Yeh dooriyan (Episode 9) (employee n employer)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : Annapurna warns swara to stay away from sanskar… Sanskar start to fall more for her


Itz been 4 days.. And now finally the day has come when swara will get her first salary… She was on cloud nine…

“here is ur first salary Swara” sanskar gave her an envelope

“thanku so much sir” she took the packet with a bright smile

She Counts the money n found 10k extra she gave them back to sanskar “sir here is extra money 10k is extra”

“itz ur bonus swara… Keep that” sanskar said

“bonus??? But why sir” she again enquired

“ohh ho.. Cz.. Cz.. Ha cz ragini’s charity event was a hit… That’s why “he said

“okay then… Thanku so much sir” she said

She was about to go but laksh stops her “wait swara”

“yes sir” swara turns

“swara u hv to go to faridabad with bhai tomorrow… ” laksh said

” what!!! Why!!! ” SwaSan ask in shock

” aree.. Calm down guys.. Actually bhai… I want to arrange a special party for ragini there.. N only u guys.. Can help me in this.. Plz na.. ” he said in pleading expression with puppy face

” ok.. Done I will help you.. ” sanskar agreed

” do u have any problem swara” laksh ask

“are yr.. Annapurna mam wants me to maintain distance from sanskar sir and laksh sir is sending me with him… What to do… ” she thought and finally broke the silence ” sir I am here cz of Annapurna Mam… N if I go with sanskar sir then who will look after Annapurna mam ”

” wait then… Mom!! . Mom!! ” laksh shouts

” what happened laksh why are you shouting ” ap come out

” mom do you have any problem if I sent swara with bhai” he said with cute face

Ap gave up seeing his expressions and nods no

“yippee… Then swara tmrw u hv to go with bhai… And ya.. Prepare well” laksh said

Swara reluctantly nods yes… And she left

“but laksh where u r sending sanskar that too with swara ” ap enquired

” mom I want to plan a small party for ragu at our farmhouse so m sending bhai n swara there to arrange things… ” laksh said..

Ap nods bt still she doesn’t like sanskar going with swara

“mom you don’t worry I know u don’t like Swara’s closeness with bhai but I will make sure that.. The true color of swati will be revield soon infront of all” laksh thought with determination



“ma m going… Take care ” swara shouts

” wait shona.. “sumi called her

” jee ma” swara stops

“beta I.. I need some money.. Vo.. I hv to go to Kolkata ” sumi ask

” maa.. Why are you asking.. I hv put money in ur cupboard… Please don’t ask me… That’s all urs… And Kolkata.. Is everything alright ” swara said

” beta I hv some work there.. N I shld ask u.. Now that’s ur earnings “sumi said

” ma.. I know.. People hv taunted u.. Cz in our society itz not accepted that a girl is earning for her family.. But plz don’t feel bad.. Hum dono alg nahi hai.. Tell me one thing if meri Jgh ladka hota then also u will say like this.. Finally u also think na.. That m a girl”swara said in choaking voice

“m sry beta… I.. I should not listen to them… Never say like this for me ur are my son n u are my daughter “sumi said while wiping her tears

” achha then give me some money.. M getting late” swara asked

Sumi took out some money and hand that over to swara “take care… I will be back in a week.. ”

“ok ma.. U too take care… And call me when you reach ” she kissed sumi’s cheak and left


@farm house

SwaSan enter the house..
Both were silent no one knows what to say…

Swara finally broke the silence “sir which room is ragini mam’s”

“there is no particular room but whenever we came here ragini and laksh stayes in the room upstairs “sanskar said

” then I.. I am coming “she said n left

Swara tries as hard as she can to stay away from sanskar… And her behavior irritates sanskar alot…

” she is avoiding me.. But why…” sanskar thought in mind

Sanskar went out to attend a call.. He heard Swara’s scream… He immediately hung the call up and came in…

He got tensed seeing swara on floor.. He immediately ran towards her “swara what happened”

“sir.. Vo I.. I was trying to change the curtains and I fell ” she said innocently

” cm’on get up” he said while forwarding his hand..

Swara somehow manages to get up.. As soon as she took one step she wince in plain “aaahhh!!!!”

She was about to fall but sanskar held her…

Both have an eye lock.. Eyelock of mixed and new feelings..

[[Naina nawaabi ji
Dekhe hain sab ji
Phir bhi na samjhe ishaare
Mann yeh saahib ji haan karta bahaane
Naina nawaabi ji na samjhe ishaara na samjhe ishaare Dheere dheere, nainon ko dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere dheere, bhaayo re Saibo
Dheere dheere, begaana dheere dheere
Apna sa dheere dheere, laage re Saibo]]

“are you fine swara” he ask

She nodded.. She agin tries to walk but her foot swell… She can’t walk cz of sprain
He without wasting any second pick swara up…

“sir what are u doing… Plz leave me ” swara struggle to release herself

” shut up swara… Don’t you dare to utter any word ” he said angrily..

He put swara on couch and bought first aid kit

” show me ur leg.. “he tries to apply ointment on her leg

” no sir I can manage… Give this to my ” she tried to take ointment

He gave her an angry glare and swara keep quiet

” ahhhh sir.. Plz.. “Tear starts to brimm from her eyes

” sshhh don’t cry… “he cups her face and wipes her tears

Swara realises her condition n shove his hands away” sir plz.. Stay away ”

Sanskar was shocked with her actions… She stand up and starts to move with difficulty… Sanskar cant take her rude behavior he pulls her towards him…

“what the hell is ur problem… Why are you avoiding me.. Dammit… M noticing u since a week… ” he said

” sir please leave me.. Itz hurting me “swara said

“first tell me why are you behaving like this… What is bothering you tell me.. We are friends right… Aren’t we” he said her straightly seeing in her eyes

“no we aren’t friends… “she said and releases herself but with sudden jerk she looses her balance and again fell in sanskar’s embrace

《In Faaslo Ka Ye Faisla Kyun Dil Ne Mere Kar Liya…
Khud Hi Na Jaane Kaise Jeeyega Hoke Ye Tumse Juda…
Main Waari Jaawan Main Waari Jaawan
Saath Ho Ke Ho Ya Ve Kasoor Re
Naadaan Se Dil Ki Har Khwahish Roothi Sapne Huye Hai Saare Choor…
Piya O Re Piya
Piya Re Piya Re Piya》

“swara why are you saying like this… We are friends “sanskar asked

” no sir.. We aren’t friends… We share only one relation that is of employer and employee… M just a servant sir… It doesn’t suites u to be a friend with a servant. “swara said

Sanskar feels bad listening to this.. After that.. They doesn’t talk to each other.. And prepare the farm house for small family party…

Ragini dp n ap enters along with laksh…

” laksh ye sab… ” ragini said with gleamy eyes

” for u ragini.. Do u like This ” laksh asked

” like this.. I love this.. Thank you so much… I badly want to spend time with my family… “she said while hugging him

” thank swara n bhai for this… They hv done all this” laksh said

“aww thnku so much swaea” ragini hugs her

“itz my pleasure mam ” she said

Sanskar got a call and he left…

” laksh sir I should leave now itz already very late.. “swara seeks Permission

“swara why don’t you stay here.. Itz not safe to go at this point of time ” dp suggest her

” no sir thanku so much… I will manage “she said n finally left..

” laksh iske pair me kya hua” ragini wispers in laksh’s ear

“don’t know “he said

After attending call sanskar came in n found swara missing

” lucky where is swara “he wispers

” bhai she has left for home ” laksh said

” WHAT!!! Hv u gone mad… U allow her to go to Delhi alone at this point of time that too when she was injured ” sanskar shouts

” beta we tried to stop her but she didn’t listen to us… “dp saod

” mom dad m.. M going… I will come back again after dropping her at home safely ” sanskar panics N left in hurry


Here Swara’s cab breakdown in middle

” bhaiya how much time it will take “she asled

” madam it will be fixed by morning only… U go straight there u will found a taxi stand… Those will drop u to the Delhi haryana border “cab driver suggest

She starts to walk but each step was difficult for her…. Suddenly a car stopped infront of her n she got shocked…. And starts to sweat… She was afraid of the person sitting in car….

To be continued…

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