Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 12)


Arnav : I thought finally I got freedom from you but you are..

Tears form in kushi’s eyes… Arnav cup her face..

Arnav : hey.. I was joking

She hug him.. Rohan come to them..

Arnav : oh stop crying kushi.. You’re engaged that’s it.. Its not your vidhayi ( departure )

Sanky : di nothing changed we still remain the same..

Swara : just another sweet person got added in your life right jiju..

Rohan : yes.. Baby stop crying I can’t see you like this..

Kushi wipe her tears..

Arnav : now smile..

She smile feebly..

Sanky : is this a smile..

Swara : if you are not happy then tell now only di

Everyone look at her shocked

Swara : I’m ready to marry him.. He’s so cute.. ( she wink at rohan )

Kushi open her mouth wide

Kushi : swara ki bacchi…

swara run & kushi chase her finally swara hide behind arnav..

Arnav : jokes apart.. Rohan you’ve to look after my kushi like princess I wouldn’t tolerate a single tear in her eyes..

Sanky : be careful jiju..

Aman : yes.. ASR is too dangerous if he’s pissed

Swara : stop scaring him.. He will take good care of di right jiju..

Rohan : she’s my life.. How can I hurt her.. Every happiness of this world will be under her feet..

Kushi hug him..

Swara : how sweet..

Arnav clear his throat..

Arnav : huh.. Enough of this people are watching

Kushi & Rohan’s marriage fixed 8 months later as there was no good muhurat ( date ) & kushi wanted to find bride arnav too

15 days later..

Kushi rohan stayed in Lucknow as shashi wanted know him more.. Arnav left aman back in lucknow to take care of kushi & to setup their new project.. Here in Delhi arnav la started liking each other.. Swasan too knew it.. Arnav had voice messaged her about this but aman deleted it as kushi didn’t like Lavanya much & that day kushi was not in good mood.. Now after 15 days.. Rohan flew back to US & kushi to Delhi..

AK office

Arnav’s cabin

Arnav working on laptop, kushi enter his cabin with anger

Arnav : Hi kushi , kab aayi, ghar pe sab kaise hai (when did you come, how’s everyone at home)

kushi stand angrily folding her hands

Kushi : ghar pe chodo yeh batav mere peet peeche kya chal raha hai (leave that & tell me what’s happening behind my back)

Arnav : what are you trying to say ask directly

Kushi : “Lavanya Kashyap” so called designer of AK (anjali kushi design house)

Arnav : Don’t you like her (he ask curiously)

Kushi : forget about me but nani will definately not like her

Arnav : why are we even discussing that now

Kushi : dont you have anything to tell me

Arnav : yep.. you handle that Mehra’s project nothing else

Kushi : arnav ke bacche ab mujhse cheeze chupaoge tum (arnav.. now you will hide things from me)

she start hitting him, arnav keep asking her to stop but she wont the same time Lavanya enter the cabin

Lavanya : oh..! (kushi leave arnav) ASR actually.. i wanted your sign..

Kushi :(interuppting) stop it Lavanya.. he is busy now come later.. ( lavanya turn to go) knock the door before entering his cabin next time he is your boss dont forget it

Lavanya : Sorry mam (she go out)

Arnav : What was that

Kushi stare him angrily..

Arnav :what?

Kushi : you like her

Arnav : yes..

Kushi : and you didn’t tell me

Arnav : what the.. you were the first person i told that.. infact only person i told except aman

Kushi : liar..

Arnav : I left a voice message didnt you hear.. why would I lie to my best friend

Kushi : voice message..? I didn’t get any voice message..

Arnav : what ? But I sent you see ( he show his phone )

Kushi : 15th July.. Ah that day my phone was with aman.. He deleted it idiot..

Arnav : and why would he do that ?

Kushi : because he knew I don’t like her

Arnav : ok.. Wait what? You don’t like her..?

Swasan come there..

Sanky : who don’t like whom..?

Kushi : I don’t like lavanya..

Arnav : but why ?

Kushi : her clothes uggh.. & her way of talking she’s not of your type..

Swara : but he likes her

Sanky : that doesn’t change anything. I too don’t like her..

Kushi : that changes everything.. I don’t understand how you fell for her arni.. Leaving all those girls you liked her..!!? I mean her..

Sanky : I thought only your handwriting is bad bit your selection too is..

Arnav make sad face.. Kushi feel bad..

Kushi : now don’t make that face.. & you two ( swasan ) why are you saying so.. She’s not that bad too.. Now don’t trouble me..

Swara : waah di.. You only didn’t like her & now yelling at us

Sanky : seeing his face party change ah..?

Arnav : so you like her Kushi..

Kushi : let me examine her first.. I’ve to be sure she’s perfect for you..

Arnav : take your own time.. I’ll wait..

Sanskar : but bhai why did you send voice message you could have directly called na..

Arnav : woh.. Huh..

Swara : wait.. bhai were you shy to tell her directly..

Arnav : No.. No why would I be..

Kushi : you’re blushing arni.. You look so cute.. ( she pull his cheeks )

Arnav : stop teasing now.. Let’s go out for dinner now..

Swara : treat ah..?

Sanky : I think he’s bribing..

Arnav glare them..

Swara : let’s call Lavanya also..

Arshi : No..

Kushi : I yelled at her today so let be.. Call that idiot aman..

Arshi swasan finish dinner & reach Raizada mansion..

Anjali stare arnav..

Arnav : what happened di.. Why are you looking at me like that

Anjali : chote you’ve changed..

Kushi : yes di.. He’s no longer our arni..

Anjali : shaadi huyi nahi aur abhi se humse baate chupa ne lage ( you’re not even married & already have started hiding things from us )

Arnav : so fast you people are.. ( swasan kushi ) already updated her.. Huh..? Di please stop this now. Dont act infront of them I’ve already informed you about this long back..

Kushi swasan : Di… you lied to us..

Precap :

Some wooden slabs about to fall on arnav but Lavanya save him..

Credit to: Anaya

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