Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 1)


Kushi peacefully sleeping on her bed.. Her alarm start ringing .. She throws it out in sleep.. Now her phone start ringing .. The ringtone is arnav’s voice..

Don’t you dare break the phone kushi, pick the phone now.. She lazily get up & pick it

Kushi : arni.. 5 more mins.. I want to sleep

Arnav : no its already late.. Now get ready fast.. I’ll pick you in ½ an hour

Kushi : I just need 15 mins to get ready call me after 15 mins.. Bye..

Arnav : bye.. I still need to call buaji to wake you up..

Kushi : arni..

Arnav : get up..

Kushi : ok bye..

Kushi get another call..

Rohan : Gud mrng kushi

Kushi : gud mrng baby

Rohan : who were you taking to this early..

Kushi : arnav had called to wake me up

Rohan : oh.. Ok actually I called to inform you that I’ll be back next week

Kushi : oh that’s great news baby..

Raizada mansion

Arnav getting ready & anjali come to his room

Arnav : gud mrng di

Anjali : gud mrng

She give him Prasad & start adjusting his tie.. Arnav won’t resist.. Only his loving sister & best friend kushi have a right to do it

Anjali : chote aaj na todha jaldi aajav ( arnav come bit early today )

Arnav : why di?

Anjali : woh.. I wanted to go to temple

Arnav : why me di.. Aap humesha.. (you always..)

Anjali : mandir ke liye naa nahi kehate chote.. Devi maiyya naraaz hojayegi ( should not tell no for temple arnav.. Goddess will get angry )

Arnav : ok di I’ll come but for you not for devi maiyya ( goddess )

Arnav in car outside a cute villa.. Horning since 15 mins.. He is about to get down by then he see kushi running out in her night suit.. Carrying her formal dress, shoes, laptop in hand.. She hurriedly get into the back seat.

Arnav : sudhrogi nahi naa tum.. ( you won’t change right )

Kushi nod no..

Kushi : ab curtains band karo aur gaadi chalav ( now close curtains & drive the car )

His car has special curtains so that no one can see what’s going on inside. Kushi change inside the car.. While they reach AK ( Anjali-Kushi fashion house ). Both get down..

Arnav : soon after meeting take bath samjhi..

Kushi : yes sir..

Arnav : and don’t dare to touch me before that

Kushi : Kuch zyaada nahi ho raha.. Agar iss tara overacting karoge toh meri antaratma mujhe badkaayegi tume hug karne ke liye.. ( isn’t it getting too much now.. If you do overacting like this then my inner soul will provoke me to hug you.. )

She wink at him gesturing to hug him but Arnav walk inside hurriedly saying..

Arnav : pagal ladki ( mad girl )

Meeting finished & kushi had her bath too both are having lunch in arnav’s cabin

Kushi : arni baby is coming next week

Arnav : stop calling him baby baby its so weird.. & thank your devi maiyya ( goddess ) he is coming back.. You’ll get one more person to trouble & I’ll be spared.

Kushi : very funny.. Don’t worry you won’t be spared & I’ll see what you call your liver once you fall in love

Lavanya enter the cabin & Arnav is bit attracted towards her.. Her cute dimples , western dressing style ( short dresses ) but he doesn’t show it.

Arnav : meet our new designer Ms Lavanya Kashyap

Kushi formally say hi..

Arnav explain her some rules.. La stand admiring him..

Kushi : ( interrupting ) : you may go now, my secretary will explain you the rest..

Lavanya : ok mam

She leave..

Kushi : aaj mandir jaana hai yaad hai na ( today have to go to temple do you remember )

Arnav : haan di ne bola tha.. Please yaar at least iss baar tho jaldi katam karo pooja tum dono ( yep.. Di informed.. Please at least this time you both finish the Pooja early )


Kushi & Anjali offering Pooja & Arnav standing behind them checking his phone

Anjali ask him to take blessings but he doesn’t respond so she turn back & see him holding phone..

Anjali : chote you’re holding phone here also..
She his ears & pull him front holding to take blessings of God.. Meantime Lavanya enter temple with western revealing dress.. Arshi Anjali see her but come out finishing their Pooja

Arnav : what was that di…? Ghar mein teek hai lekin baahar bhi.. ( its ok in house but outside.. )

Anjali : you deserved it.. Kushi giggle

Arnav : am I kid ?

Anjali : nope..

Arnav : then why do you..

Anjali : ( interrupt ) you’re a spoilt kid..

Kushi : 100% right di..

Anjali kushi give hi fi meanwhile Arnav get annoyed & sit on a bench..

Kushi : Arni.. Did you see Lavanya’s clothes..? They were so disgusting aise kapade koyi mandir mein pehanata hai ( who wear such clothes to temple )

Arnav : why did she even come to temple I thought she’s not among those stupid girls

Anjali & kushi open their mouth..

Lavanya come there : hi ASR , Hello mam

Arshi formally greet her..

Lavanya : you’re right ASR I’m not among those stupid girls I was forced to visit here by my mom

Anjali kushi give whatever looks & Arnav about to continue conversation but Anjali interrupt

Anjali : let’s go cho.. ( she stop seeing arnav’s looks ) let’s go Arnav we’re getting late.

All 3 in car

Anjali & kushi full gossiping & giggling

Anjali : so she is the new designer.. What happened to Geetha ( old designer )

Kushi : as usual di she has crush on ASR..

Anjali : so..

Kushi : I had seen her drooling over arni many times but as you know di its common scene in our office I ignored it..

Anjali : humare chote hai hi itna cute & handsome ( she pull his cheeks )

Arnav : stop it both of you why wasting time on those stupid people..

Kushi :you listen di..

Anjali : yea tell

Kushi : guess what di.. She proposed Arnav going down on her knees that too in his cabin.

Anjali : bechari.. ( innocent girl )

Arnav : bechari nahi besharam ( not innocent shameless )

Kushi : was better than this Lavanya Kashyap.. Iske kapade tho dekho ( see her clothes )

Arnav : see her work kushi not clothes..

Kushi : woh bhi dekhenge ( will see.. )

Precap : Arnav’s room

Arshi asleep over each other.. Nani knock the door

Nani : chote chote . .

Arnav get up & is tensed as Kushi is beside him.. He try to wake her up but its useless

Arnav 🙁 to himself ) what to do now.. Yeh toh godhe bejke soo rahi hai

Credit to: Anaya

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  2. Hey the story was superb. I just loved your episode. My request yar many are starting ff but stopping in the middle. Promise ,Promise that you are not gonna stop in the middle

    1. Thanks bhargavi. No I won’t stop in the middle.. I promise you that. You can check out my fan fiction page for other updates

  3. Awesome…keep writing…

  4. wow superb episode anaya

  5. Awesome episode it’s really superbbbb
    But what is ur problm u didnt post epi regular
    U know im waiting your ff ‘” Majbooriyaan”‘
    ” Manzil” and “yeh dosti.
    Be regular yar.

  6. Awesome episode it’s really superbbbb
    But what is ur problm u didnt post epi regular
    U know im waiting your ff ‘” Majbooriyaan”‘
    ” Manzil” and “yeh dosti.
    Be regular yar.

  7. Wow!!! It was really Awesome… Full of masti.. Amazing.. Seriously mind blowing… Loved it sooooooooo much… But I was lil confused while reading Arnav get attracted by seeing Lavanya… Why?? Why Arnav got attracted??? It’s ok yaar.. I know there won’t happen anything wrong with my Arshi.. Seriously superb story. 🙂 🙂 and precap looks more interesting.. Waiting for the next episode 🙂 🙂

    And Anaya, what about Majbooriyan.. U know na how much I love that!! Please post it as soon as possible.

  8. His dear can uu give the name of few of your ff

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