Yeh dosthi kya kehlatha hein FF on Kaira Keesh and Gayu’s love interest (Part 6)

Hi dears here Iam with my next chapter. Hope u guys enjoy this. Dedicated specially to my 2 sweet hearts Fenuuu n Raf……♡♡
Akshara sings ‘O kanha…..’ n do aarti while entire family fold hands n sits praying.
‘Bauji I think I ve to spend more time in the academy now. So u n Naman please manage in the office in my absence……. ‘
‘U dont worry bhaiya, we all r there to manage. u better go office.’ said Karishma with a grin.
‘Yeah bhabhi is ri8 we all ll manage…..’ ‘Aksharaa tell them how important Iam in supporting u…… ‘ Akshara stands silently smiling…..
‘Papaaa then u help me manage Krishna. waise bhi mumma always wants me around, hein naa mummaa ?’ ‘Bas karo Iam going office. Now if anyone comes n beg me also I wont help…. ‘ Naitik said throwing glances at his lovely wife.
” Sab ke sab mere pyar ke dushman ban gaya hein”, he murmured while walking away…..
‘ Rajbannaa , let munna be at the academy ‘ ‘Haa bhabhimaa we were just pulling his legs.’ ‘ Bahuu, jaa beta u all have breakfast. U have lots of work ahead know ? ‘ ‘Jii bhabhimaa’
‘Gayuu its okey if he is not willing its not ur fault beta….. ‘ ‘But maa the way he shouted at me….’
‘ Some people r so involved in their work dear. Fine leave it today we have to submit names for painting n pottery what to do ?’

‘Guys how long we ll sit like this ? Suggest someone know ? ‘ ‘Stop being impatient Naira, nothing will happen by simply panicking……’
‘ Keerthiiii u have a friend who is good at painting naa ?’ ‘Who Anjali ? She paints well but not the best choice for such a big event….’
‘ Gayuu come fast ! u ve a call from Omkara Singh Oberoi…. ‘
‘Ananya diiiii.. just go fast Gayuu…..’
‘Helloo …’ ‘Hi Gayathri, its me Omkara…’ ‘Yes sir…..’ ‘ Iam sorry for yesterday…..’
‘ No its my fault…. I knocked n felt u told me to come in….. ‘ ‘Leave it…. its fine Soumu told me u wanted some help from me……? ‘
‘Yeah actually ….can we meet personally n discuss ? ‘ ‘Mmm….. Okey I ll come over there today afternoon, Will that be fine ?’ ‘Absolutely sir ….thank u so much sir….’
Gayu could not stop jumping for some time. When she turned around she saw everyone there looking at her happily… ‘Maa he agreed to come… Today noon…. Wont he agree maa ?’ ‘ Relax Gayuu let him come then we ll see beta…..’
‘ Whats the good news guys ? let me also know….’
‘Dugguuuuu ? I din call u then how come u r here ? ‘ ‘Woh…. Mein….. I was passing by….. Socha I ll come in n see if any help is needed….. ‘ ‘Naksh u help us in designing clothes’, Varsha hurriedly said.
‘ Designing clothes….. ? Thats nt my area chachi. Anyone else need help…. ‘
His eyes were searching for the one whom his heart desired to help not knowing that her eyes were glued on him since the moment he entered there.
‘ Naksh u join us , we have got to decide many themes n ideas u can help us….. ‘ ‘That ll do Karthik.’
So after a while the central hall was echoing with the shouting, laughing n many other noises of a bunch of friends who were destined to be together forever n ever…… The screen freezes on Gayu’s smiling face who was eagerly awaiting Om’s arrival in the academy.

So guys, this was my new chapter for u. Hope u liked it. Please let me know….

Precap : Akshara sing ‘So jaa mere ….. ‘ Gayu, Naksh, Naira n Mishti sleep while Naitik looks on smiling.

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  1. Fenil

    Wow superb chappy Dii.
    Totally loved it.
    Naitik went murmuring all are enemies of his love ?????? Gayu’s happiness and Om’s gesture to ask apology first that’s really sweet so they are going to meet???? Naksh finding Keerti ????lol… design clothes is not my area?????.Precap cool .. can’t wait for next.

  2. Wow wow wow diii…Superb!! outstanding didu…Starting part was nice…Omkara called at the perfect time…that too he’ll come to meet them..wonderful.! Ohh NAKSH’s eyes were searching for Keerthi.. then di, U r dedicating this to me n fenil bhaiya….Thank u so much sweet of You!!

  3. Sachu

    Now I ll have to find new words to reply u bro. Anyways so happy seeing ur comment. Suggest some songs that I can include in upcoming chapters.

  4. Sachu

    Hi Raf when Iam with u guys its obvious I ll also get a little bit of sweetness. Glad to see u following my ff dear. I ve submitted an OS. Please do read n comment. Dont forget about suggesting songs…..

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