Yeh dooriyan (Episode 6) (portrait)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap: Swara’s first day at job


It has been almost a monthly since she has started working in mm… She is sharing a good bond with ragini… Here sanskar too started feeling something new with her presence … No itz not love.. But a unique peace.. A unique positivity he feels whenever she is around…
Her habbit of coming early and waiting till 8 doesn’t change… As soon as clock strikes 8 she bells the door..

Sanskar was walking to and fro in his room he was reading a file.. As soon As she steps in MM he stopped walking and an smile appeared on his face unknowingly

(( Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum
Dehleez pe merey dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum
Haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan sikha maine jeena, mere humdum
Na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum))

She came in n saw ragini in tension “ragini mam what happened”

“swara thank god u came.. Come n help me”ragini drags swara

“mam.. Just a min mai Annapurna mam ko medicine de ke aati hoon” swara said

“beta u go with her vese b laksh has already given me medicine “ap said

Here swara was confused…
Ragini took her to room.. N handed her a packet

“swara plz wear this” ragini said

Swara look at the dress and her eyes pop out “no mam.. I can’t” swara denies

This dress

“swara I hv designed this specially for you and u are saying like this “ragini pouts

” mam Plz.. I.. I don’t wear these dresses ” swara says..

” if you can’t wear this.. Then I hv no more option” ragini said n left

“sanskar!!! Sanskar!!! ” ragini shouts

” what happened ragini.. Why are you shouting “sanskar asked

By the time swara too came there

” sanskar pay her salary and fire her from job.. ” ragini said

” what” sanskar was shocked

Ap n laksh were smiling secretly… N tears starts to flow from Swara’s eyes…

“are u insane ragini ” sanskar said

” nopes.. . “she said

” but mam.. Mne kia kya hai.. “she ask while sobbing

” u r not taking that dress which I have designed for you” ragini said

Sanskar gives her “are u serious” look

“u hv two options either take that dress or leave the job” ragini said

“I will take the dress” she finally agrees

“swara beta go and bring breakfast “ap orders her

Swara left

“ragini are you crazy… U know na she needs a job badly.. N u were asking me to fire her just cz she denies to take ur dress” sanskar frowned

“actually bhai.. Ragini has listened her talks with her friend ” laksh said

****FLASHBACK ****

A week earlier

Swara was dusting ap’s room.. Then she got a call she puts the call on speaker as her hands were dirty

” hello janvi”

“hi swara.. swara meri engagement hai ek week baad n u hv to come”

“wow yaar congrats.. Achha who is my jiju.. ”

” vo.. Sharad roy.. That diamond merchant ”

” oh wow.. Achha I will try to come.. As my mum is not well”

“okay swara take care n plz try to come ”

Swara hung up the call n says to herself” sry bhagwan ji I lied to her but what to do.. She is getting married to a diamond merchant there must be very rich people with expensive clothes.. N I don’t have any such cloths.. U know na bhagwan ji.. I don’t want her to he embarrassed cz of me”

Ragini listen to this.. N decides to design a dress for swara


“oh m sry ragini… N thanks for helping her ” sanskar apologizes..

” kya sanskar I luv her.. That’s why I does this” ragini said…

Swara came with breakfast and tea.. And sanskar as usual left some food in his plate… Swara was noticing his habbit since long but today she can’t stop herself from pointing out him

“sanskar sir u should not disrespect food ” she said politely

” what do u mean.. Mne kab disrespect kia” sanskar Ask in shock

“now.. Look at ur plate u left so much food… This is disrespecting sir ” swara says

” are but I hvnt throw this.. So hw I disrespected this” he is still confused

“sir leaving unfinished food in plate is itself disrespecting the food” swara said

“really ” he confirmed

” Yup.. Look by the almighty’s grace u are leading a prosperous life.. But there are many people who doesn’t even know when will they eat next” swara recalls a past incident

****FLASHBACK ****
Swara was 8 yrs old… She along with shekhar n sumi came to Delhi…

They were sitting at a dhabha as they hv just came here n hv no accommodation.. Shekhar checked money in his pocket and orders 4 rotis…

2 were eaten by swara and 1- 1 each by sumi n shekhar

“shekhar buy some rotis for swara.. So that she can hv that in evening “sumi says

” ya u are right ” shekhar checks that he hv only money to buy two rotis..

He was about to buy but swara stopped him” papa.. Don’t buy.. I am full I don’t need any chapati ”

Shekhar n sumi’s eyes filled with tears seeing this much maturity in their 8yr old daughter

” m sry shona.. Ur papa can’t even give u a good LIFE ” he hugs swara n cries

” I don’t need anything papa.. I just need u n mumma” little swara said while wiping his tears


“swara where you lost ” laksh said

” no where sir” swara saya with a smile..

It was noon.. Sanskar came home early and shouts “maa.. Maa.. Where are u..”

Swara came listening to his shouts..

“sir shh mam is sleeping.. Tell me aapko kya chahiye ” swara asked him

” kya!! Ragini ya laksh koi hai”sanskar ask with puppy face

” ji nhi sir” swara said

“now what to do ” sanskar said childishly

” may I help you sir “she offers help

” do u know how to tie a tie “he said in low voice

Swara looks at him shockingly

” tie bandhna aata hai tumhe” he shouts

She nodded

“c.A.N . Y.O.U t.H.E.N” he ask hesitantly

“sir dp is is also at home.. He must kno”she tries to avoid

“aree meri ma. Dad ko mat bol.. He would literally kill me.. If he comes to know that abhi tak mujhe tie bandhna nhi ata” he pleads

She giggles seeing n finally agrees

@sanskar’s room

She was tieing the tye around his neck.. Very carefully that her hands doesn’t touch his face or neck… Sanskar keeps on looking at her face..

Then Annapurna calls her

“swara u go.. N thnku” sanskar said with smile

She nodded and left

“ji mam.. U called. Me”sera ask

“ha beta.. Can u take this portrait to study ” ap said

” sure mam” she took the portrait

She was thinking “I hv seen this portrait but where…”

She entered study and give that to dp… She was going but she stopped and asked” sir may I ask you something ”

” of course swara ” dp says

” who has made this portrait ” swara ask

” me n my best friend… When we were in college we made two portraits exactly like this.. One for him n one for me” dp says with teary eyes

“oh.. U must be very good friends na.. Where he is now” swara asked with curiosity

“in my heart ” dp says with a heavy heart

” m sry sir mujhe aapse se nahi puchna chahiye tha ” and she left

To be continued…

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  1. Hey its nice dear….nd i thnk dp’s frnd z non other than shekar

    1. Let’s see who is his friend

  2. awesome meher loved it

  3. tie wala scene mast tha.. don’t tell me dp and shekhar were frnds.. really ??
    that dress was too pretty..!
    love you meher..u noe I was thinking of keeping a pet name for u like then dropped it ..u know I realised it sounded like meru cab.. uhhgghh.. weird me..
    anyways waiting for next ..

    1. No m mt telling u anything ??

      Ya that dress was ??

      U can call me meheru there is no meru cab ??? u r not weird than me… ??

      Luv u loads

  4. I think dat man must b shekhar

    1. Let’s see kon hai

  5. Very sweet ep di. Ragini’s love for swara was very nice but i am not able to open the link di 🙁 tie scene was very cute actually i am thinking about that scene still now cuz the sanky asked was veryyy cute. Aapka pati jo hai. I daily read ur sautan vs sautan talks and i am loving it. 😉 i think dp and shekar r friends,am i r8? Love u di

      1. That dress is very pretty. Nice choice di. Aakir di kiski ho 😉

    1. Thnku n kiski di hoon… Mujhe nhi pta ?????

  6. Its means dp n shekher r frnds wow dats gud.. Waiting fr nxt

    1. No it doesn’t mean that ???

  7. tie wala scene was awsm meher…
    u made my day by ur updates….
    n cherry on d cake is u ysed my name fr swaras frnd…..
    i knw tht was a sheer coincidence bt i really luvd it….
    thanks fr d updates dear…
    keep smiling….

    1. Aww tysm
      That was the first name which came to my mind… ???

      Keep reading

  8. I think dp nd shekhar were frnds
    Sanskar doesn’t knw he 2 tie a tie(lol)

    1. Nopes even I too don’t know how to tie a tie ??

  9. Fantastic it was…???…swara has really faced very bad time…n I think friend is non other than shekhar…and today first time I admired ragini..which can only happen in fictional world????

    1. Why so ?
      I luv ragini alot… N more than that I luv teju ???

  10. awesome… dp friend is shekar i think…

    1. Thnku let’s see who is his friend

  11. So Dp and shekhar are frnds….. Tie wala scene was superb…… Continue soon…….

    1. Thnku so much dear

  12. Nice one…nd tie wala part ws too cute..

  13. Priya tripathi

    Awesome meher

  14. Hey is shekhar and dp friends means I think swara might have seen the portrait in her house…. And ragini is really sweet she designed a dress for her but what a threatening yaar … sanskar has soft corner for swara… Lovely

    1. May be may not be…

      Yup jhatkaaa tha… Threat se zada ??

  15. awesome………..

  16. awesome dear

  17. nice yarrr

  18. Well….I dunno what to say???
    Par how can u write so sweetly…..???
    Ya….really this was choco chweet and cute with the diary milk silk am having right now???…….
    Yummy…..not only chocy but also chappy???
    And I will not share with u now???coz I can’t na???……
    Loving ragini here…..such a dramabaaz?
    And sanky so ??…..
    Overall amazing chappy ???

    1. U said this much when you don’t know what to say ????????

      I want chocy or else I will be katta ?

      Ragini is a dramebaz but not more than you ????

  19. its awesome…..I think its shekar

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  20. dp nd shekar r best frnds nyc 2 hear dis nd poor sanky… upload nxt part soon dear

    1. Thnku n will upload soon

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    1. Thnku n lets see???

  22. nyc..:)

  23. Superb. Sanky ko tie banna nehi ata, lol.I guess shekar and dp are frnds( my guessing skill is very bad, lol).

    1. Nhi ata to kya hua ? n let’s see ??

  24. Awesome

  25. Awesome dear

  26. I think his friend is shekhar
    Sorry for not commenting in last ep

    1. Don’t be sorry baby..

      Let’s see k kon hai friend

  27. Loved it!? I think tht frnd is shekhar just guessing?

    1. Thnku..
      Let’s see

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