Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 13)


Recap : Kushi to examine Lavanya

A week pass Lavanya is trying hard to impress Kushi.. Kushi still feels she isn’t right person for Arnav..

Kushi’s cabin

Swara : why do you think so di..

Kushi : I.. I dont see that love in her eyes for arnav those feelings.. Its just something’s missing..

Swara : God knows what’s missing..

Arnav checking some samples unaware of the threat above him.. Some alterations are being done in swara’s cabin hence workers are carrying Some wooden slabs which slip & are about to fall on arnav but Lavanya save him..

Lavanya : Arnav.. ( the first time she’s calling him by his name )

She push him & both fall on floor Lavanya over him.. Arnav make her stand..

Lavanya : are you fine

Arnav : yes.. Huh thanks. ( he notice a tears in her eyes she’s resisting them.. )

Arnav : ( to himself staring Lavanya ) why she’s crying.. Fear that something might have happened

His thoughts are broken by kushi who rush there hearing the sound..

Kushi : what happened..

Arnav : nothing.. They just slipped

Kushi : ( to workers ) you should be careful what if it would’ve fallen on someone..

Aman : they were about to fall.. ( he stop seeing arnav’s glare )

Kushi : about to fall.. ? Fall on whom..

She scan the surrounding & see dust on arnav’s clothes.. She realise what happened & hug him..

Kushi : are you fine.. You didn’t get hurt right ( she start scanning him.. While crying )

Arnav : oh I’m fine now dont cry see.. Lavanya saved me on time

Kushi hug Lavanya…

Kushi : thank you soo much.. You saved my arni…

She walk towards those workers & give them a tight slap till now she was calmly telling them to be careful but now knowing this her blood boiled..

Kushi : idiots.. I’ll kill you ( arnav sanky drag her from there..)

Lavanya & her friends..
Tina : they just thanked you that’s it..

Diya : & what she said.. My arni.. What does that mean.. She’s engaged right..

Rita : you’ve to do something la..

La : stop it.. ( she rush into her cabin)

La : ( to herself ) I saved him & all he said was one thank you.. Does he love me or not.. His eyes say something & his actions something.. Urrgghi can’t bear this suspence let’s sort it once & for all..

Arnav’s cabin..
Arnav is sitting on chair facing opposite to table.. Lavanya rush in .. He’s about to turn but..

La : I need to talk.. But dont turn… Just just listen.. What was that… You shower so much love from your eyes & doesn’t reciprocate with your actions.. I need a straight answer I love you ASR do you love me or not..

Arnav is shocked he didn’t expect such bold step by lavanya he smirked put on his bluetoith & turned..

La : speak up..

Arnav ( removing Bluetooth) : you’re talking to me.. I was on call Lavanya

Lavanya : ( murmuring ) what !!? It means all that I blabvered ge didn’t hear a thing.. Damn I need to repeat it again.. Let’s do it then.. Actually ASR..

Arnav : huh.. I have some work will talk later.. He walk out

Kushi’s cabin

All3 : what.!!???

Swara : she proposed & you did this how unromantic bhai..

Sanky : being a girl she proposed that too so boldly & you ran away from there.. Very bad..

Arnav : shut up.. Now kushi will tell what to do..

Kushi : what’s there to tell arnav.. You should have…

Arnav : have…

Kushi : have not..

Swasan : have not..

Kushi : have not denied.. I don’tlike her..

All 3 : what..

Kushi : l love her.. She saved your life risking hers.. Who can be better than her..

All 4 hug & get excited..

Arnav’s room – Poolside

Arshi, swasan & Anjali are sitting

Kushi : now who will convince nani

Sanky : I saw her yelling at HP in evening

Anj : she’s in bad mood today

Arnav : but we need to talk her

Swara : I’ll give you ideas.. I’ll portray Lavanya as good sanskari ( traditional ) girl infront of nani &…

All 4 : stop…

Arnav : No more ideas please..

Kushi : we’ve seen enough in Lucknow bechara mera rohan baby ( poor rohan )

Sanky : anyway whatever we do nani is not gonna agree so stop stressing your brain..

Everyone stare him angrily..

Kushi : only negative thoughts Kuch toh accha bol ( at least speak one good word )

Sanky : I’m stating the fact

Swara : by stating fact only you made that girl fall for you.. Shakal toh dikhayi nahi hai aur bada aaya I’m stating fact .. Agar usse shakal dikhayi hoti toh ab tak block kar chuki hoti tumne.. ( not showed your face till now & now saying I’m stating fact .. If you had shown your face she would have blocked you )

Sanky : first look into your relationship .. Have you shown your face to him.. Bada chada ke jhoot bola hoga usse bechara phasgaya ( you would’ve liked a lot he got trapped )

They start fighting..

Arnav : ( scream ) shut up… ( they both stop )

Anjali : we’re here to solve problem not create another..

Swasan : sorry..

All 5 think what to do but they figure out nothing..

Arnav : will someone speak up..

Sanky : what to speak we don’t have any ideas..

Swara : listen to me let’s fake Lavanya infront of nani she’ll agree..

Arnav : I don’t want to lie or fake anything.. First she need to accept her later we will see

Anjali : but how..

Kushi see shyam passing by..

Kushi : idea…

everyone ask what she point towards shyam..

Kushi : he’s our last hope nani can never refuse him..

Arshi swasan : ( scream) jijaji…..

Shyam jerks at once hearing that unexpected scream..

Arshi swasan : yahan.. ( here) they gesture him to come..

They make him sit give some water..

Anjali : kheer banaye ( shall I prepare kheer)

Shy : no

Swara : need coffee

Shy : no

Sanky : then need.. ( interrupted)

Shy : wait what’s going on why are you people buttering me..

Anj : need your help..

Kushi : please jijaji dont say no..

Swasan & kushi plead him making puppy face

Shy : how can I refuse if you ask so lovingly tell me what to do I’m at your service..

Anj : chote is in love..

Shy : ( happily ) finally.. ( patting arnav ) who’s that lucky girl

Arnav : Lavanya..

Shyam : ( to himself) is it Lavanya Kashyap !!? Let’s not preassume think positive..

Shy: who Lavanya tiwari..

All 5 : no

Shy : Lavanya sharma

All 5 : no

Shy : Lavanya kapoor

All 5 : no.. No…

Shy : then..

Kushi : Lavanya

Anjali : Kashyap

Sanky : AK designer..

Shy : No…

Swara : you need to convince nani..

Shy : never..

Swara : this is cheating jiju..

Anjali : you promised how can you refuse now..

Shy : rani sahiba you too.. Are you all in your senses.. Youre expecting nani to accept Lavanya Kashyap.. Seriously..

Kushi : arni love her..

Shy : but..

All except arnav : please..

Arnav : end this topic now.. No need to talk ( he get up in disappointment but shy hold his hand )

Shy : I’ll talk no need to make that face now..

Precap : Arnav propose Lavanya.. Shyam talking about it with Nani

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  1. Arshi

    Sooo coooollllll.

    La proposed arnav it was just wowowowowwoowowowowowwoowowowoowowowwoowowow….

    Cute epi

  2. Veronica

    Woow….Awesome epi……Just falling in love with their friendship….And update soon dude….I was waiting for it from a loong time actually all ur ffs

  3. Amanigatta

    Ohkay so finally u r here I was waiting it for long…episode is mindblowing…?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????how many time to tell itx not enough I just love their sweet cutie bond❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love it plz update soon…

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