Yeh dooriyan (first meet) (Episode 1)


Yeh dooriyan




Home is a place where you can be yourself… A place where u shared ur darkest secrets n happiest confessions… It doesn’t matter if it is a bunglow or a one room set… What matters is feelings…

“shonaaaa pani chala jayega… Fill the bucket… ” a lady in simple saree n bun.. Shouts

” ok.. Ma.. I will.. Don’t worry… N u hv ur keys na” a girl in palazzo n top said…

“ha I hv… N all the best for your exam.. N don’t skip ur breakfast” lady said strictly
“ok.. Mam.. As u order… Now go… Apko late ho jaayega ” girl said with a smiling face

” ha meri ma.. M going.. Take care swara” Sumi left

“bye mom” swara waves bye

Sumi left… (Sumi works in a skul as a teacher) n swara first filled the buckets.. Then she moped the home… N suddenly looks at tym…. “ohh god itz already 8 n I hv exam from 10.. N I will take me 1 n half hour to reach… I should do fast”

She done house hold works n left…

She looked at watch itz 9 she asked a cab to hire

“bhaiya North campus ”

(guys itz University area where campus colleges and located)

” 200″ the driver replied

“if I spent 200 here then it would be difficult for mum to manage… N if I opt bus it will take 20 but more time… Umm Yup I will go from bus… N rahi baat tym ki so that I will manage ” swara thought in mind

She step in bus.. N reach exam hall late.. As usual she has to listen
Longggggg lecture.. But still she managed to take her exam… Itz 2 in noon

She left for her cafe as she is working as a waitress in a cafe..


“swara u r late” owner shouts at her

“mrs fernandis I hv my exam today… Sry for being late “she said politely

” but still I will deduct ur salary… N ya u hv to work till late… We hv a business meeting in our cafe today” owner ordered her

She simple nods yes n change her dress.. N wear dress of waitress…

Swara came out to throw garbage n saw a man distributing chocolates among the poor kids… He after that distribute some stationary n school uniforms to them… She step ahead to listen what he was saying “now I don’t want any of you selling things on street… U need education… Samjhe” n he smiled

Swara was astonished with his behavior… Then a girl came n hugged him tightly ” u know that’s why I love you alot sanskar”

“I know u r buttering me… Baby ” sanskar winks

That man was sanskar n the girl who hugged him was swati (saumya seth )

” no… Nothing like that ” she avoids topic

” swati I know… That u want me to accompany you in shopping ” Sanskar said

Swati immediately said yes n both left.. Swara too came n starts serving food

” what the hell is this… I hv ordered a cheeze sandwich with extra chillies ” a customer fumes

” m… M so.. Sry sir.. Mai abi order thik kar deti hoon ” swara said in nervousness

” no need… I don’t want to eat here” that customer left in anger…

“swara what’s this.. Can’t u take an order properly” mrs fernandis scolded her badly

“m sry mrs fernandis “she apologize

” what sry haan.. I will cut ur salary ” mrs fernandis said


Everyone has arranged things properly for a business meeting…

The guest starts to come in n sat at their respective seats… Another waitress came n ask their order…

After a while swara came with order… N served everyone… Ashish (a business guest) held swara’s hand… N starts to touch her hand sensuously.. Making swara uncomfortable….

“sir plz.. Hv ur food.. “swara said in scared voice

” come here n sit with me.. N feed me baby… ” ashish said with lustful eyes..

” sir plz leave” she realises her hand with a jerk.. Resulting the chutney fall on his shoes

“u low class girl….. Do u even know.. How expensive they are… Are tere ghar ke 1 month ke kharach (expenditure) se zada cost hai inki… Chal saaf kar.. ” ashish yelled

Swara was standing still.. With teary eyes…

” i said clean my shoes… NOW!! ” he agin yelled

Swara was standing without any expressions

” swara can’t u listen… What sir is saying… Just do that… “mrs fernandis ordered her..

She took a few napkins.. N bend down n wipes chutney from his shoes… N here tears are brimming from her eyes….

One person was seeing all this with disgust look… He came in n said” we will reschedule this meeting… Now u all may leave ”

” but sanskar sir… Itz Important.. ” an employee said

” I said.. We will reschedule this meeting… So that Mr ashish can get his shoes cleared… Q mr ashish ” sanskar taunts

Everyone left.. N swara sat on floor crying… Nia her colleague consoles her..

Sanskar was still seeing all this…

” wipe ur tears… N go from here swara… I don’t want any more mess” mrs fernandis taunts…

Swara left n itz nearly 9..
She was walking on road… Cz according to her if she hire rickshaw it will cost more.. N saving is more important than anything else…

She got a call… She composes herself n pick that up.. It was sumi…

“ha ma”

“where are u beta itz 9”

“ha vo sry ma.. Thoda traffic hai… N don’t worry vinni is with me.. ”

” beta It is not safe.. Y don’t u all study here at ur home… Call ur friends here”

“ma.. Matlab padhne se he hai na.. N u know at reha’s house we all enjoy a lot.. U can’t imagine how much I love group studies at her place”

“uff.. Ok.. Bt… . beta plz don’t come on foot… Hire a rickshaw ”

” ha ma… I hv already hired a rickshaw ”

She hung the call up…

{swara has lied to Sumi that she went for group studies daily… Sumi doesn’t know about her job}

Here sanskar was in parking area n he listened to her talks n thought” y she lied to her mum.. It means her mum doesn’t know about her job… I don’t know y this girl bears all that humiliation… Well mujhe kya matlab”

He drove car n left… Here swara was walking n walking n walking…. She saw some puppies in Street… She immediately took biscuits out from her purse n feed those puppies… Again sanskar saw her as his car get punchered… He doesn’t know much about the area as they hv recently shifted to Delhi from Kolkata…

“umm excuse me… ” he called swara

” yes ” she said

” umm voo.. I.. I need ur help can u tell me where is puncher shop nearby…. Actually my car got punchered ” sanskar said in hesitation.

” there is only one shop… N that too will be closed now.. U should have Stepney in car” she suggests him.

“I hv one but I… I don’t know how to change that… As my drivers use to do these.. These.. ” swara interepts” these low class works correct”

Sanskar was speechless… He has no answer… Swara ask for tools n she changed the tyre…

“look done… ” she sighs

” thnku so much… I promise I will definitely learn this “sanskar said

She simply smiled.. N starts walking

” umm.. Vo.. Wait miss pink top”he again calls her

She turned around n asked him “what”

“itz very late… Shld I drop u” he offers her

“nopes mummy had told me.. Not to take lift from strangers ” she simply said

” then don’t ur mummy said not to help strangers ” he frowned

” nopes.. She said we should help everyone ” she said with a smile

Here sanskar was shocked to see her Innocence…

Swara left for her home… N sanskar reached mm @11


Ap was Waiting for him..

” ma aap soye nahi abhi tak “he said in concern

“beta ye tym h ghar ane ka” ap scolds him

“ma m feeling Damn hungry… Plz serve me na” he said with puppy face

“come here” ap signals him to sit..

He sat there n ap feeds him with her hands”now bring my bahu swati as soon as possible.. So that I can sleep peacefully ” ap said

” kya maa aap bhi” he said while blushing

He left his food in between… He left one roti … N vegetable in plate… He usually left this much food in plate

“m full… Ma… Good night ” he kissed ap’s cheek n left

He get In bed but still he was thinking about that cafe incident.. N was feeling bad for her…

To be continued…

Here is the first part… Hwz it… Tell me??

Credit to: Meher

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