Yeh dosthi kya kehlatha hein FF on Kaira Keesh and Gayu’s love interest (Part 4)

Hi my dear cuties. Iam extremely sorry for such a big delay. Hope u all r not angry at me. Here Iam back with the next part of my ff. Hope u like this. Please do read and share ur valuable comments…….

‘Hellooo Gayuu so happy to see u yaar. Missed u very much dear. Please come in’.
‘I can come in only if u leave me naa…’ ‘Oh sorry!’ chuckled Soumya while releasing Gayu from her tight hug.

‘Whats wrong with u Karthik ? Did any jungli janvar bite u ?’ ‘Y do u care ?’ ‘U know that I care for u because…. ‘ ‘Because ? Complete Nairaaaa.’ ‘Nothing, I have to meet mumma. See u later.. And please dont stay angry. U know that I need your support.’ Karthik couldnt stop smiling at Naira who was walking away with an upset face towards her mumma’s cabin.
‘Hey Ananya after talking to u I dont feel like meeting u for the first time. In fact all of u r so nice’. ‘ Ohh so happy to hear that Keerthi. Anyways lets start our rehersals right away. Karthik told that u r a very elegant dancer. U do one thing I ll give u a song n u present a sequence on that. I ll give 1 hour time for u to practise’.

‘ Y mumma does always this with me? Duggu go there, Duggu do that, Duggu bring this ….ohoo she always wants me around her…. Its better I join this academy permanently…’ Suddenly he stopped. Keerthi- was dancing on ‘Ore piyaa’. He could not take his eyes off her. She was like an angel dancing on clouds. So much happiness, so much grace in her every movement. Naksh was lost. Just his body remained there.  

‘ Oh God ! Gayuu u came for this ? I cant help u….. U dont know anything about Om bhaiya. He decides everything for himself. He dont like anyone forcing him to do anything’. ‘But Soumuu…..’ ‘Nothing doing…… Okey fine u go n meet him once. Then u ll urself realise y Iam refusing to help u’.

So Gayu entered Om’s studio with a beating heart. She had knocked n heard him say something but the poor thing did not know that he did not even hear her knocking on the door. He was talking to himself while making a painting n she misunderstood as his approval to enter. She could not take her eyes off the canvas. She did not see his flying long hair, his hands working on the painting, nothing she saw except the painting that was almost finished. A women was sitting with a child in her lap and a waterfall was flowing from one of her eyes.

‘ Wow its awesome sir……!’ Om was distracted and his brush slipped from his hands making marks on the canvas while falling down.

‘ How dare u ? How dare u enter here ?’ ‘Sir I….’ ‘Get lost from here. This is my personal space. Who told u to come here ? Get out … Just get out….’
The screen freezes on Gayu’s crying n Om’s angry faces…..

Precap: Naithik n Akshara share coffee and have a talk. Keerthi asks Naksh does he believe in true love.

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome come back Chappy.
    Loved it…nicely described each things Angry Om and Soft Gayu.Ananya entry and O re Piya wow.

    1. Sachu

      Hey bro no words to express how happy Iam seeing ur comment. Keep reading dear. I guess ur nt well. How r u now ? Please let me know soon.

  2. Hello di…How r u n Hamdan? Hope u two r fine di…
    Amazing chapter di..Keerthi’s dance n Naksh reaction was awesome dii…Poor Gayu misunderstood and got scoldings from him..Precap seems mind blowing di.. Iam so sorry for being late di….

    1. Sachu

      I should say sorry for such a big delay in posting the chapter. Thank u so much my sweet heart for ur sincere support. Love u lots. I have posted my next part now. Please do read n comment when it gets uploaded. Ur comments mean a lot to me dear.

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