Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 14)


Rohan & Kushi on video call

Kushi : Guess what.. Arnav is in love..

Rohan : that’s great news.. Who’s that lucky girl

Kushi : Lavanya Kashyap

Rohan : but you didn’t like her..

Kushi : now situations are different.. She explain everything..

Rohan : so our route is clear now.. Let’s prepone the wedding then..

Kushi : no there’s problem nani have to agree..

Swasan finish chatting with their respective partners.. ( unaware that its each other ) & collide in corridor..

Swara : ouch.. Are you blind..

Sanky : your bf is blind not me idiot

Swara : whom are you talking about.. First look at your gf.. I think she’s mad.. That’s why she’s dating you..

Sanky : I’ve got confirmed news that your bf is psycho.. That’s why he is dating witch..

Swara : whom are you calling witch.. Have you seen her face.. She’s witch.. The most ugly witch..

Sanky : and your bf is the most dumb donkey + monkey..

Swara : Shut up.. Dont you dare call him like that you..

She hit him..

Sanky : look now what I’ll do..

He pull her hairs.. & both start fighting.. Hitting pinching each other…

Hearing this noise arshi come there..

Arnav : stop it.. ( he scream..)

Sanky : its not my mistake she started..

Swara : liar..

Sanky : you’re lying.. Who called my gf ugly witch..

Swara : you called my bf dumb donkey + monkey

Sanky : you started..

Swara : no.. You..

Sanky : Jhooti.. ( liar.. )

They again start fighting.. Arshi pull them apart..

Kushi : stop fighting like kids..

Sanky : yes di.. I’m not kid like her to fight..

Swara : you called me kid.. You..

Arnav : stop it swara they’re provoking you & youre falling in trap.. Ignore him..

Swara : you’re right.. After all he doesnt have brains like my bf.. So he won’t understand..

Sanky : And you dont have patience & not even sensible like my gf..

Swara : my bf is gentleman.. & you’re mentalman

Arshi control their laugh..

Sanky : oh really.. My gf is goddess & you’re devil..

Arshi : enough…

Arnav : stop praising the one whom you’ve never seen..

Kushi : bring their photos first & then quarrel idiots..

Swasan frown.. & leave..


Kushi & Swara are making Arnav ready..

Swara : you remember what I have taught na bhai..

Sanky : don’t listen to her.. You propose her as I taught..

Kushi : now dont start again.. Stop troubling him.. He’s already nervous..

Arnav : excuse me.. ASR will never be nervous

Swasan : oh really..

Sanky : why dont you talk to nani yourself then

Arnav glare him..

Swara : ignore him..

Kushi puts some perfume on him..

Kushi : perfect.. Now go..

2 hours later

Lavanya is waiting in a restaurant.. She’s in floral print short dress.. Desperately waiting for arnav..

La : ( to herself ) why isn’t he here yet.. And why did he call me.. Is he gonna propose me.. No Lavanya dont over expect from him..

Arnav reach restaurant..

Swasan & Kushi : all the best..

Swara : we will be hearing your conversation with this transmitter.. Don’t worry..

Sanky : we will guide you if anything goes wrong..

Kushi : Arni.. Ignore them & concentrate on Lavanya..

Kushi leave to Raizada mansion

Arnav reach the table.. Both formally greet..

Arnav : Nice dress..

La : thank you..

Arnav : so what will you take..

La : your wish..

They place the order..

La : So why are we here ASR.. anything special..

Swara : now she came to point..

Sanky : bhai.. Tell yes..

Arnav : yes kind of..

Swasan : kind of..!!? What does that mean now..

La : I’m waiting..

Raizada mansion..

Nani’s room..

Nani : yeh kabhi nahi ho sakta.. ( this us never gonna happen )

Shy : but nani.. They love..

Nani : enough.. They dont have brains.. But I didn’t expect this from you..

Anj : nani she’s nice girl..

Nani : I can make it out with her looks.. How nice she is..

Shy : we cannot judge on looks nani..

Mami : she have long list of boyfriends too

Shy : Ex boyfriends..

Nani : what’s wrong with you both..

Anj : chote too had so many girlfriends.. Its just that you dont know

Nani : if I knew earlier this day wouldn’t have arised.. I would have set him right that day itself

Anj & Shy try hard to convince nani but in vain.. Kushi arrive there..

Nani : tell me one quality in her by which I would get convinced.. None..

Kushi : she saved arnav’s life nani.. She risked her life to save his.. Isn’t it enough..

Nani : Kushi bitiya aap bhi.. ( kushi even you)

Kushi : nani trust me she’s nice girl.. Just her lifestyle is different…

Nani : that’s the problem..

Kushi : what if she change herself for you..

Nani : impossible.. I dont believe it.. Even if she does.. Its only when we are around for name sake..

Shy : we shall bring her here then.. She will be infront of you all the while..

Kushi : me & di will teach her everything..

Anj : please nani agree..

Nani : ok you have 6 months time.. Do whatever you want..


La : I’m waiting..

Sanky : speak up bhai..

Swara : tell her.. She is the spark of your life.. She’s like rain for barren land..

Arnav : ( murmur ) spark.. Rain.. Land.. What the.. These two …

La : ASR you said something..

Arnav : yes.. Actually lavanya I’ll come directly to point.. I feel I’m in love with you & wanna spend my rest of life with you.. Do you agree with it..

Sanky : is it proposal or some businesses deal..

Swara : he will never change..

Lavanya : I agree.. I was waiting for this.. Since so long..

Arnav take out the ring & la forward her hand.. He slide it into her finger..

Swara : how can anyone agree for such unromantic proposal..

Sanky : let’s see what your bf does when he propose..

Swara : he will create heaven here for me..

Sanky : but devils won’t fit in heaven swara.. ( he tease & run away & swara follow him )


Arnav’s room..

Kushi explain everything.. What nani said & even Lavanya agree to that..

Kushi taking arnav’s phone..

Kushi: so what shall I change the name from Lavanya Kashyap to..

Arnav : what’s the need kushi..

Swara : arre.. What’s her nick name..

Arnav : I don’t know..

Sanky: then you keep one..

Arnav : Lavanya is better no need of any new one..

Kushi : wait for some days guys.. All cute names will come from his mouth.. Right arni..

Arnav glare while these 3 laugh..

Precap : Lavanya in raizada mansion..
Swasan to ask for photos of their respective partners

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    Wowww awesome dea loved swasan fight bond(lol)….And Arnav-la were cute….

  2. Mica

    omg.. hahhahahhaha, the fight was soo funny, luv it Anaya, ty

  3. Anaya

    Thank you Veronica & mica

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