Yeh dooriyan (Episode 4) (new job)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap: sanskar feeling bad for swara..


Next day


Rimsha came with a girl

“hello mam.. Where is sanskar sir” Rimsha ask ap

“beta he is in his room… Just a min I will call him “ap said n ask a servant to call him…

” yes Rimsha “sanskar zaid

” sir u hv said me to arrange substitute.. So here she is.. She is nimisha my friend.. N here is her bio data” rimsha pass a file to him

“hmm.. Ok u can join “he said..


Swara met with a broker n finalized a flat.. She was coming to her cafe but still she was in her thoughts” I got a flat but itz rent is 15k… Hw will we manage… I hv to find another job too”


“don’t u dare to enter my cafe… Swara itz not tym to come ” mrs fernandis shouts

” what happened mrs fernandis.. Why are u angry on me.. I am on time.. Look itz 11 am” swara asserts her point politely

“correction swara itz 11:05 you are 5 min late.. N I don’t need any late comer so u may leave now… U r fired” mrs fernandis said

Swara was hell shocked to listen this.. Here she was thinking to search one more job but she got fired from her one n only job..

“mrs fernandis m sry.. I promise.. I will never ever come late… But plz don’t do this… “she said in choaking voice..

” door is there swara “mrs fernandis point towards the door

She left with a heavy heart.. She was going then Her friend Nia called her “swara wait”

swara turns.. N hug her n starts to cry…

“swara mrs fernandis has done all this.. Cz ashish said her” nia told her

“what “swara was shocked

” yes”then she explains hw ashish came n threatens mrs fernandis to fire swara or else he will shut her cafe down

“now what.. I hv no job” swara sound hopeless

“umm.. Vo.. Swara I.. I hv a job.. But that.. That is not of very high standard “nia said hesitantly

” tell me nia.. I can do anything “swara said

” there is job of maid in “resturant ragya” “nia told her

“I hv no problem with that tell me the address “she ask..

Nia told her address n she immediately left…

@resturant ragya

Swara enter n ask to meet boss” excuse me… Can u plz tell me where I can meet the owner”

“laksh sir will come here at any point of time” a person said

She waited there… Then a man in jeans.. N shirt enters n that person signals her that he is boss..

“excuse me sir” swara ask

“yes ” laksh said with a smile

” sir I want to talk to you regarding job.. ” she said in low voice

” ok.. So tell me” he fetch a chair for him.. N ask her

“sir I.. I.. Want.. To hv the job.. Of.. Job of maid here” she said politely

“what!! Are u kidding me.. U look like well educated n u want to work as a maid.. But why” laksh was shocked

“cz i hv no job n I want one badly ” she said

” what’s ur qualifications ” he ask

” m graduate.. Waiting for post graduation results ” she said

“can u Handel Web design N all.. ” he further enquired

She nodded positively

“she can be a good pa for bhai vese bhi I don’t like that nimisha “he thought

“then I hv a better job for u.. Go to this address ” laksh said

Swara took the address and left..

@maheshwari office

Swara enter and talk to receptionist” excuse me.. Laksh sir has sent me here ”

” oh so u r swara right.. Go straight n enter second cabin.. Sanskar sir will meet u there” receptionist said

Swara knock the door and as soon as she open the door.. Sanskar got hit by that as he was standing just behind the door.. He was about to open the door but swara open that first..

“aaahhh!!! ” he screams..

” m sry.. M sry… Zada lag gai.. Sry sir vo.. I don’t know how.. Itz just.. M sry” she keeps on blabbering

“hey pink top ” sanskar said while rubbing his nose

” Aap ” she got shocked..
” he is sanskar maheshwari.. Oh god.. That’s y he took me to that expensive hospital… Cz for him it wasn’t expensive at all” she thinks

“what is she doing here… “sanskar thought

” hey where u lost?? ” he waves his hand..

” no nowhere sir.. Actually laksh sir has sent me here “she said with a feeble voice

” oh so laksh has sent you… But m really sry I hv appointed a new pa in the morning itself… ” he said

” oh.. Then thanks.. N sry to disturb you “she said with a heavy heart

She was about to leave when sanskar said” wait pink top”

She turns “umm vo… U can join from tmrw I hvnt given appointment letter to my new pa.. So u can take this letter and join from tmrw “he said

” no sir.. M sry.. N u too shld not do this to her.. I know how it feels when u lost ur job cz of other person ” she said in a sad tone..

Then she again starts to walk… Here sanskar was shocked to see her innocence n pure heart… ” kuch kar sanskar… Do something ”

” umm vo.. Pink top… “he literally shouts..

” I need a caretaker for my mom.. Cz my brother n me are bzy in business where as my bhabhi is bzy in her next assignment… So if u don’t mind can u.. “he said in convincing tone

” ofcourse sir I will” she immediately said yes

“ok so ur salary will be 30k n timings will ne 8 to 8… N ya I will provide u home drop” sanskar said

“ok sir so when can I join”she ask in excitement..

“tomorrow ” he said with a smile



“beta but I don’t need any caretaker” ap said

“are mom u need one.. U don’t know “sanskar said

” beta m fyn. M healthy.. This act will make me lethargic ” ap said

” esa kuch nahi hoga… I hv appointed a care taker for u… N she will join from tmrw that’s it” sanskar declare his decision

“ok as u wish” ap gave up

“aw my pyari mumma” he kissed her cheek

He was going upstairs when laksh said “kya bhai.. Use job nahi de paye to uske liye job create kar di”

” nothing lyk that yr.. . She is such a sweet girl” sanskar said

“she is 6 yrs younger to you bhai” laksh wink

“so what.. m engaged.. “Sanskar said

“u r engaged but u don’t luv her.. U too know this.. ” laksh said

” lucky don’t repeat this again.. Ya I don’t luv swati.. But I am n I will be loyal to her… Got this” sanskar said n left

“bhai.. U hv done alot for others but u hvnt help anyone like this.. I hope u too soon get ur luv”laksh thought

To be continued….

N ya guys ashish is played by mohit abrol aka rajat

Cover pic ka sanskar kitta cute LG ra hai na.. ??????

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  1. Perfect……. Continue soon……

    1. Thnku dear

      Keep reading ???

  2. super Dr waiting fr there romance…..

    1. Tysm baby…

      I am also waiting for that??

  3. such a cute episode … I loved that door wala part and lakshaya dialogue

  4. and yeh kab ki pic hai sanskar ki..?

    1. Edited h ek swasan page se li thi

  5. Cover pic is awesome :p

    1. Hai na… Mne kl ek page se li thi… He is looking smoking hot with specs ??????

  6. I was going to praise to u for ur choice of cover pic lekin aapne meri muhki bhaat cheen liyi. Very bad di :p . Awesome ep di. This story is very very nice . I love everyone’s character in this. BTW di yeh sanskar bohot accha hai . When r u going to unite them?? I am just asking the number of eps hehe love u di and take care. 😉

    1. I think to unite sanskar n swati soon ???

      Bol to next episode m shadi karwa do ???

      1. Swati ??

      2. Meine swara ke bare mein kaha tha . Swati nahiiiii. Di agar sanky aur swati ki shadi hogayi toh mein aapko unke shadi mein milungi. Enjoy karne nahi balki unki shadi todne jaungi. Hehe 😉

    2. Chhutki.. M unki shadi to kya.. Unke bachao ki b shadi kra sakti hoon ???????

  7. Awesome dear.i just read d previous parts good concept n luv d cover pic.plz upload nxt part asap waiting for it…

    1. Thnku so much for reading…

      Next part tmrw

  8. nyc..:)

  9. nyc one☺

  10. Superb nd ya cover pic is absolutely awesome

    1. Hai na… He is looking cutieee

  11. nice…..

  12. Amazing Di and liked it when sanskaar created job for her. And Di no need to say sabskaar always looks cute be it in his devdas mode also???????vaise yah kaunse epi ki pic hai

  13. awesome dear

  14. Where did u get this cover photo from? Sanky wearing glasses..he looks awesome..?? kk I’m still not talking to u..?

    1. Soch lo Eva devi… Fir ni milaungi swasan ko.. N one shot bhi sad sad likhungi ????

      1. Mugdha 1!!!!!U have to unite swasan….warna..umm..warna…ha kabhiiiiii baat nehi karungi…sachiii

    2. Ni plz I will unite them but don’t do that ???????

      Hey bhagwan ghoor kalyug… ??????????

      1. KK…meh baat karungi….par Sanskar ko lene jaldi jao…

      2. Mugdha 1 (lol) meh bhi tumse baat nehi karungi jabtak Sanskar nehi ata….

      3. But i still believe ki mera Sanskar ayega..zarur ayega….

    3. Are are ruko.. Sanskar yaha to aaya hua hai first episode se…

      Vo kuch iss tarah 2 m ni ata na to waha mt baat kro.. Yaha to mne mila b dia tha ?????????

      1. Hamein toh Kuch iss tarah meh bhi chahiye Sanskar…..sanskar ke bina kahase swasan banege?Mugdha 2 your dialogue was like meri karan arjun ayenge…hehehe….and here mere Sanskar ayenge……hehehehee

      2. Eva..meh yaha Sanskar ki ma nehi hu….ha uski diwani zarur hu.. 😛 diwangi mein kehrahi hu mera Sanskar ayega zarur ayega..

      3. Tum Sanskar ki ma hi bano…haam baki sab banjayenge….?? hehehe…haina Mugdha 1?

      4. Evu mein Sanskar ki ma nehi hu????

    4. Aree to usme b hai ja sanskar… Hv patience…

      LOL karan arjun aynge

      1. Oyeee….sharam kar….teri shadi ki baat chal rahi hai aur tu….yaha meri sasuma par doreh dalrahi hai….

    5. Saasu ma ???????

      Namaste ?

    6. Bal vivah allowed ni h evuuu… U r under 18…???

      1. U know what bachpan seh I’m like I’m never going to marry..and here I declared Mugdha 2 (Sanskar’s mom) my sasuma…so I changed my plan of marrying only because of bal vivah bhi kalungi…agar Sanskar mila toh…?? btw sorry I’m not going to call u di..cause u r my friend…and Sanskar is mine…badi ayi meri sautan banne…meri nanand banja…Mugdha 2 toh hayi..meri sasuma….maaji…apka Sanskar ayega..zarur ayega..???

      2. Ahhhh..bohot bureh ho tum dono…meri beti bahu banrahi ho aur mujhe burhi sasuma aur ma kehrahi ho..not fair….i’m just 21????

    7. Mugdha 2 u r 21.. N m 18… Sasuma..

      N Eva teri sautan to mai ban k rhungi ????

      1. Chudail ho tum..pehle meri saas aur abb mere pati par doreh daal rahi ho..?

    8. Apni saas apne pass rakh le mujhe vo ni chahiye.. I just want my sanskar ????

  15. Superb meherdi

  16. Ya…cover pic ka Sanskar is so….sweet. Konsa episode hai yeh, n maine kyu nhi dekha…koi plzz iss episode ka date batao…mujhe yeh dekhna h…plz

    1. It not a real one.. Itz edited by a swasan page

    1. Haan I too saw and got it…. It’s in my phone too

    2. How to get next episodes

  17. Today’s epi was at least a happy one till now chalo something good happened in swara’s life now…. Wah meher bahu banane se pehle hi sasuma ki sewa karwadogi ??…….lol

    Yeah sanky is cute I also have many photos of his stored in my cell ??

    1. But bahu to swati banegi na ??

  18. Meher di i agree with the last line

  19. How can we get next episodes

    1. Episode of which?

      1. Next episode 5…ll it be posted tomo….

    2. I will post tmrw ???

  20. awesome….. n yeh sanskar se so sweet…. in the ff n in the pic as well…. he actually created a job for her…. n in dp…. Mr Chashmis….. ??now their love story will start soon….

    1. Are u sure.. About love story…

      I mean he is so determined not to love other ???

  21. How to get new episodes

  22. As dis is episode4…episode5??? Or continuation

  23. I am in love with ur this ff…

    Meher… its really super se b upar….
    Loved it….

    Soon love blossoming between these two…

    1. Sachhi in luv with this ??

      Shadi ki bAt chalu iss episode se ??????

      1. Episode nehi episode ki writer seh baat chalao……zada behtar hoga…lol

    2. Mugdha 2 vo possible nhi hai… ??

      1. oye hoye…Mugdha and Sujata…

      2. Evu….tujhe likna chahiye Mugdha 1 and Sujata…..logo ne misunderstand karliye toh?Sujata aur Mugdha 1 kar dil tood jayega…..yaha bohot sareh mugdha hai..mein bhi hu…

      3. Hehehe?? sorry Mugdha 2..fine oye hoye Mugdha 2 and Sujata..

    3. Evu ne sach likha h… Vo aapke dil ke bhav the… Vese b m meher ?

      1. Eva ki bacchi shut up..bhul gayi kya mein Mugdha 2 hu Meher nehi…aur Meher madam…u r Mugdha also…and this was your feeling..she is in love with your ff…toh shadi ki baat toh writer seh chalani chahiye…..why r u breaking Sujata’s heart? Kash Tu ladka hoti…mein abhi pandit leke pohoch jati teri aur Sujata ki shadi karane..????? Tu swasan Ko nehi milarahi hai..but mein teri buri nehi hu..I’m going to unite two lovers..????

      2. Ohooo…..sacchi galti seh likh diya woh…it should be Mugdha 1….Mugdha 1 and Mughda 2 whoever is marrying here..please mujhe invite karna maat bhulna…..sab meri tarah bhulakkar nehi hai yaha haina?Toh plz maat bhulna mujhe invite karna..

    4. Dekh le sujata ye zalim duniya… Tujhe or tete pyar (episode 4) ko door karne pe lagi hai…

      Dekh Dekh aankh khol k dekh ese swarthi logo ko….

      BTW m just sweet 18 m not gonna marry soon.. But aapka kuch ni pta mugdha 2ji… ???

    5. Eva se galti se mistake ho gai ????

      1. Kaal meri shadi hai…tum dono aana….aur khub khana..

      2. Ha!!!!…sahi pakde ho nanand ji…??

      3. Nehiiiiiii..yeh nehi hosakta….meri sasuma shadi kar rahi hai? Mere sasurji kakua hoga phir? apni beti ki shadi karao…Mugdha 1 ki woh bhi Sujata seh…???

    6. oooooo hold on m not ur nanad… I luv to be ur sautan?

      1. So…let me see all the relationships here…Mugu di is the sasuma,Eva is Sanku’s wife and Meher is Sanky’s sister…Ami correct?

      2. Oyeee…I’m Sanskar’s only Swara,Dhanya or u…u r Sanky’s sis….he loves his sis…so be happy..??? and Mugu di u even be happy cause u r my maaji…Sanskar’s mom….??

      3. Niti u r correct..itna correct tum pehle kabhi nehi thi..?

    7. Oo niti ki bachhi.????.. M not his sis…. Eva uski choti bhn hai.. Vese b underage hai evuuu ???

      1. Meher? aja banja meri sautan…par Sanskar toh mujsehi pyar karega..? aur choti behen….woh toh mein Sqnskar ki baan hii nehi sakti…?

    8. Look bal vivah is illegal to iss hisab se tu meri sautan banegi.. Cz pehle to m usse shadi karungi. ☺☺☺☺

      Ishhh mere varun☺☺☺☺

  24. awesome…post the next part quickly…………..

    1. Thnku
      Sure I will post next tmrw

  25. Awesome.Ab sanky baby ko swara ki goodness dikh hi gayi.And the cover pic, aww, sanky baby looking soooo cute.Waiting for nxt.And wait karwani bad manners hoti hein, ri8??? So jaldi, jaldi (with a pout face and puppy eyes)

    1. Jaldi to tb hoga jo likhungi… Mne not part likha he ni hai ???

  26. Hey meher di…lagta h aj mom se zyada daant pad gayi…tabhi aj k dono epizzz short h…hahaha lol…jst kidding 😉
    Nice epi… 🙂

    1. Actually baby.. Mom ne kuch ni kaha… My shoulder is not allowing me to write more…

      Tysm ????

      1. Ohhh!!! Take care di…hope it getzz fine asap…nd i was jst kidding about ur mom scoldingzzz….plzz dont take them seriouslyy… 🙂
        Nd ya the cover pic is soooooo cuteeeeee….:) 🙂 🙂

    2. Oh ho.. M seriously q longi baby… Tu formal na ho… ???

  27. Episode was nice…
    N surely cover pic is really awesome n cute also…

    1. Yup he is cutieeeeeee

      My sansku?????

  28. Superb…loved it

  29. awww…… sanakar is so sweet dear…..
    n d update was just adorable…

    1. Thnku so much…

  30. hai meher honestly dis s de 1st tym i’m reading ur ff its really outstanding nd sanky char pakka i realy luv ur ff dear nd i also want to read ur al ff can u plz tell me dear…

  31. Hello Meher,
    Kaise ho tum? Missed me???
    Whether you missed me or not…..I missed u sooooooooooooooo much…I mean ur ff….no no I missed both???…..
    Ya…I missed ur ff so much as well as ur sweet replies….
    And coming to the chappy…
    Just loving the story line…..???
    Sanskar falling for swara…I mean her good nature and all???
    Poor swara…feel like crying ???
    Very sad???
    But am loving it ???
    Sorry for not commenting before coz I couldn’t as I was not in my home ???
    Ya…I was in my granny home….so only☺☺☺

    1. Mai to hamesha se achhi hoon… ???

      How mean.. ?Only my ff.. Hann.. ?

      N sweet replies stop buttering… ???

      Koi ni age se be regular ??

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