Yeh dooriyan (maintain distance) (Episode 7)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap: swasan connection… Swara saw a portrait..


It was nearly 11 in night when sanskar receives a call… He gets worried seeing Swara’s call at this point of time

“hello swara is everything alright.. U called me this time ”

” yes sir.. Sorry to disturb you but sir I can’t come for 2 days ”

” what!!! Why!!! ”

” sir I hv some work at home so.. I can’t m sry sir ”

” ahh itz ok… Take care.. Ok”

“okay sir… Thank you so much sir… Thanku sir.. I mean good night sir… No I mean bye ”

” bye” ?he smiles..

He lye in bed n closes his eyes but no.. He can’t sleep.. Something was disturbing his sleep…


Everyone was sitting on dining table and sanskar came with a dull face

“what happened bhai.. U look dull” laksh ask

“nothing lucky.. Just can’t get sound sleep ” he said.

” mom itz 8:30 and swara abhi tak nahi aayi… She never came late”ragini said

“ragini swara will not come for two days… I got her call she has some work so she will be on leave ” he said with a dull face..

RagLak notices his dull face n exchange happy expression
” itz kk.. Bhai she must be bzy” laksh said..

Dp’s phone rang he lifts the call “ji kakisa… (pause) ok then we will definitely come… (pause) ya ya in 2 hours… Ji namaste” he hung the call

” Annapurna… Get ready kakisa is going to To vrindavan and mathura and she wants us to join her.. So that she can fix sanskar and swati’s marriage date… So get ready ” dp orders..

Listening about marriage sanskar feels something strange” dad what’s the need of getting married in hurry… I don’t want to marry now.. And I hv 2 important meetings tmrw so I can’t join you sorry ” he said

” beta we are just fixing the date.. We are not taking you to the mandap… And rahi baat meeting ki to itz ok.. U focus on ur work ” dp says

” vo dad… Actually me and ragini too can’t join you” laksh said in feeble voice

“why so” dp frowned

“dad me and laksh has arranged a fashion show cum dinner for children of sparsh foundation… So we are leaving for agra today and will be back by tmrw night ” ragini explains

” so in that case only me and Annapurna left to go… Annu pack ur bag kakisa will come here in two hours ” dp says


@maheshwari office

Sanskar was reading a file but he couldn’t concentrate on that…

” urrrghh what’s happening… I can’t concentrate on work.. ” he thought

Then his phone rang

**swati calling**

” hey sanskar.. ”

” hey”

“tum kyu nahi aaye.. M missing you ”

” vo.. Actually swati I hv work here… Achha will talk to you later ”

” sanskar wait.. ”

” ya”

“look I know you don’t love me… But u hv also told me that u don’t love any other girl either… ”

” swati what rubbish are you talking about… Look I neither love You nor any other girl.. So plz remove these thoughts from your mind.. Sanskar maheshwari apni zuban ka pakka hai”

“hmm.. Thnku.. Bye”

“bye ”

***call ends***

” what’s happening with me.. What’s happening around me… Oh god.. Why I feel something strange… Ok I know itz not luv but. Well I should leave ” he closes the files and left his cabin

” sanskar sir wait” his PA calls him

“ya disha “he says.

” sir i got a call from Kumar and sons they are saying that due to unavoidable circumstances they can’t come for meeting tmrw… They will post us as soon as possible ” his pa explains

He nodded and left

He was going to his house when he swara in a jewelry shop… He parked the car n immediately left towards the shop but swara has already left…. ” m sure swara doesn’t have money to buy an jewelry piece so what was she doing here…” he thought n went in

“excuse me… Can u tell me that girl.. Who was wearing purple top and jeans.. What she bought from here” he ask the salesman

“why would I tell you about her ” he counter question sanskar

He thought something then said” actually she is my colleague n we hv a doubt on her that she has forged the company account ”

“what.. Then u must hv mistaken mister swara is not that type of girl” an old man… With heavy body and white hair said

“u know her?? ” sanskar ask

” she is swara bose… A mature girl.. She came here to sell this..”he shows a mangtika to him

“but what’s the need of selling this”Sanskar can’t understand anything

“she use to come here every month n sell her jewellery… N this was the last jewelry piece she had… She is facing hard up since childhood… All these things snatches her childhood from her… Her mother borrowed some money from me n in order to repay installments she sell her jewellery to me” the old man said

Listening to this sanskar’s eyes welled with tears “I want to buy this… Not only this if u hv her other jewellery pieces then I will buy them too”

That old man nodded and sanskar bought all her jewellery which she has sold till now…

He came back home… Which is empty now… He doesn’t even eat anything he keeps on thinking about swara and her struggle….

“how she can be like this… She has faced and still facing this much complications and hard times.. Still she spread positivity and happiness all around… I respect you swara… I respect your struggle… Hatts off to you “he thought and slowly doze off holding her jewellery


Sundays knocks his room and irritates sanskar resulting his wake up….

He gets fresh and come downstairs he searched in kitchen but nothing to be found… He prays to God and enter into A new world to win a new battle… A battle of preparing breakfast…

He put some water sugar and tea leaves in pan n put that on gas… Then he thought to prepare parantha for himself

“u can do it sanskar… Kitna difficult hoga ek parantha prepare karna.. U r a Business man.. You can do this..? “he took a deep breath and starts to prepare..

After a while the scenario of kitchen was like… The floor was white like marble.. As a layer of wheat flour has covered that… Some vegetables were struggling to keep themselves on counter… All the utensils were scattered on the floor making a beautiful pattern… Pattern of Dustbin ?

Soon someone enters the villa… And sanskar stopped working mere after feeling that presence…

Yes that was swara..

She listen some noise from kitchen and went towards that and got shocked… She screams “aaaaaaahhhhhhh????”

Listening to her scream the container of salt which he was about to put on the shelf slips his hand he turns and shouts.. “aaaaaaahhhhh”????

Listening to his scream swara shouts even louder… ” aaaaaaahhhhhhhh”???????

Both engaged in screaming competition ?

Sanskar realises their idiotic actions n he immediately puts his hand on her mouth.. “ssshhhh why are you screaming ” ??

No response

“aree tell me why are you screaming ” he agin asked

She signals him to remove his hand from her mouth so that she can speak” ohh m sry… Now tell me”

“sir atlest look at yourself… U look like an alien ?”she laughs..

Sanskar was covered in flour and some strans of vegetable peel were attached to his clothes

” what.. !!” sanskar can’t understand

” wait sir??” she took a plate and make him show himself as soon as he look at himself he screams “aaaaaahhhhhhh ye kon hai… ” ???

“sanskar maheshwari ?” she replied

Then swara saw that the pan was literally burning…

She immediately ran n off the stove

“swara u were not supposed to come today right?? “sanskar frowned

” sir my work has been done so I come… Now u go n let me prepare breakfast “swara replies

” aree nhi I can prepare that u go ” sanskar said while opening container of oil and bingo that container slips and river of oil flew in the kitchen as he took one step and he fell on floor with a thud… He was struggling to get up but all in vain…

(u can imagine his condition flour mix with oil and sanky dipped in that???)

“come sir let me help you? “she forwards her hand

Sanskar holds her hand and bingo she fall on him
Both were very close to each other yet she was maintaining distance … Swara’s breathing turns shallow…

[[ Mann yeh saahib ji
Jaane hai sab ji
Phir bhi banaye bahaane]]

Both were involved in each other’s eyes… Some strans of hair were blocking her eyes.. Sanskar slowly put them behind her ear

[[Naina nawaabi ji
Dekhe hain sab ji
Phir bhi na samjhe ishaare]]

She closes her eyes due to shyness.. And sanskar keeps on adoring her innocent beauty

[[Mann yeh saahib ji haan karta bahaane
Naina nawaabi ji na samjhe ishaara na samjhe ishaare]]

Both realises their close position and swara tries to get up but again she fell and this time.. She fell on his chest.. They were close without any distance

[[ Dheere dheere, nainon ko dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere dheere, bhaayo re Saibo
Dheere dheere, begaana dheere dheere
Apna sa dheere dheere, laage re Saibo]]

Both finally manage to get up and an awkward silence took the charge…

“swara u go n clean urself ” sanskar manages to say “and ya.. There is a blue packet in guest room.. If u want change ur dress too” he added

She nodded and left… He too left for his room…
Swara was cleaning the war residues ? from the kitchen when she heard sanskar’s scream… She immediately ran into his room” sanskar sir where are you ”

” here aaahhh ?”sanskar shouts from bath room

” what are you doing there?” she asked

“m doing bharatnatyam… Bewakoof bathroom me koi kya karta hai” sanskar shouts in irritation

Swara went in and closes her eyes immediately seeing his bare body… Only a towel was wrapped around his waist”sir”

“thank god swara u came.. Plz. Do something my eyes are burning and pani nhi hai… Ahhhh do smthng ??” she shouts

” wait sir.. Mai kuch karti hoon ” she came out and took the water jug

She went in n pour the water on his face and sanskar screams like a kid” Ahhhh swara itz still burning ?”

” sir just a min.. It will be fine… ” she splashes some water on his eyes and blew air slowly” sir plz open ur eyes ”

Sanskar slowly opens his eyes

[[ Surkhhiyaan hain hawaaon mein
Do dilon ke milne ki
Ho.. arziyaan hain nazaaron mein
Lamha yeh tham jaane ki]]

He slowly leans towards her… He cupped her face and brushed his lips on her

[[ O kaisi huzoori ji yeh lab dikhlaaye
Chuppi laga ke bhi ghazab hai yeh dhaaye
Dheere dheere, nainon ko dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere dheere, bhaayo re Saibo
Dheere dheere, begaana dheere dheere
Apna sa dheere dheere, laage re Saibo]]

He was completely involved in that kiss when he heard a voice “sanskar sir open ur eyes slowly”

He opens his eyes and realises that.. That kiss was his dream ????

He scratches his head and make an idiot face

“sir r you fine now” she again ask

He nodded and she left…

He came downstairs and swara was already ready with breakfast cum lunch…

“what’s this swara beans yukk I don’t like them” he makes a yuk face

“sir atlest try this.. Once m sure u will love this…” swara said

“Nopes.. ” he resists

Swara held his hand and put a bite in his mouth” now eat this.. Or else u will disrespect the food?”

He somehow manages to eat that… Then swara asks “hwz that?”

“yukk… But itta bhi bura nahi tha” he said with a smile

“swara behave urself he is ur boss… He lives in rich society… Why u feed him with ur low class hands.. And why are u behaving so friendly with him… Maintain distance.. Yeh dooriyan zaroori hain” her inner voice screams…

“swara feed me na.. It was fun?” he said…

Swara looks at him in shock here he realises what he said “aree I was joking don’t worry?” he tries to cover

“yr what are you doing… Kya sochegi swara tere bare me.. U r engaged… Ye dooriyan bana ke rakh” he thought in mind

To be continued….

I think itz long enough to compensate… ?? And guys I hv replied to ur Comment on previous chappy..

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