Yeh dosthi kya kehlatha hein FF on Kaira Keesh and Gayu’s love interest (Part 8)

Helloo my cutie pies out here.. This chapter was suddenly planned one. Dedicated specially to Fenu. Hope u like this.

‘Naitik….. Areyy kya hua ? Why u look upset ?’ ‘Akshara dont talk to me’.. ‘Oho toh aapka gussa mujhse hein ? Arey bhagwan look at ur nose ? ‘ ‘What’s there ?’ Naitik worriedly touches his nose and goes towards the mirror to see.

‘It has turned red coloured in anger.. ha ha…. ‘ ‘Chodiye Akshara, go and see if anyone else is left in the house to do service. No one cares for me naa. Waise Iam thinking to go n stay at ur home maa mujhe apne palkon pe bita kar rakhegi…. ‘
‘Baap re ..itna gussa ? Waise Naitik, aap aise bahut cute dikhthe ho’. ‘Achha ..Iam looking cute naa so always I ll stay like this.’

‘Naitik stop it for heaven’s sake. I just went too see the kids; is that a big sin ? Will my love for u get less by that ? ‘ ‘Akshara I…. ‘ ‘Jaaiye dont talk to me.’
”Baap re I was just kidding she got serious, kya karu ?”

He silently walked towards her n tightly hugged her from behind. Akshara controlled her laughter n continued, ‘Kaha naa .. Dont talk.’ ‘Areyy when did I talk ? I just hugged my lovely wife.’ ‘ Naitik…. ‘ ‘No need to say anything Akshara ..Thank u soo much for being my wife, for taking care of my family, for loving me sincerely…… ‘
‘Bas bas….’ She closed his mouth n shouted.
‘Waise Aksharaa, aap aise bahut cute dikhthe ho. ‘

‘Achha so I ll always stay like this. ‘
‘My honour pretty lady…’
‘I love u Naitik..’ ‘ Love u too Akshara..’
”yeh rishta kya….. ” Plays in the background. Screen freezes with their lovely hug.

Precap : Same as the previous chapter

I know it was nt much fun to read. Sorry for that. And please dont mind the hindi grammar mistakes also. Love u all.. Tc..

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  1. Fenil

    Awwwww so cute and lovely chappy Dii. Sweet Return gift. i love this chappy Dii.Naitik’s nose became red crimson hihihi…aap bahut lag rahe ho wah….i m missing Rajshree and Naitik’s bonding in show.Totally loved it.Thank you so much for writing this i m surprised seeing this chappy before my eyes.

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