Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 18)


Recap : Arnav Lavanya’s date go wrong.. Arnav is hell angry on her..

Kushi on call

Rohan : its not her mistake

Kushi : I know we should have told her about it earlier.. Anyway I’ll console arnav..

Rohan : I know you’re good at that.. So what plans for tomorrow

Kushi : nothing.. We will stay at home only.. You come early ok..

Rohan : my flight will land around 9.. Can’t wait to take you in my embrace..

Kushi: me too missed you a lot.. Ok bye.. I’ve to go to arni now..

Rohan : ok bye love you

Kushi : love you too

She cut the call & turn & she find Lavanya coming towards her..

La : Kushi.. I really didn’t mean to hurt him.. I’m really sorry..

Kushi : I know.. I’m sorry for behaving that way.. Don’t worry he will fine by tomorrow

La : are you sure..

Kushi : damn sure..

La : I wanted to keep that karva chauth vrat.. May I ?

Kushi : nani would be impressed not a bad idea

Arnav’s room

Kushi move in with food.. Arnav was working on laptop..

Kushi : chalo bahut hogaya khaana kaa lo ( come on get up & eat)

Arnav : I’m not hungry..

Kushi : but I’m ..

Arnav : then you can eat I’m not stopping

Kushi come & close his laptop & hug him..

Kushi : she didn’t mean it she know nothing

Arnav : I don’t want all this kushi.. I don’t want any marriage.. I’m happy this way

Kushi : pagal ho.. Shaadi nahi karoge toh kya karoge ( are you mad.. If you dont get married than what will you do )

Arnav : aaj kal nani ki baasha bolne lagi ho tum ( nowadays you are talking like nani)

Kushi : ek galati ki itni badi sazaa nahi hoti ( one mistake doesn’t have this big punishment)

Arnav : I don’t know what to do.. I’m scared to get into this relationship marriage.. I don’t believe in them you know that..

Kushi : trust me.. Everything will be fine.. No need to be scared when I’m here.. Nothing will go wrong in your marriage.. Mujh pe bharosa hai ( you trust me right)

Arnav : khud se zyada ( more than myself)

Kushi : then message Lavanya Sorry & Good night

Arnav : ok mam..

Kushi : (she bring the plate ) ok have it now..

Arnav : I’m seriously not in mood

Kushi : kal karva chauth hai..

Arnav : toh.. ( so..)

Kushi : mein vrat rakho rahi hoon( I’m fasting)

Arnav : koyi zaroorat nahi abhi shaadi nahi huyi hai.. Aur shaadi ke bad bhi yeh sab karne ki koyi zaroorat nahi samjhi ( no need.. You’re not married yet & even after marriage no need of doing all this )

Kushi : Now no arguments on this one.. I’m keeping it.. That’s final

Arnav : but..

Kushi stuff food in his mouth.. Later he too feed her..

Swasan chatting

Swara : So.. How’s your work..

Sanky : superb..

Swara : Then what’s up

Sanky : bas aapki yaado mein koya rehata hoon ( I’ll be lost in your thoughts that’s it)

Swara : humari haalat bhi Kuch acchi nahi hai..( even my condition is no better)

Sanky : still 3 months left for our meet can’t wait

Swara : intezaar toh mujhse bhi nahi ho raha.. Lekin is me ek ajeeb si kushi hai.. ( even I’m not able to wait.. But this phase have some unique happiness)

Sanky : so toh hai ( that’s true..)

Swara : tomorrow karva chauth..

Sanky : pata hai ( I know)

Swara : I’m doing that vrat..

Sanky : I’ll accompany you then. I’ll too fast

Swara : but I need your photo to na..

Sanky : it’s with you in your heart right..

Swara blush

Next day..

Night 8pm

Everyone is on terrace..

Kushi hold her heas

Arnav : you’re fine na kushi.. Are you feeling dizzy..

Kushi : No.. ( Arnav glare) a bit..

Arnav ; I said not to keep all these stupid stuffs

Anj : chote.. Tum..

Arnav : di please you never listen to me.. & you Lavanya from when did you become so dumb like these two..

Nani : Jo sudhar rahe hai une bigaadiye mat aap.. Der se hi sayi une humari sanskriti mein yakeen toh aaya lekin aap ( dont spoil her now.. At least now she’s believing in our traditions)

La : please ASR I really want to do this..

Kushi : ( whisper) Looks like someone is impressed.. Right nani..

Anjali : didn’t I say Lavanya is perfect for chote

Nani : zyada khush mat ho jayiye humne abhi tak manzoori nahi di hai ( dont get too happy I haven’t agreed yet)

Anjali : lagta hai bahut jald deni wali hai ( I feel you will agree very soon)

Kushi : I’m so happy nani.. Love you ( she peck on her cheeks.. )

Anjali too kiss her.. While others stare these 3 like what’s going on…

Swasan chatting..

Swara : so.. You too fasted.. Ah..

Sanky : how can I eat when my princess is hungry

Swara : princess & all ah.. Toh mera prince charming aap jaldi Kuch kaa lijiye.. No need to wait till moon comes up

Sanky : you too.. A karva chauth gift for you..

He send a pic of him but facing back..

Swara : here its my gift..

She send a pic of her hairs

Sanky : beautiful..

Swara : I love your muscles..

An hour later.. Moon comes up.. Everyone do Pooja.. Except kushi.. Lavanya, Anjali & mami complete the Pooja..

La : I’m sorry ASR..

arnav : let’s forget about it.. Here its your gift

La : thank you

Nani : where is rohan..

Arnav ; ( cutting the call) damn his flight got delayed.. It may take an hour more..

Kushi : you people go & have food I’ll wait

Arnav : I’ll wait with her.. All of you have food

Anjali : we can wait a bit more..

40 mins later..

Kushi was feeling all dizzy & weak..

Nani : kushi bitiya.. You break the fast using photo.. Its late already

Kushi : but nani..

Arnav : enough Kushi.. Start the Pooja now..

She too was feeling very dizzy so she start the Pooja.. Arnav is holding rohan’s photo.. Kushi see the moon.. Her eyes were going black.. She somehow manage to open her eyes & was about to see eohan’s pic but she loose her control & Arnav hold her.. She end up seeing arnav.. She fell unconscious..

Arnav : kushi.. Kushi..

Rohan come there..

Rohan : Kushi.. What happened..

Swara : she fell unconscious..

Anjali sprinkled some water.. Kushi slowly open her eyes..

Sanskar give water before rohan arnav takes it & make her drink..

Nani : chote.. Unka vrat.. ( her fast )

Arnav : she already completed Pooja seeing his photo na..

Mami : pani une pilana tha..( he should feed water)

Rohan : its ok.. Come let’s have dinner now.. You all must be hungry..

Precap : Nani’s decision on la arnav’s relationship..

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    Awwww❤️thix episode again steal my heart❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️lovely???Arnav break khushis fast???I m falling in love more and more?update quickly plz❤️

  3. Veronica

    Loved itttttt…..So so so cute….Arnav’s concern for Khushi is worth adoring…When are you updating your next??? Waiting eagerly

  4. Anaya

    Thank you sethidisha, amanigatta & veronica

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