Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 10)


Recap : Arnav skip his medicines.. Kushi & swasan angry on him..

Arnav : Sorry…

Kushi get up angrily & turn to go but..

Arnav : kushi.. This is not fair..

Swara : then what you did that was fair.. Ah.?

Arnav : I’m asking sorry na..

Sanky : Asking sorry won’t reverse what you did

Shashi : hold on… Jhagda sab khaane ke baad kushi baito.. ( quarrel after dinner.. Kushi sit )

Kushi’s room..

Kushi, swasan & Aman are discussing about project.. Arnav enter..

Kushi throw pillow on him

Kushi : ask him to get out. Don’t know what I’ll do

Arnav : relax honey..

Kushi : honey..? I’m honey bee shall I bite..

Arnav : At least you 2 tell her ( Swasan frown). What’s this now.. Itna maarne ke baad bhi naraaz ho.. ( you are angry even after hitting so much )

Kushi : you deserved it.

Arnav : ok I deserved but at least now talk to me or you want to break one more broom stick.. I’m ready ( he make innocent face everyone melt )

Kushi : this is last time..

Arnav : ok..

Kushi smile.. Swsan hug him.. Arnav scream..

Swasan : what happened..

La, rohan , shashi garima come hearing him..

Garima : what you did with him again..

She pull arnav towards her..

Shashi : pari its enough for today..

Garima caress Arnav..

Garima : what did she do again..

Kushi : I didn’t do anything..

Sanky : we hugged him & he screamed..

Arnav : I was just..

Shashi : you are hurt na..

Arnav : no no.. Uncle… I’m fine..

Garima : See kushi.. You.. ( Arnav interrupt)

Arnav : its ok aunty.. It was my mistake only..

Garima : treat him now..

Shashi & Garima leave..

Kushi : sleep here I’ll bring medicine..

Kushi start massaging Arnav’s back..

Lavanya & Rohan see it & gets uncomfortable

Shashi – Garima’s room

Garima : kushi is too much sometimes

Shashi : They’ll handle it..

Garima: only arnav can handle her..

Shashi lost in thoughts..

Garima : what are you thinking..

Shashi : kushi is grew up so soon..

Garima : yes.. Its time for her marriage now..

Shashi : I was thinking to talk with devyani kaki (Nani) about them..

Garima : You mean Arnav & Kushi..?

Shashi nod : what do you think?

Garima : even I feel they are made for each other..

Next day..

Swasan chatting on laptop..

Swara : I’m coming to Delhi Monday..

Sanky : oh that’s great..

Swara : We shall meet soon..

Sanky: I’m waiting..

Arshi enter..

Arnav : stop it you both.. its ridiculous

Swasan : what..

Arnav : chatting with unknown person..

Swasan : ( to each other) you too..

Kushi : you two didn’t know..?

Swasan nod no..

Arnav : now stop all this. We need to concentrate on kushi & rohan now..

Kushi : there is only 3 days left. Will babuji agree for our marriage..

Swara : he’s fully impressed by rohan dont worry di..

Sanky : but I see something else in his eyes

Kushi : Matlab ( means. ?)

Swara : ignore him di.. Remember that day in temple..

Swara’s Fb..

Shashi : he have such good values.. Even being brought up in abroad..

Garima : the girl whom he will marry will be very lucky then..

Fb End..

Sanky : ( to himself ) but after that he said..


While Arshi are taking blessings from that monk..

Shashi : both look so good together..

Fb end..

Swara : and that day in garden

Swara’s Fb..

Kushi & swara were running to catch butterfly but couldn’t kushi make sad face & sit..

Rohan : they’re beautiful to see them flying not caged we should not try to snatch their freedom

Shashi : he’s right beta..

Garima : learn something from him you two

Fb end..

Sanky’s fb..

After 30 mins..

One guy bought a big glass full of butterflies & arnav gives it to kushi..

Garima : Arnav can do anything for kushi..

Shashi : I know.. Dar hai kahi yeh ladki usse chand na maang le ek din (I’m afraid this girl would ask for moon one day )

Sanky : why uncle are you afraid bhai won’t be fulfill it

Shashi : no I’m afraid he will fulfill it & what about the rest of the world..where will we find another moon.. ( he laugh )

Fb end..

Swara : And that day..

Arnav : ok ok we understood..

Kushi : hope papa agree..

Arnav : don’t worry I’ll convince him..

Sanky : we 3 are here na.. We will pull out something..

Swara : let’s go on picnic

Arnav : to where?

Swara : our usual spot..


Arshi & swasan, aman are on lonely hilltop.. with tent & bonfire.. They’re playing some loud music & dancing like crazy people.. Aman has brought cocktails & all 4 get drunk bit more & become more crazy.. Aman is not drunk he start recording these crazy acts to tease them later

Swara stand on a small rock..

Swara : ( in drunk voice) attention.. Attention.. Let’s do something interesting guys.. Let’s play truth & dare…

Arnav : No no dare here in dark..

Kushi : ok then.. Let’s change the name dare to tell truth.. Ok Arnav..

Arnav nod..

Aman : I’ll be referee

Sanky spin the bottle & it points at Arnav.. These 3 start clapping..

Sanky : wow.. Maine toh sher ko pass diya.. ( wow I trapped the lion)

Swara : I’ll ask the question.. Bhai what type of girl you dream of..?

Sanky : first ask do he even dream ?

Kushi : I know he dream of a girl just like his mother..

Arnav : correct.. But..

All 3 : but what..?

Arnav : kushi is just like mother but she’s my friend & I like Lavanya she’s not like my maa

Kushi : what..? You like that Lavanya.. I dont like her..

Sanky : she’s not your type bhai..

Arnav : I’ve to find my bride soon na otherwise kushi won’t marry.. I don’t want her to delay because of me..

Kushi : oye.. I wont let you marry wrong girl in hurry..

Arnav spin the bottle it stops in between swasan

Swara : now who got caught between us..

Kushi : you both.. Now tell me what’s the name of your secret friend

Swasan : dont know..

Arshi : what?

Swasan : never shared any personal info.. We know each other by nicknames..

Arnav : pagal.. ( mad..)

Swara spin the bottle & it stops at kushi..

Swasan start fighting to ask question so aman intervene..

Aman : stop.. Everyone will ask her ok..

Swara : di.. How will you manage without bhai after your marriage..? You will be alone in USA

Arnav : who said she’s going to USA? She’ll stay here in Delhi & rohan will shift here with her & as usual we will meet everyday this was the deal I did with Rohan.. Then only I permitted him to marry my kushi..

Kushi side hug arnav & he kiss on her forehead..

Aman 🙁 to himself) ASR you’re impossible..? Dont know what happens after marriage..

Sanky : Do you both love each other..

Arshi : yes..

Kushi : I love Arnav sooooo much.. My life doesn’t exist without him.. He’s my world.. ( she give him flying kiss & he too reciprocate)

Arnav : I love you too..

Sanky : then why are you marrying rohan?

Kushi : I love rohan so..

Swara : then bhai.?

Kushi : I love him too.. He’s my friend & I love him as my friend, my guide, my support..
Arshi hug..

Swasan clap…

Precap :

Kushi : babuji I’m not getting what you are talking

Nani : we want you two to get married..

She keep her hand on kushi & one more person..
Who he is Arnav or Rohan..?

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Veronica

    Arnav nd only Arnav…..Loved it sooooooooooo much dea

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    nice epi.loved their bonding.hope its arnav.

  3. Amanigatta

    Awwwww?it was so lovely ananya???arshi were amazing ywr?❤️❤️want to read again and again✌?️i like this ff a lot try to write atleast one in two days plxxxxxx Ywr

  4. Don’t split arshi plz….

  5. Thats too cute

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