Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 16)

Anjali is preparing for morning aarti & kushi is showing Lavanya everything.. On how to do Pooja , aarthi & all procedures

La : Mam.. All these stuffs are not bad.. I thought poojas will last for hours..

Kushi : Naa.. Its just 10 mins..

Anj : even if we close eyes for a minute & pray heartily God will bless us..

Sanskar : then why do you keep doing those vrats di..

Arnav : I think she’s greedy to get the rank of best bhakt ( devotee)

Anj : chote Kuch bhi..

La : I believe God will recognise us by our good work it doesn’t matter if we offer prayings or not

Swara : now I got why bhai fell for Lavanya after rejecting almost 90% girls on planet

Kushi & anjali : why..?

Swara : he doesn’t believe in god ab aisi ladki toh Milne se rahi lekin aisi ladki toh mili jiske paas logic hai prayers naa offer ne ke liye ( he won’t get a girl who doesn’t believe in God but at least got a girl who got logic for not offering prayers)

Shyam : but I agree with Lavanya.. Good thinking

Arnav : after teaching her everything you both at least learn this one thing from her & stop doing all those vrats

Kushi Anjali frown. All talks come to halt when nani enter.. Pooja is completed.. Now Lavanya is feeling difficult to bow down due to her short dress.. Nani notices it but doesn’t say anything

Later in hall too Lavanya was adjusting her dress again & again… And later while moving in a corridor nani see Lavanya struggling to pick her clutch which has fallen on ground..

Night – Dining table

Everyone having dinner.. Lavanya wanted salt which was bit far but she couldn’t lean due to deep cut in front

Kushi : need anything lavanya

La : salt

Kushi pass it.. Nani who noticed it couldn’t hold on more..

Nani : iss liye him keh rahe the liwaz badalne ke liye ( that’s why I was telling you to change your dressing style)

Arnav : why are you behind her dress nani..

Kushi : nani dont you think the person matter more tha her lifestyle

Arnav : I’m not getting.. Aapko itni parishaani kyun ho rahi usse ( why are you so troubled from her)

Nani : parishaani hume nahi une ho rahi hai chote woh bhi unke kapado se jise fashion ka naam deke taang rakha hai aap logo ne ( I’m not troubled chote.. She is troubled that too due to her dress.. Which you people call fashion)

Swara : I didn’t get you nani

Sanskar : you never get anything ( swara glare him & add pepper in his plate)

Nani : I’m noticing from morning how uncomfortable she is na chain se bait sakta hai na jhuk sakti hai.. Aise liwazo ke liye aap log humse ladte ho ( neither she’s sitting peacefully nor she can bend.. This type of clothes you call fashion & fight with us for it)

Arnav : she always wear such clothes & she can carry them.. You’re misunderstanding..

Lavanya : ( interrupt) ASR.. Actually I’m uncomfortable.. Nani is right.. I was alone in my apartment so I was not bothered but in a family its almost impossible to carry this dress..

Nani : ( bit convinced from her) hum aapko saree yaa salwar kamiz pehanane nahi keh rahe lekin aaj kal pata nahi sab kyun bhool rahe hai ki sabse pehle comfort phir fashion.. Hume vilayati kapdo se koyi aapatti nahi lekin chote kapde.. Baaki aapki iccha..( I’m not saying you to wear saree or salwar kamiz but don’t know why this generation forget that clothes are first for comfort then fashion.. I don’t have any problem with western clothes but do have with too short ones.. Rest is left to you people )

Nani leave as she has finished her dinner


Sanskar : what speech nani gave waah maangaye

La : my mom was trying to tell me this from so long but I never got it but today nani explained it so well.. Now I know what to change & how to change…

Kushi : usse kehate the hai umar ka tajurba ( that’s called wonder of experience)

Arnav : kya tarbuja.! ( what pumpkin.!)

Kushi, Lavanya & swasan burst out laughing

La : ASR mujhe nahi pata tha tumhara Hindi itni karaab hai ( I didn’t know your Hindi is so bad)

Swara : I heard he used get only passing marks in Hindi..

Sanskar : and di used to always hit her head while teaching him

Arnav : shut up

Kushi : sach humesha kadwa hota hai (truth is always bitter)

Arnav : shall I disclose your truths now..

Swara : ok start we are ready to hear her secrets

Arnav : so once she tried to eat mud thinking its chocolate..

Kushi : say full truth arni.. You misled me telling its chocolate..

Sanskar : he said & you believed di..

Arnav : and once she wore.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : arni stop.. Dont you dare say that..

Arnav : huh why.. Listen she..

Kushi jump on him closing his mouth & start hitting him

Arnav: ok stop.. Stop.. Ouch.. Kitty stop

Kushi suddenly stop everyone with terrified face look at kushi whose anger is almost at peak..

La : kitty..!!

Now swasan look at la.. Then at kushi & later at arnav at whom kushi is throwing fire balls through her eyes..

Arnav : No kushi.. You heard it wrong I said kitu I mean cutie..

Kushi : achha.. Now see what this kitty will do.. It will definitely not be cute..

She take his hand to bite him like a cat but he snatch it & get up.. She chase him

Arnav ; ( escaping) Kushi.. Stop.. Last time I had to get injection due to your bite not again please..

After much circus she stop..

Kushi : on one condition I’ll leave you

Everyone : what.?

Kushi : take Lavanya for a dinner date

Arnav : what..!? You know I hate all this

Swara : agree bhai you remember what happened last time right..

Arnav : ok I’ll take her

La : thank you so much mam..

Kushi : whose mam ..? Call me kushi.. Only kushi ( she say looking at arnav)

Precap : Kushi train Arnav for a date & swasan warn Lavanya about what arnav hate during date.. Later Lavanya find half of arnav’s wardrobe with kushi’s clothes

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  1. I love it pls update at least week twice pls

    1. Anaya

      I’m posting once in 3 days lucky.. 2ffs each day

  2. Amanigatta

    I love ur thix ff alot❤️❤️all other r also nice but thix one my favourite??????the way u explained and write their friendship bond I just adore this cute chemistry??love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️next part soon…
    Nd ya so happy that u r fullfilling ur promise?thanks a lot it just made my day…

  3. Veronica

    I am falling in love with ur,ff day by day….its,just awesome!!!!!

  4. Anaya

    Thank you so much lucky, Amanigatta, veronica.. I’ve submitted atoot bandhan today.. AJNABHII I’ll post tmrw

  5. Super dear when they understand they are in love

  6. Sravs

    wow!!!!awesome i liked it so much…..when will arshi understand that they were in love….

  7. Anaya

    Falling in love is still late guys.. There is still long way to go.. But I promise you that phase would be most funny romantic enjoyable & very different..

  8. Anaya

    Thank u vavachi & sravs

  9. Arshi

    Wowowo supwrb duper….

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