Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 11)


Recap : arshi swasan picnic

Swara : you remember properly na what you’ve to talk..

Arnav : yes..

Sanky : don’t get nervous & be confident

Arnav : me & nervous

Rohan : you are our last hope arnav.. Our life is in our hand now.

Arnav : I understand rohan. Trust me I’ll convince uncle..

La : you’re so calm.. Aren’t you nervous..

Kushi : no I completely trust arni… He can even turn world upside for me… He’ll surely convince papa..

Rohan & la gets bit jealous..

1 hour later..

Arshi, swasan roh, la ,aman enter study room & find whole Raizada family there.. Anjali look tensed.. She tried to talk to arshi but couldn’t

Arnav : what a surprise.. Everyone here..

Mami : there’s one more surprise for you all

Arshi : what?

Nani : we were thinking about you two ‘s future..

Mamaji : its high time you settle in your life..

Shashi : so you two decide now

Kushi : babuji I’m not getting what you are talking

Nani : we want you two to get married..

She keep her hand on kushi & …………… Arnav..

Everyone are shocked.. Arshi stare each other..

Anj : speak up if you have anything else..

Mami : what else they’ve to say.. They’re overwhelmed I think..

Rohan : ( whisper ) kushi its high time we confess

She look at Arnav..

Arnav : Nani.. Uncle.. We.. We don’t want to get married..

Garima : what are you saying..

Shashi : I think they want to enjoy still.. If you want we can postpone marriage.. For now just get engaged..

Arnav : no uncle that’s not the issue..

Nani : then what chote..? Did you both fight again.. Kushi bitiya what’s the problem

Kushi : actually.. Woh..

Arnav : kushi love rohan..

All are hell shocked..

Arnav & anjali explain everything..

Shashi : no.. Never.. This marriage cab never happen..

Nani : we didn’t expect this from you 2 & you Anjali bitiya you too supported them in this

Arnav : trust me rohan is right guy for Kushi..

After argument for 1 hour..

Arnav : uncle aunty do you think I’ll let Kushi marry any random guy.. I’ve collected complete details of rohan & have studied him, his family , background thoroughly.. Trust him.. She’ll be happy I’ll assure you that its my responsibility..

Shashi : I trust you.. I agree for this relationshi

Everyone get happy.. In joy Kushi hug arnav but rohan was expecting her to hug him first..


Rohan : finally everyone agreed are you happy now baby..

Kushi : yes very happy.. ( she hug him )

Swara : its all because of my ideas.. Thank me

Sanky : oh hello madam dont live in this misunderstanding.. Uncle agreed because of bhai

Aman : you simply made rohan strive these 3 months bechare..

Swara pout..

La : Who ever’s efforts it may be.. We achieved our goal right..

A week later..

Rohan’s parents & Gupta’s have talked with each other & everyone has agreed to this relationship but have postponed the marriage for year as Kushi want time to find bride for arnav but..

Kushi : ( scream ) Arni.………

Arnav come to her room running..

Arnav : oh Kushi what’s wrong..

Kushi : these are not the rings we ordered..

Arnav : what?

He see them..

Anj ; now what chote ?

Arnav : I’ll get them replaced..

Swara : but ceremony starts in ½ an hour..

Arnav : I’ll be back before that..

Kushi : I’ll also come..

Sanky : how can you go di its your engagement

Yes its kushi & Rohan’s engagement

Anj : Rohan’s family might arrive any time now

Kushi : no I want to go.. I’m feeling nervous & I can’t stay alone for a second without arni.. I too will go..

Jewellery shop..

Arnav : what the hell .. How can you make such mistakes

Shop keeper : sorry sir.. It got misplaced.. We will give you the correct box. One second sir

Arshi start looking at some rings displayed there & they start trying them..

Gupta mansion..

Pandit ( priest ) : call the bride muhurat has started now..

Shashi : 5 minutes ..

Priest : rings should be exchanged now within ½an hour.. Muhurat ends after that..


Arnav struggling with ring.. So kushi slide it into his hand.. Temple bells start ringing.. Its maha aarti time in temple near by..

Kushi : wow it looks so nice arni.. ( to shoper ) bill this too

Arnav : what’s the necessity

Kushi : I like it so..

Shop keeper come with wedding rings.. They check the size..

Arnav : try your ring once whether its perfect.. Kushi take her ring but it slips from her hand but arnav manages to hold it..

Arnav : Kushi.. You can’t even hold it..

Saying this he himself slide the ring into her finger.. Again temple bells ring

Arnav : perfect now let’s hurry up..

She remove ring & reach Gupta mansion

Gupta mansion..

Priest look at the time & find muhurat has already finished.. He’s about to say it but stop looking at arnav.. Whose anger everyone know.. So ring ceremony takes place.. & everyone look happy.. With it.. Little do they know who got engaged today.. Unknowingly arshi are bonded today by God.

Swara : look di how jiju is staring at you.. Oh his lovely eyes are mesmerising & his smile uff..

Kushi : ( hit her ) have some shame he’s your jiju.

Sanky : look there bhai is also stealing glances of someone here..

Kushi : what? Really.. Who’s she..?

They find him looking at Lavanya.. & she too is smiling bit blushing seeing him..

Kushi : Lavanya..!!! ( shock )

Swara : its going on from many days..

Kushi : there’s nothing like that..

Sanky : oh really then why is bhai staring her..

Kushi : ( scream ) Arnav…

Everyone look at her at once but ignore it & Arnav come to her..

Garima : kushi.. You are to be bride maintain some dignity..

Arnav : I’ll handle her aunty dont worry.. What happened kushi..

Kushi : sit beside me..

Swara : ( whisper) jealous ah..?

Arnav : I thought finally I got freedom from you but you are..

Tears form in kushi’s eyes…

Precap :

Kushi : “Lavanya Kashyap” so called designer of AK ( Anjali- kushi companies)

Arnav : Don’t you like her ( he ask curiously)

Kushi : forget about me.. Nani will definitely not like her

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Arshi

    Wowowowow….. its awwesome…. no one can write tbis much .. as u have carried the dhosthi f arshi go a very peak level

  2. It was realky nuce
    U r so irregular i miss it so much

  3. Veronica

    Awesome yaar….just loved the epi veryyyy much

  4. Amanigatta

    Superbbbbb???arshi got engaged wow??ywr I love their bonding❤️❤️

  5. thank u soo much arshi, kajal, veronica & amanigatta

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