Yeh dosthi kya kehlatha hein FF on Kaira Keesh and Gayu’s love interest (Part 2)

Hi guys Iam back with my 2nd chapter. Hope u like this.

The car came to a screeching halt and Naksh rushed out of the car while his sisters also joined him being worried. ”R u fine ? Come I ll take u to the hospital Iam really sorry…. I din see u ……I should ve been careful ……… ” ”Bas bas Iam okey ..dont panic”,the girl consoled Naksh with a soothing smile.” Actually meri bhi galthi hai. I was looking at my mobile in between and suddenly saw ur car coming and tried to ask for a lift ”.
It was then only that they noticed a car stopped nearby. ”Heyy u r Naira Singhania the great dancer right ? ” ”Of course she is Naira , but she is more talented  in making others dance by her actions hein na bhai ? ” Gayu chuckled and Naksh could not stop his grin. ” Never mind these guys but how do u know me ?” ” Oh I have watched many of ur shows and is interested in classical dancing. The best part of the story is that today I was coming ur academy to join for the short term classes n my car tyre got punctured n the rest is before u…. ” ”Oh thats great then y dont u join us ? Anyways we r going there only naa so come with us and get enrolled right away.”
Saying so Gayu opened the front door for her. ”Thanks but I ll be fine in the backseat…… ” ”No no please! u dont make them sit beside me” Naksh cried out folding hands .
Both the sisters rolled their eyes at him and was in the back seat at the same time. With a smile the girl was about to enter the car when she slipped. Naksh got hold of her in the right time. ” R u alright Miss…. ” ”Keerthi.. Iam Keerthi”. ” Oh k , Keerthi ji r u fine ? ” ”Oh yeah I think I got a sprain in my leg.” ” Shall we take u to hospital ? ”asked Naira. ”No Iam fine ” Saying so keerthi got in to the car and now they were 4 people who were destined to be together forever unaware to them at that moment.
Naksh’s mobile rang and he switched on the loudspeaker.”Hey bagwan where r u all ?? ” ”We r coming mumma” ” Dugguu I thought u r mature jaldi aao betaaa Mr. Mehta is here since half an hour, if Naira dont meet him today then it ll be big trouble….” ”We r coming mumma dont worry”, Naira cried out from behind . ”Iam so sorry its all my fault ” Keerthi said in a low tone. ” No all these syaapa occured because of these 2 chimpanzees. U dont worry Keerthi ji everything is fine.” ” R u sure Duggu ji ?”
And for the rest of the journey the car was filled with the sound of Naira n Gayus laughing at Naksh being called like that. As soon as the car reached the academy both sisters rushed out and Naksh was left alone with Keerthi.
” Iam Naksh thats my name.” ”Iam sorry, I felt u r ….” ” Duggu ? My mumma calls me like that . I guess Iam sorry is ur favourite word ?” ” Iam sorr….. Ehh Iam so…. ” ”Ha ha leave it Keerthi ji I was kidding.” ”Waise bhi Duggu is more cute to call. Nice meeting u Naksh.”
They shaked hands looking deep into each others eyes…
”How dare u ?” Karthik was coming running and in a jump he got hold of Nakshs collar. ”Stop it Karthik ,r u mad ?” Cried out Keerthi. ”U dont say anything its between us. U stay out of this.”
Akshara came running and tries to stop him when the episode freezes on Keerthi’s shocked face.

Precap : karthik is seen intimately dancing with a girl and Naira leaves from there angrily while Gayu n Keerthi looks on.

Guys please do read n comment and give ur valuable suggestions so that I can improve my writing. With lots of love to my siblings out here.

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    Nice and cute chapter the sibling bond and Keerti entry was dam good precap sounds very interesting eaglery waiting for next

    1. Sachu

      Thank u so much for ur inspiring words dear. I hope to meet ur expectations in the coming chapters also.

  2. Fenil

    Love this update also Dii.
    Enjoy throughout the chappy.
    NaKsh was fully irritated by his two chimpanzees Sisters.

    1. Sachu

      Thnx Fenuu. Iam so happy seeing u keeping in touch with my ff. I d love to irritate u also like this bro….

  3. Hey Sachu
    Brilliant I love the story
    I read yesterday’s part 1 too but had made so many comments by then I was tired.
    I love this – oh please make Gayu find love yarr – so we can see the 6 of them going out having fun.
    I love the fact that you kept Akshara alive in your story.
    Keep up the good work. ??????????

    1. Sachu

      Hey Missy so happy to see u here dear. Yeah Gayu’s pair also need to be introduced. How could I leave out Akshara ? Iam just fed up of the current track. So only started this ff to rekindle Yrkkh in the way I wish to view. No offense to the present Yrkkh lovers. But I ve lost hope from CVs. Thank u so much for commenting dear.

      1. Ponkuri

        Dear Sachu u bring hope for us in this FF…make me feel better???…Bro Fenil told us abt ur FF…???

        Keep writing…support u?????

    2. Ponkuri

      Missy ur here…???

      1. Sachu

        Hi dear thank u so much for ur inspiring words. Infact Iam feeling a bit tensed after reading ur comment if I d be able to fulfill all ur expectations…….
        So Fenu is promoting my FF ha ha he is such a gem
        Love u sis. Keep reading dear…..

  4. Wow di..It’s also amazing!! Keerthi’s entry was superb di…Enjoyed a lot..The best thing is U have added Akshara in this FF..Good to see her here di..It was totally hilarious….Agree with u di,Even am fed up of the current track..But no worries u r here to freshen my mood.. thanks a lot di..
    Hope u’ll post next part Asap.. Karthik’s entry starts with I know U’ll clear this misunderstanding soon n will give us the best story..A big Thank u to Fenil bhaiya,He told us about ua FF di… waiting for next part di..

    1. Sachu

      Hi Raf I ve uploaded my next part. Hope it ll be published soon after review. Please do read n give ur valuable comment on that. Fenuuuu thanks a ton dear for letting others know about this ff. U r awesome bro……

  5. Chanya

    Aww di!!!awesome episode…keerti’s entry is amazing ..would like to see more keesh scenes …i love keesh lot..waiting for the next epi..

    1. Sachu

      Hi dear yeah Iam trying to give equal importance to all pairs. Hope to do so in the coming chapters…..

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