attention to all this.. She was too excited for the marriage.. Arshi never thought their partners will have any problem with their acts..

Next day..

Swara : what..!!??

Aman : I expected this.. I’ve observed both of them.. Even lavanya talked about it once to me..

Sanky : these 2 don’t understand at all.. They’ve never noticed it I think..

Swara : oh snap.. How can I miss all this.. Even I’ve seen rohan jiju getting disappointed once

Aman : what now..?

Sanky : we’ve to do something on this trip..

A week later..


Its been a week here.. Aman & swasan had made sure arshi spend quality time with their respective finances. It was kushi’s birthday tomorrow

Rohan : what you want on your b’day baby..

Kushi : we are getting married what else I need

Rohan : only 10 days left.. I can’t believe finally the day has come..

Kushi : I’m so excited for it..


Swara : so when are you planning to meet your gf

Sanky : we’ve decided to meet after the wedding & you..?

Swara : we too have decided the same

Sanky : I think just like them ( Arshi) we too will get married on same day..

Precap : Kushi’s birthday..

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