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Recap : Shonali n swara got shot, Ashish arrested.


*Swara’s pov*

I saw Ashish aiming gun towards sanskar, he was about to shoot him but I have to save him. He has been with me in every thick and thin and I literally did nothing for him now it’s my turn, I have to save him.AGAIN.

I hugged him tight and whispered “I love you sanskar” and soon I can feel a sharp pain in my neck, probably that bullet got into my neck, within a few seconds that pain became unbearable and I can see nothing but the darkness. May be this is end of our story, our love story. I just hope that the almighty gives him strength to bear this separation.

*Swara’s pov ends*

**Sanskar’s pov**

It been hours since that incident took place, swara and Shonali both were in operation theatres struggling for their lives. Everyone was at hospital , I could see a calm lady Infront of me. I could see her calm face even in this critical situation when her both the daughters were fighting for life, this lady Sharmishtha bose was indeed strong. Only she knew the turmoil which was in her heart.

Soon doctor came out.

“Miss Shonali is out of danger, we have removed the bullet from her back successfully. At present she is unconscious you can meet her soon” her doctor said and left.

Atlest Shonali is safe, but what about swara? Her doctor doesn’t come out yet.

Unknowingly I again started to pray to God. Although I didn’t believe in him initially but always he has saved my swara. So I just hope he would save her this time too. No. No. No. He has to save her. I can’t live without her.

Three more hours have passed.. still doctor was in OT. Now I could see that the strong lady Infront of me started to become weak. No! Ma you can’t fall weak now.

“I Will losse my one daughter Again” ma said, this time the tears made their way from her eyes..

“Chachi nothing will happen to swara!” Trisha said, trying to console her but the fact is with each passing moment our hopes were declining.

“Patient has gained her senses if you want you can meet her” a nurse came and told us about Shonali.

Ma immediately wiped her tears and proceed towards her ward. I know she can’t let her one daughter see the pain for other.

We went in her ward and Shonali was sobbing quietly, ma sat beside her and cares her head with all the affection.

“How are you feeling beta? Is it paining alot?” Ma asked Shonali, we all can sense the heaviness in her voice. Afterall it’s the most difficult situation for her.

“Ma!” Shonali burst out crying with this.

“Shhhh, don’t cry beta, everything is fine now” ma wipes her tears.

“I’M sorry ma, I have done wrong, b-but trust me when I came to know that I am at fault I stopped hurting swara, I even tried to stop Ashish but he wasn’t ready to listen to me” she sobs

Yes she was right I have seen her helping swara, and only cz of her Swara was safe, it was me cz of whom swara is Struggling for her life. Damn!

“I’m sorry sanskar” she said to me

I simply ignored her, yes she has saved her, but still I can’t ignore the fact that she has tried to harm swara numerous times.

I can see her eyes searching for someone. Yes, she is searching for swara

“Ma where is swara ? is she angry with me? ” Shonali asked.

With her this question ma burst out crying.

“Ma what Happened? Is everything alright? Where is swara? Why are you crying?” Shonali wanted to know

“Swara is fighting for her life Shonali” shlok spoke

“What? I mean how? She was fine! Ashish Didn’t shoot her!” A genuine concern can be seen in her eyes for swara.

Swyam explained everything to her.

“It’s all because of me. I was behaving stupid. I should have understood that ma or swara can’t hurt me. It’s all because of me” Shonali continue to curse herself.

“It’s cz of me Shonali” i said sternly

” Sanskar?” Mom look at me in amusement

“Yes mom, I can’t guard her, I can’t guard your daughter in law, I can’t guard my life. Again”this time I broke down

“No my son! You have supported her everytime, it’s nothing like that. Don’t blame yourself” dad said

“Dad I feel like a looser I can’t do anything, she is my life. I can’t live without her. If something will happen to her I can’t forgive myself. I can’t” I sobbed

“Bhai please, nothing will Happen to her. God can’t be so cruel to snatch your first love from you. Nothing can happen to a Nobel girl like her. Trust your love. Last time also your love has saved her. And this time also it will definitely save her.”laksh said

I just hope whatever they all are saying to be true.

Finally! After two more hours and doctor came out of swara’s ward. I was trying to gather courage to face doctor, or you can say to face reality.

“Howz she?” I asked

“Mr maheshwari we have successfully removed the bullet from her neck, but still, she is not out of danger. She will be in danger until she didn’t get her senses.. and let’s be clear, don’t hope much” doctor said and my Utopia shattered, NO!! How can he say that! Still I asked

“W-what d-do you m-mean by t-this?”

“Come to my cabin I will explain you”

I went to doctor’s cabin with laksh and shlok.


“So, Mr maheshwari, Mrs maheshwari got shot in neck, luckily the bullet didn’t tear her main nerves but, 2/3 of the neck shot injuries are fatal. Even if she will survive then also it’s not necessary that she will lead a normal life” doctor Again blasts reality and broke my heart into pieces

“Normal life ? Means?” Laksh enquired further as now I am not in state to enquire anything.

“Mrs. Maheshwari may suffer complete paralysis, neck down paralysis, memory loss, or she may slip into coma.” Doctor said

I simply got up from chair and walk out.
I stood Infront of ICCU I can see my princess, my swara again engulfed in-between lots of machinery.

Tears make way from my eyes. I never felt this much helpless. NEVER.

Laksh and shlok told the reality to others’ and were crying! Everyone loves swara alot. I left hospital and went to the farmhouse. That place where we have spent our most memorable moments, or probably the last moments. I sat on bed and cares each and every thing which makes me remember about swara. After recalling the moments there I came home. Which is not not More than a villa for me without swara. I can hear mom, dad and others asking questions to me about my sudden departure from hospital, I ignored that. I ignored most of the things as nothing matters to me. I sat on bed and cares swara’s side with all my affection, feeling her essence in that. I saw a pair of diamond earrings on the dressing table and recalled our conversation over that


Swara was wearing her earing when suddenly it broke and she made faces.

“So what happened mrs maheshwari” I asked her

“Look na sanskar I loved this earing alot and it broke. I wanted to wear this in today’s Puja” she said with the cutest sad pout ever

“Why don’t you try this, leave these artificial jewellery and wear this” I gave her a box of diamond earrings

“Have you lost it! What’s the need of spending this much!!” She rolled her eyes on me..

“Cm’on swara , not again please! I can afford real gems for my diamond” I said kissing her cheek.

“Sanskar somethings can’t be changed AUR YEH DOORIYAAN HUMARE BEECH HAMESHA RAHNGI, understood” she said cutely

****Flashback ends**

I smiled recalling how I just love kissing her cheek it gives me a feeling that she is my kid and I have to take care of her. And now it gives me feeling of self loathing, I makes me guilty that I can’t protect her.

That night seemd to be longer and darker. I just hope that the sun rise gives me a new hope but on the contrary it broke my existing hopes. I went to hospital and after checking her doctor told us that …..

“I’m sorry Mr maheshwari, your wife has slipped into coma” ..

These words were enough to break everyone, but they can’t break me, although my hopes are lessened but no! I’m not broken I know my swara will come back. It’s just a stormy night and soon a new sun will clear the sky. As swara said no one can seperate us. She will come back

Yes she will definitely!!

~*~ 8 MONTHS LATER ~*~

Eight months have passed. In this eight months and I didn’t let my hope shatter cz I know she will come back to me she will definitely!

In these eight months her hospital ward became my home.. I rarely come back to MM.. whenever I step in MM I can feel her essence in each and everything which makes me restless.. which makes me more guilty for not saving my swara.. and in her ward I talk to her.. I pour my heart out Infront of her, though she can’t reply and react to my talks but still she can listen all that, my swara is a good listener.

I stopped my car Infront of hospital and straight went in her ward. I sat beside her and held her hand in between my palms. I looked at her face, it has became pale, still she is most beautiful woman for me in this whole world.

“Hmm.. still sleeping ! Not fair mera Bachha.. it’s my birthday and you are still sleeping.. chalo get up and wish me..” I said while holding back tears in my eyes..

I still remember my last birthday and her gift, that sketch you have no idea how much I miss your soothing voice.

“Achha chalo, I don’t want any gift just get up a-and..” I tried to complete but words refused to came out of my mouth, tears made their way through my eyes instead. I am missing my companion, my Lucky charm, my love, my swara.

I don’t know when it turned night. I removed my blazer.. folded my sleeves upto elbow and I slept on the couch in her ward…which has became my new home .. after wishing her goodnight I started recalling those moments which I spent with her as they were only giving me hope.

“Good night mera Bachha, get up soon. Your sanskar is missing you” I said and kissed her forehead.

I landed on couch and recalled how she has scold me once for sleeping on couch..


I was waiting for swara to come back from her office, that day she had some urgent work.. I unknowingly slept on couch while waiting for her.. when she came she woke me up

“Sanskar! Get up!” She Said while shaking me

“Uh.. hmm.. you came” I said while rubbing my eyes..

“How dare you to sleep here Mr sanskar maheshwari!! Don’t you know you get back pain after sleeping on couches like this!!” She rolled her eyes

“Sorry, I was waiting for you” I said with a puppy face trying to be as innocent as I can

“It’s okay” she said. I grabbed the opportunity and kissed her cheek

***Flashback ends***

She always cares for me.. my princess.. I will be waiting for that day when you will be with me again… I am doing my new project with full focus so that when you will wake you will be happy.. I know you will come back.. DEFINITELY.

**Sanskar’s pov ends**

**Swara’s pov**

Today he again came. I don’t know this man Or may be I know I can’t figure that out. I just felt relaxed whenever he came.. I can’t see anything.. I don’t know where I am it’s just a plunge of darkness.. it’s been soooooo long, I don’t know how long actually but this man came here and always pour his heart out Infront of me. I don’t know why I can’t see him or why I can’t respond but my heart wants to engulf this man in a bone crushing hug to soothe his pain.

I don’t know why but my heart also aches listening to his pain.. the pain was evident in his voice. He seemed broken but something is still giving him hope I don’t know what, but I can feel.

I can feel that he loves some swara. I can feel, that’s the only thing I can do.
I don’t know untill when i’m gonna live in this absolute darkness but whenever I will come out I make sure to meet this man.

It feels good to be with him. Whenever he held my hand I felt so protected. Whenever he kissed my forehead I felt blessed. With his each touch I can feel something what it exactly is I don’t know but I’m loving it.

I just hope his love, his swara will come back to him soon. He deserves his love.

**Swara’s pov ends**



You may feel it a bit losse ended.. but it was needed to be like this .

Thank-you all for bearing this story.. and for supporting me.. as you know I ask you to comment in last part.. so if you want you can comment.

I will continue with Kuch iss tarah 2 from next week.

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