Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 15)


Recap : Nani to give one chance for lavanya..

Raizada mansion

Kushi swasan anj shy are waiting eagerly for Lavanya’s arrival.. Arnav is calmly sitting on sofa with his laptop.. But these 5 are all tensed & roaming here & there..

Sanskar : how much time is he taking.. Why isn’t she here yet..

Kushi : nani like punctual people.. First day only bad impression..

Shyam : may be she got late for packing her bags..

Swara : here we are scratching our head & see how he is sitting .. ( she throw pillow on him)

Arnav : what..? I thought when all monkeys are dancing why to disturb.. Except you jijaji..

Swasan, kushi, anj attack him & all 5 start fighting..

Kushi : we are monkey.. Ah..?

Anj : then you’re langoor chote..

Swara : no di.. He is chimpanzee..

Arnav : swara.. I won’t leave you today.. Naughty chotu monkey..

Kushi : hello for your kind info.. Chote is your nickname.. So you are chote chimpu..

Swara : wow chimpu.. Nice..

Sanky : not chimpanzee di.. Its so cute & innocent.. He is Gorilla

Anj : not gorilla Godzilla..

Shyam : stop it.. There are other serious matters than giving each other names.. & arnav I can’t expect all this from them at least you act maturedly..

Kushi & swasan : jijaji.. !! ( they scream)

Shy : joke tha.. ( it was a joke)

Kushi : lekin hasi nahi gussa aaya (she gesture towards anjali)

Anj : iss joke ka asar aaj raat room mein dikhega aapko ( the effect of this joke you will know at night in room )

Arshi & swasan control their laugh while shyam make innocent pleading faces for anjali’s angry glares..

Shy : rani sahiba I didn’t mean it to you.. I was teasing these 4..

Swara : how mean..

Anjali : leave it now.. Chote where is she.. You know how much nani value time.. She must not get late..

Arnav : relax di.. still 5 mins remaining for 10.. She will be there here at time.. She’s punctual not like these 3 monkeys..( Kushi & swasan)

Those 3 start chasing arnav & throw pillows cushions everything on him.. Finally they catch him..

Swara : I’m your team but still you’re teasing me not fair bhai..

Sanky : here we are struggling to make your love story success & you’re making fun of us..

Kushi : we are monkeys ah..?? ( she ask furiously holding a big pillow in her hand)

Arnav : no not at all.. You all are so cute & innocent how can you be monkeys..

They leave him.. He move bit away & say..

Arnav : you 3 are chimpanzees.. Dumb & cute

Kushi : arni… we won’t leave you today..

They again chase him & throw pillows but hits Lavanya who just entered the mansion.. She was about to fall but Arnav hold her.. Everyone were shocked but not seeing Arnav holding her but by her clothes.. They were about to hide her sonewhere but it was late.. Nani was down & was watching them furious eyes..

Anj : Nani.. !

Arnav : Nani.. She’s Lavanya..

Lavanya : namaste naniji..

She bend to take blessings nani unwillingly bless her.. & go from there..

Arnav’s room..

Arshi swasan Lavanya, anj, shy & aman are there

Kushi : what have you done Lavanya..

La : what happened what’s the problem..

Aman : your saree..

She was wearing a white saree & single strap blouse ( remember the saree which Lavanya wore in ipkknd when she went to temple where kushi faint same one)

La : swara only told me to wear saree.. So nani will be happy..

Everyone angrily look at swara..

Swara : how would I know she will wear it this way.. I told the traditional one..

Shy : what is done is done.. We’ve to think of next..

Anj : how to pacify nani..

Sanky : did anyone see her fury filled eyes.. God

Arnav : enough guys dont scare her more…

Everyone : ooh hoo.. ( they tease while he glare)

Anj : ok leave it.. Lavanya I wanted to tell you something..

La : what di..?

Anj : if you dont mind can you change your dressing style a bit I mean.. Dont get me wrong

Arnav : di.. I don’t think she need to change anything di.. I like her the way she is.. When I dont have problem..

Anj : its not about that chote..

Kushi : di I think Arnav is right.. We shouldn’t judge anyone with their clothes.. Lavanya is good at heart & moreover she love our lord governor.. What else we need..

Shy : I also agree with kushi..

Swara : me too.. No need change anything la.. You’re perfect..

Sanky : I too agree di.. I can prove it too

Everyone look at him curiously..

Sanky : see.. Even though Lavanya wear such short clothes she saved bhai’s life risking hers that’s the love she have for him.. But if in her place if our swara was there she herself would’ve pushed boyfriend towards those poles.. So see clothes doesn’t real matter.. Our heart matter..

Swara : sanskar.. ( she scream & jump on him.. & start hitting him.. With much difficulty everyone save our poor sanky )

Shy : sanskar why are you inviting trouble

Anj : so girls are trouble ( she ask angrily)

Shy : ( realising what he said) I didn’t mean it rani sahiba ( anj glare) sacchi..( really )

Anj : you’re talking too much today.. Come lavanya I’ll show your room

She angrily move out with la.. Shyam follow her explaining her he didn’t mean it..

Sanky : look because of you two they’re quarrelling now..

Swara : me..? Idiot they’re quarrelling because of you..

Now these 2 start..

Arshi : enough..

Arnav : we asked you two to bring pics of your bf & gf right.. Give them..

Swara : ( to herself) oh no.. What now.. I didn’t ask him.. If I had asked.. He will think I’m desperate but if I tell this to these 3 they will tease me what now..

Sanky : ( to himself) oh now I’m struck because of this swara.. If I had asked her the photo she might have took me wrong & I would’ve looked desperate but if I tell this to these 3 they will again tease me what now..

Kushi : hello where are you lost.. Did they refuse to give photos..

Arnav : I doubt if these 2 real have one.. Especially this sanskar.. How can anyone fall for this prankster .

Kushi : I too have doubt on this swara..How can anyone fall for this drama queen

Swasan : enough.. I got the pic..

Swara : I’m not drama queen..

Sanky : I’m not prankster

Arshi : stop your nonsense & give the pics..

Swara : I’ll show only to arnav bhai.. Not you two.. You always trouble me na..

Sanky : even I’ll show only to kushi di..

Arshi : ok..

Swasan show their phones to arshi.. With text written.. Please save me I dont have a pic.. Those two will trouble me if I tell the truth..

Both make puppy fave so arshi agree..

Kushi : how is her bf Arnav..

Arnav : huh.. Nice..

Sanky : only nice.. My gf is the most beautiful girl in the world..

Swara : and my bf is the most handsome man.. Samjhe..

Kushi : enough don’t start again.. ( slowly to sanky) otherwise I’ll spill your secret..

Arnav : ( whisper to swara) you know I tell truth when angry so stop fighting..

Swasan agree & move out..

Kushi : how is her bf.. Is he nice.. Is he fit to her.. We’ve to collect every details..

Arnav : swara is intelligent enough to make right choice.. What about his gf.. He’s such dumb.. I hope no one is playing with him..

Kushi : he dont have any photo.. He didn’t ask her..

Arnav : he too.. These two are crazy..

Kushi : you mean swara also dont have photo..

Arnav nod no & both burst out laughing..

Kushi : if their so called blind date dont work.. We can tie these two.. They’re perfect for each other

Precap : Lavanya feels uncomfortable seeing kushi’s bonding in raizada mansion.. Nani’s lecture on clothes..

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