Yeh dosthi kya kehlatha hein FF on Kaira Keesh and Gayu’s love interest (Part 7)

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‘Karthik, y dont u and Keerthi perform a duet ?’ ‘Noooo…….’ Both Naira and Naksh shouted at the same time.
‘ I mean they are siblings….. They wont look good together, hein naa Naira ?’ ‘Haa bhai I also think the same.’
‘Gayuu u become Karthiks pair.’ ‘Nooo bhai….. I mean Gayu di has got many other categories… So…..she cant….hein naa dii ?’ ‘Yeaahh I also think the same…. ‘
Gayu secretly looked at Karthik who was smiling at his sherni. ‘Waise Nairaa y dont u……’ ‘ Ohh! If u all r insisting I ll be his pair… Afterall its for our academy naa.. ‘ ‘Arey when did I insist ? I was telling to choose from any of our students.’

‘ Noooo….. I mean this is such a big event so its better to choose Naira hein naa Naksh ?…..Naksh r u not listening ? ‘ ‘Oh ? Yeah Karthik u r right.’ ‘So thats final..’
Meanwhile Naksh was wondering what Karthik told him while he was glancing at Keerthi.
‘Now what about Keerthi ? I guess we ll have to choose some junior for her…. ‘ ‘Nooo…. I mean she is so talented…. ‘ ‘Exactly bhai….. So she can train anyone according to her choice….. ‘ ‘Exactly Gayu…. What about me ? I can be her pair if its okey for her ?’
‘ Its an honour Naksh’, Keerthi replied with a big smile. ‘So thats final hein naa guys ?’
It was then only he noticed his sisters staring at him with their mouths open in astonishment.

‘Gayuu Omkara is here go fast…… ‘ ‘Gayuu dont worry betaa…. Just relax n talk okey…. ‘ ‘Yes maa…… ‘
‘All the best Gayuuuu……’
‘Thanks guys..’ she shouted while hurrying towards the cabin.

‘May I come in ? ‘ ‘Of course Gayathri this is ur cabin, isn’t it ? ‘ ‘Yes sir….. Iam sorry…… ‘ ‘Relax Ms. Gayathri, forget what happened yesterday. In fact Iam sorry for my rude behaviour. Woh kehthe hein naa apne shauk aur aaram mein kisi ke guss aana mana hein, woh chahe pyaar ho ya kisi anhoni chehraa…’
‘ Sir ?’ ‘ Leave it lets come to the point. What help u want from me ? ‘
‘Naksh , in which form r u more specialised ? ‘ ‘Jiii…… ‘ Naksh felt like butterflies in his stomach.
Naira could not stop chuckling. ‘Waise….bhai is not a trained dancer Keerthi, but whatever he do he does that with sincerity. So u can trust him completely.’ ‘I do trust him…..’
Keerthi said with confidence looking deep into Nakshs eyes.
‘ Sir please agree , its just a matter of few days.’ ‘No Ms. Gayathri, I dont do anything for money or fame. I just care to fulfill my passion. So Ms. Gayath…. ‘

‘Sir u can call me Gayu…. And sir before leaving just listen to me once. We r doing all this for establishing our academy…. Not for money or fame…. But to fulfill the passion of many talented kids all over the country….. To help them dream big…. To fulfill the dreams of our mother….. ‘
‘Bye Gayu..’ saying so he walked towards the door.
Before walking out he turned, ‘Will that be fine if I reach here at 8 in the morning ? Or should I come early ?’

‘Sir ? Omg ….thank u so much sir….. Of course its fine sir…. Thank u sir…..’
‘ U can call me Om….. ‘ He walked away with a smile on his face.

(Singhaniya house)
‘ So lets partyyyy…… Gayuu u r the best….. ‘ ‘No its all our effort…..’
‘ U all enjoy. No one even notices me. I came back home after so many days naa ? ‘
‘Oho Mishtiiii ur our sweet little princess know how we ll forget u ? ‘ ‘Jane do bhayu u all dont care for me.’ ‘We know how to make u smile’.
They start tickling her.
‘Arey bhagwan yeh bache bhi naa….. Dont u guys see the time ? ‘ ‘Yes mumma I was also saying the same….’ ‘Awww bhai ? ‘
‘Dugguuu I know ur the leader…. ‘ ‘Mummaaa sing lullaby for me…. ‘ ‘Mere liye bhi…. ‘ ‘Then what about me ? Did u guys get me from garbage ? ‘ ‘Baap re!! bas karo…. come Ill sing for everyone’.
‘Yeh Akshara bhi naa.. she left me alone n went.’

May be she went to see kids. Let me check.
He could not stop smiling. Akshara was singing ‘So ja mere….. ‘ All the kids had fallen asleep lying around her.
”My sweet family”. He whispered to himself. The screen freezes on his cute innocent face.

Precap : Girls dances n Gayu is about to fall down when Om comes n holds her.

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    Hey Dii…Hiw r u ? Today morning i waished ki i get Your FF and see its here…Love you Dii…Heart connection with ur story Dii.
    Wow so funny in start i can imagine Naksh and Naira so desperate to e with Keerti and Karthik respectively.
    Omkara and Gayu…Gayu lol asking permission :D:D:D…wow congrats Gayu.
    And our cute doll Mishti and her antics.
    Kyun Naitik ki tarsa rahe ho Dii…want NaKsh Romantic talks..
    Loved it.

  2. Sachu

    Hi Fenuuuu Iam fine dear. So happy to read ur comment. Seriously ur words make me really happy. I read it with a big smile on my face. See u wished n soon I published my ff naa I got to know through telepathy. Thanks for commenting and this is the reason y Iam still continuing the story. I ll definetely include more NaKsh convos. Love u too bro…..

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