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Yeh dooriyan


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Recap: swasan romantic moments… Sanskar struggling to prepare breakfast


It was nearly night dp and ap and Raglak came back..

“sanskar who has prepared this food.. ” ap asked

” ma swara has prepared this “he said with a big smile

” but she was on leave today.. Right ” ap again ask

” ya but her work… Had done so she came here… U know mom she is so funny we enjoyed alot”he said

“matlab tum or swara pura din akele the ghar pe” ap said in a serious tone

Sanskar nodded yes

Ap doesn’t like swara to spend time with sanskar in everyone’s absence

“achha ma.. What date u fixed for sanskar’s marriage ” ragini asks

” after 3 months on 26th.. Our sanskar will get married to swati” dp said..

“what!!! In 3 months..!!!! Itti jaldi kya hai ma” sanskar said in shock

“itz not early beta.. Still we have 3 months” ap Said

“but mom.. I don’t want to ” he said

” don’t you dare to refuse to marry swati ” dp said strictly

” cmon dad why would I refuse to marry her “sanskar said


Here swara was calculating something” ok so I hv saved 10k till now.. And itz still 4 days remaining to get my first salary.. And we hv food left for today only. So while coming back.. I will purchase some groceries ” she thought and left


” good morning ap mam” swara greets her

“good morning Swara “ap sound uninterested

Swara found her behavior awkward but she ignores that…

” hey swara good morning “sanskar wishes her

” good morning sir” she said

“achha swara plz prepare those beans.. Which u prepared yesterday that was osm… Yummy ” he said with watering expression

” sure sir”she said

Everyone looked at him with a shock… As everyone knows sanskar never liked beans.. And today he himself is asking for that

“swara good job I must say… Bhai never touched beans and today he himself is demanding… Achha tell me do u know how to prepare capsicum ” laksh said

She nodded positively

” then please prepare that too… Who knows bhai starts to eat them too” laksh giggles

Annapurna was noticing all that and doesn’t like Swara’s interference in sanskar’s life..

Sanskar was about to leave some food in his plate but he looked at swara who was giving him “finish this or else I will kill you” look
He immediately cleans his plate and said proudly “look swara I didn’t leave any food in my plate”

“itz good sir that u r changing ur some habbits” swara said with a smile..

“ya sanskar but change only ur habbit not ur class.. Remember from which class you belong ” ap comments

Sanskar quietly nodded and ap’s comment hurts swara alot…

In evening ap calls her in room

” yes mam u called ME ” swara said

” swara I don’t know how to beat about the Bush.. So listen carefully to me.. Stay away from my son… I don’t like ur free talk with sanskar he is ur boss n over that sry to say but… U r not of our class… Hope u r getting me.. ” ap said

She nodded

” look beta u r a NYC girl but my sanskar is getting married in 3 months… U should search for a middle class life partner for you… Sanskar is not ur cup of tea ” ap said

” don’t worry mam.. I know my limitations… Sanskar sir k or mere beech me yeh dooriyan banaye rakhna meri zimmedari (responsibility) hai” swara said with choaking voice

“god bless you ” ap left

Swara break down in tears ” look swara.. The result of being friendly with sanskar sir… U should remember that u r just a servant in his house… Nothing more than that.. He is engaged.. And cz of my behavior his marital life would get affected… So be in limits” she said to herself

Then she got a call and got worried she immediately took her bag n went downstairs… Only sanskar was there no other member was there

“sir I want to go… Itz emergency ” she said in tension

” ya swara but what happened “sanskar ask

” sir vo(she was about to tell him but stops in between) nothing sir… Just ma has called me” she said n left…

Sanskar follows her cz he found her behavior strange

She went to a hospital….

“swara yaha par” sanskar gets worried

She went in n saw her mom.. Her mom got sprain in hand… She saw the bill it was 12k…
“oh god 12k now what.. Umm ya I can do that” swara thought something and left…

Sanskar was following her… He observes her each n every action..

She went to a nearby jewelry shop and sell her earings.. And got 2k… Sanskar’s eyes welled with tears of respect for swara…

She clears the bill and take sumi out… Now she has only 500 left.. She was searching for auto but all in vain… Then sanskar stopped his car infront of them

“swara come in I will drop you to home ” he said

” no sir I will manage “she refuses

” I said get in NOW “he higher his pitch

Swara nods n get in she introduces sumi to sanskar

Soon they reached home.. But sanskar hv to park his car away as Swara’s street was conjusted for his big car.. He parked his car n went to her home..

” thnku so much sir”swara thanked him n tries not to let him enter the home

“swara call sanskar sir in… Itz already 10.. He must be hungry… U go n prepare food” sumi orders

“mom he will hv his dinner at home… U don’t worry ” swara escape

” no today I will hv my dinner with sumi aunty” saying this he went in and scans Swara’s home… It was one room set with kitchen they hv no furniture only some plastic chairs and a bed…. He felt bad for her…

Swara prepared food but the problem was the food was only sufficient for two people as she was about to bought groceries toady but she can’t n neither she has money….. she served Two plates one for sumi n one for sanskar

“are swara where is your plate”sanakar ask

“sir u n mom hv this first I will eat afterwards “she said

Sanskar had his dinner and Left here swara gave medicine to sumi… And make her sleep

“when will you eat swara” sumi ask

“are ma.. I will just u take rest “swara said

” tell me.. Khana to hai na kahi esa toh nahi.. Ki”sumi stops in between

“nothing like that ma… U know na I never lie to you… Trust me.. N Sleep ” she made her sleep..

She came to kitchen and drink two glasses of lemon water with some biscuits… Someone was noticing all this with heavy heart

Yes he was sanskar who has left his car keys… He saw swara with teary eyes… Took his keys n left without disturbing swara…

He was coming back to mm but he can only remember her struggle and her smile.. He can feel Swara’s feeling.. . Her hardtimes makes him cry and very next moment her smiling face make him smile

[[ Haan aa…

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye]]

He reached mm he saw a plate on dining table which ap has served from him… He was about to leave that.. But Swara’s face came infront of his eyes… He took that food and pack that in a lunch

[[ Haan hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jab se hai jaana tumhein
Teri ore chalne lage]]

He drove to an area where a beggar was sitting he gave that lunch box to him.. That beggar bless him

[[ Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gaye
Maante thhe Khuda
Aur haan wahi ban gaye]]

He came to mm and fall asleep thinking about swara only

[[Haan hansi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye]]

To be continued….

Guys as I hv told u that Swara’s character is inspired by a Ss… This chappy was also inspired by one of the chapter of that short story…

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  3. Awesome chappy meher!!? I think I’ve read tht ss. Swara was poor in tht ss nd sanskar helped her? I think you’re talking about tht story only? please update asap?

    1. That was “our story” Yup m talking about that only

  4. Priya tripathi

    Awesome bad for swara condition

  5. Wow superb pls update next part soon

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  6. 2day episode was superb meherdi
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    1. Don’t worry dear ap is behaving like this cz she doesn’t like sanskar’s closeness with her… As he is already engaged

  7. awesome….ya i have read that ss…..its really very heart touching

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      Indeed that ss was osm

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  11. Hooohhh!!!Meher….no joke here…the way u r portraying Swara’s character is mind blowing…i felt bad for Swara….Swara’s struggle for living a normal life with minimum amount of things…..I really respect such people..and Ap…I’m hating her here…class and blah blah blah…..before class…they have another identity that is…they r humans….i hate this mentality…love doesn’t see ..class or complexion or beauty..loved this episode..and swara here..???

    1. I too respect such people cz they are the one who knows the value of things…

      Yup love is beyond this.. That’s why luv is blind… Not all are born rich or poor… They born as a human first…

  12. Awesome. Feeling sad for Swara. Even i respect her now. Today also what a choice of song di??????? amazing timing. I cant wait to see united i MEAN SANSKAR AND SWARA. So try to post next soooooon. Loveee uuu???????

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  20. Kaun si story? Waise to aisa bohut jagah dekhi hai. Or ye to practical life bhi hai. I really thank u for showing the realities here. Even at some points of my life I had a miserable state like Swara but not exactly hers. Yeah! I am a middle class family’s elder daughter. Hence had to face many things even amongst riches.
    Anyways awesome! Lova ya loads!! ♥

    1. Fb pe thi ss.. Our life karke..

      Even m also from middle class m nt a daughter of any Ambani n Birla.. But for mey mumma is even rich than Ambani… Cz she thaught me morals…

      Luv u loads

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    Positivity around Swara is Reay having a deep effect on me…..???
    Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery happy as well as sad for Swara’s state….
    Mixed emotions ??????????
    And am ashamed to say this…..but I wanna say this…..
    I know basic hindi but I dunno full hindi as am tamilian from TN….so I dunno about it fully…..what’s the meaning of yeh dooriyan exactly coz I have guessed it’s meaning but dunno whether it’s right or wrong….

    1. No u are not late…

      I never feel like u are weak in hindi…

      Yeh dooriyan means “these distances”

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    2. Our life by jyoti

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