Yeh dosthi kya kehlatha hein FF on Kaira Keesh and Gayu’s love interest (Part 5)

Hi guys I guess u all lost touch with my story because of the 1 month gap in between. Anyways Iam posting my next chapter and have decided to wrap up soon in a few chapters. Thanks for all ur support till now.

“Om bhaiya what happened ? Y Gayu went crying ?” “Who is she ? U know Soumuu that I dont like anyone disturbing me….. See she spoiled my painting….. ” “Its awesome bhaiyaa especially that final stroke u gave….”
It was then only Om noticed that his painting was nt spoiled n he became somewhat calm.
“N bhaiya she is Gayathri Singhaniya, my bestie. She came here to seek a help from u….. I told her u wont like it but the poor thing had to get ur scolding. U should not harve been so rude bhai. Afterall she is also an artist. But not aggresive like u…..”
     “Hi Naksh, she dances fabulously ri8 ?” “Oh hi Muskaan di yeah she is superb” ” How come u r here now ? Oh bhabhi must ve called u for something naa ?” Naksh nodded in approval.
“Okey Naksh I ve got to go home bhabhimaa is waiting for me to go n pick Mishti byee see u at home…. ”
Naksh hardly heard anything as he was busy smiling at Keerthi coming towards him. “Keerthi ji u dance really well. Thank God we found u on ri8 time. U ll be a great bonus for us in NMTF (National multi talented festive ) ” “Thank u soo much for ur kind words but the fact is I need to work hard because I lost my touch since a long time.” ” This is an art form Keerthi ji. When u worship it by heart u ll never lose touch. I ve to meet mumma after that shall we have a cup of coffee together ? ”
So after some time both were seated in the canteen Naksh wondering y he invited her n other wondering what made her accept the invitation.
“By the way seeing u dance anyone can say u ve experienced true love in ur life….” ” True love ? U believe in that Naksh ?”
He was silent for a moment. “Yeah I believe in true love….. True love is not only among a girl n boy. Keerthi ji, it can be between siblings, friends, family…… ” He is so sweet any girl ll surely be lucky to spend her life with him Keerthi thought with a smile.
“Naksh Iam sorry, I ve got to go. I ve to present my prepared sequence”. “U ll do best its my promise. I ve to rush to Krishna or else I d ve seen it once again”.
“Keerthi it was great aakhir behen kiska hein” chuckled Karthik. ” Yeah thats the only fault we find in her…… Gayu dii….. Where were u ? ” “Gayuu kya hua ? ” “Nothing guys I ve a head ache. Iam going home, maa ko batha dena or else she ll panic.”
“Something is wrong what u guys think ? ” “Yeah I think u r ri8 Naira…. Lets ask Akshara maam may be she ve any idea.”
“Arey Naitik aap bhi naa, dont forget we r parents of 3 kids n that too grown up ones.” “Uff Aksharaa u always spoil our romance. U always forget to take care of this cute husband”. ” Cute ? Drama king husband ab bas bhi karo…..”
” I love u Akshara….” ” I love u too Naitik….” “Will u have a coffee date with me Mrs. Beautiful ?” “Of course Mr. Handsome.”

★Nazar naa lage in dono ko. Such a cute couple, such an amazing chemistry…… No one can replace their love story, not even their kids, am I not ri8 readers ? So lets end this chapter on the happy note with the screen freezing on Naitik n Aksharas glowing faces. Please share ur opinions n suggestions so that I can improve my remaining chapters. Love u all.

Precap: “Today is the last date to give name for painting n pottery category, what to do ? ” Gayu looks on worried while Akshara sits thinking.

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  1. Fenil

    wow…Poor Omkara realize that painting didn’t spoilt but Gayu’s mistake gave different tiouch…well soumya and bade baal wale bhaiyaa bonding was cute i m missing Soumya a lot.
    Wow Dii Muskaan di in your story its so delight to read her name…Naksh lost in Keerti and offer for cup of coffee wow…so sweet Naksh about true love ….wow dii Naitik is complaing about cute hubby and romance and our chulbuli Akshara again gave sweet lovely answer…so coffee date i m waiting.
    Totally agreee no one can replace their chaemsirty not even theri kids oir any other pair.

    1. Fenil

      Please don’t end i m begging you Dii.

      1. Sachu

        I thought of wrapping up soon because I guess only few people read this ff. U can imagine how difficult it is to write each chapter when u have a naughty little kid to take care of. Iam not sure what to do. It is for u guys Iam still posting new chapters here.

    2. Sachu

      Hey Fenuu u r such a cute brother any girl can ever have. Always be an innocent soul like this. Thanks for ur support n keep commenting bro.

      1. Fenil

        Yaa I can understand if u can manage update only on weekends Saturday or sunday.i m loving this story and you are saying end…I also know readers are not commenting here all are silent that’s why I also ended my FF with Kaira marriage currently only Ishqbaaz especially IshKara stories are on plotter from my side and Twinj os.
        It’s your love Dii that u r saying this ??? will stay as it is.

  2. Wow di..Enjoyed keesh moments..
    Finally Om noticed that his painting wasn’t spoiled… Wow..I’ve got to see Naitik n Akshara together..

    Dii why u r trying to end this soon? I can understand di that it tooks so much of time to write but di I think so very few people know about this FF di that’s y not commenting I guess.!Currently This is the only FF iam following di…n everyone will love this FF if they know about this di..It gives me the old charm of YRKKH..So please don’t wrap up soon di…

    1. Sachu

      Glad that ur enjoying dear. Keep commenting n Yeah I ll go ahead with the story for u guys in the possible way. But dont expect me to be regular. I ve submitted my next chapter. Please do read n comment. Please please include suggestions in ur comments not just positives so that I can improve my writing.

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