Yeh dooriyan (Episode 5) (first day of job)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap: swara get fired from job… Sanskar creating job for swara


It was new morning… Very first day of Swara’s new job.. Only a job or a new journey…

She reached at mm at 7:30..

“ok.. M early.. Only half n hour.. Phew.. Swara remember u are going to work in a rich high class villa.. Don’t behave lyk a poor.. “she thought in mind..

It was 7:59 she stood in front of the gate n as soon as it changes into 8 she press the door bell

” whoz there” voice came from the security system

“m swara.. Sanskar sir’s mother’s new caretaker ” she replied politely

Then the automatic door opened n she went in

” wow automatic door… Itz soo osm. If I can afford one I would definitely buy this ” she thought

She went in n saw a young girl wearing jeans n shirt.. Her hair tied in a messy bun… A small vermillion on head.. N a mangalsutra in neck..

” so you are swara” that girl asks

She nodded

“on time haan.. Very good I like punctual ppl” that girl said..

“hi m ragini.. Ragini laksh maheshwari… “that girl forwarded her hand

” hello m swara… Swara bose… “she said in nervousness

” hey u r shivering… Don’t worry.. M not gonna eat u.. Infact no one will eat you… So chill “ragini said

She again nodded yes

” hey swara… ” laksh greets her while coming downstairs

” good morning sir” she said

“meet her she is my lovely wife.. And fashion designer… And partner in crime.. I mean partner in resturant ragya” laksh said while hugging her sideways

“hmm.. I hv met her already.. N who doesn’t know ragini mam… ” swara said

Then Annapurna came..
” so u r that girl.. Whom my son has hired”

She nodded and touch her feet

“god bless you ” ap blesses her

” mam now tell me what to do.. ” swara ask

” beta I don’t know.. What work I should assigne u” ap said

“but I hv “ragini said

” what” ap ask

“go n prepare tea… For 5 ppl” ragini said to swara

She nodded n left… Ap too left..

“aww laksh she is really very innocent… I mean I hv asked her to prepare tea n she went “ragini said

” ya ragini.. She is.. N I don’t know why but I feel like this girl can teach bhai.. How to love.. ” laksh said with hope full eyes..

Swara serves tea to all.. Then she put a cuppa in sanskar’s room… N then she went in study where dp was surrounded by files..

” may I come in sir “swara ask

” come in” dp allows

“sir ur tea” swara passed a cup to him..

“thnku.. So u r Annapurna’s caretaker.. Good… ” dp says..

She bend down n touch his feet

” are what are you doing beta”dp was shocked

“nothing sir.. Vo you are just lyk my dad so I just want blessings “swara says

” where is your dad beta”dp ask

“in my heart ” an innocent reply from her..

” god bless you my child.. “dp bless her..

She was coming back then she heard Someone “take this cup ramu kaka”

She thought to pick that cup herself… She went in without knocking… There sanskar was buttoning his shirt… As soon as she entered the room both got shocked.. No one moves even a single step.. They were lost in each other’s deep eyes

(( Ude, khule aasaman mein khwabon ke parindey
Ude, dil ke jahaan mein khwabon ke parindey
Oho, kya pata, jayenge kahaan
Kisi ne chhua toh yeh hua
Phirte hain mehke mehke hum
Khoye hain kahin baatein nayi
Jab hain aise behke hum
Hua hai yoon ke dil pighal gaye
Bas ek pal mein hum badal gaye
Oho.. ab to, jo bhi ho so ho..))
Both breaks the eye lock n swara turns in embracement.. Sanskar button his shirt fastly

“hello pink top… “he said

” hello.. I mean good morning sir”she said n left in hurry..

Sanskar came downstairs and he seated on table…

“kya mom.. U know na I don’t like this beans” he said childishly

“beta stop complaining lyk a child… Eat it quietly… Demand swati whatever you want to eat” ap said

“fir to bhai u shld order something from my resturant… Cz swati bhabhi doesn’t know how to cook ” laksh said teasingly

” ha to swati will learn to cook… After marriage ” sanskar defends swati

” ha ha q nhi… I will teach her hw to cook… Now stop these talks.. N finish ur breakfast ” ap said

After breakfast sanskar was going in kitchen n bang… He collided with pink top… I mean swara ?

” sry sry.. I m sry sir.. I don’t know how.. M sry.. I I hvn’t done that intentionally… Plz don’t fire me.. I need job badly “she said all in one breath

” hey hold on.. Atlest breath… Mar var gai to hum par naam ayega” he said

“huh?? “she looked at him in shock

“hey don’t you know that itz bad manners to stare ur boss” he said teasingly

“m sry sir”she lowers her gaze

” oh god u r such a kid.. Achha pink top.. I mean swara.. I want you to take care of mum perfectly… Don’t allow her to work at all… N come with me I will explain you about her medicine “he said

She nodded n left with him..
Laksh saw them” aww they are so cute… “he said to himself

Then he feels a hand on his shoulder n was shocked to see dp there… He was praying that dp doesn’t listed to his adorable comment
” laksh suppress ur feelings in ur heart only… Sanskar is engaged… Faaltu k sapne dekhna chhoro”

He simply nodded… Dp was about to go but laksh calls him “dad” he turns

“dad I want to know.. Why.. U hv choosen swati for bhai.. I don’t like her dad… “laksh said

” swati se shadi sanskar ko karni hai tumhe nahi.. I don’t want to know ur opinion on her… N ya if I again listen you day dreaming about swara and sanskar then I will fire that girl.. N u will be responsible for that” dp said n left

@ap’s room

“this room looks so dull ” swara said

” ya I agree but I can’t help it… Dad never allows me to decorate his room” sanskar said

“but sir… All this can affect ap mam’s health also.. If u r Surrounding by positive things then ur thinking will be positive “swara said.

Here sanskar remembers a incident

” swati tell me which color u want me to paint in my room” sanskar ask

“koi bhi karwa lo kya farak padta hai yr “swati said

” padta hai yr.. If u are surrounded by positive things ur view will be positive “he said

” uff yr high level talks.. “she said


he came back to senses listening to his phones” ring… N he left

To be continued..

Guys I don’t know what I hv written.. This episode is written out of a threat… NITA has threatened me.. ?????

Credit to: Meher

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