Yeh dooriyan (Episode 37)

Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : SwaSan consummation


MORNING @ 11am

Sanskar’s pov

We were sleeping peacefully after the blissful night,cuddling and holding each other tightly.

My phone was vibrating continually, it was irritating me alot, I just want to spend my whole day adoring this beautiful doll, who is sleeping besides me. Ahh! This irritating phone it finally broke concentration. I planted a tender kiss on her forehead making her smile.
I can do anything for this smile. Its just priceless

“Good morning sanskar” she mumered

“Good morning mera Bachha” I said holding her as tight as I can

Again my phone vibrated and i came into senses,that I have to lift this call.

I picked that call up it was nimisha.

“Ya nimisha”

“Where are you sir? Today you have to go to Singapore to finalize that deal”

“What? Today?? Are you nuts?”

“Ya sir actually last night I got an email from Mr.C. Mathew’s PA stating that if you don’t sign the deal today then it won’t be possible for next 2 months and it would be a great loss for both the firms”

“Ahh! Arrange everything then”

“Sir I Have already arranged your private jet and we will leave in 3 hours”

“Three hours!! It’s crazy yaar!!”

” M sorry sir but I tried to call you since last night”

“It’s fine, I will be there”

I hung up and saw Swara who was looking at me in confusion, but she has understood that I have to go to somewhere. So she didn’t show me her reactions.

“Umm… Vo.. actually swara I have to leave for Singapore. (Pause) today.” I spoke hesitantly

Swara got shocked, after that blissful union she just wanted to be in my embrace now but,at the same time she knows that this deal is very important for me so, she act maturely, I just love her for being my support.

“It’s fine! Go and get ready fast” she said pushing me out of bed

“M sorry yaar.. I don’t want to go but-.(swara interrupted) ” shhh.. it’s okay.. I know your work is important and vese bhi now we are one so you have not to worry about anything” she blushes towards the end. Hmm.. she is right now no one can seperate me and my swara.

“Thank-you for understanding” I pecked her lips. I can sense her rolling eyes on me.

“You have supported me so far, now it’s my turn.. now go and get ready” she said pushing me out of bed. Ahh this girl na..

“Are are wait, we can romance for some more time also” i teased her and enjoy her turning crimson

“Shut up!” She Hits me playfully, I pulled her again in my embrace. As I can feel something bad is gonna happen.. I can tolerate anything except seperation.

3 hours later

“All set to go nimisha?” I enquired while taking some files from her.

She nods.

“Swara I will be back by tomorrow evening, take care okay”

“I will and you take care of yourself. Don’t skip meals and nimisha please take care of his vitamins and make sure he don’t eat anything too spicey please” she said strictly

“Sure mam” nimisha said, I don’t know why but I feel that nimisha’s smile wasn’t genuine

“Take care mera Bachha” I kissed her forehead and left, somewhere in my heart I have a feeling that I can’t see her again.. I just hope it’s just a baseless fear which is covering my heart.

Soon we got into my jet and nimisha started briefing me about the deal, although I don’t know any briefing as it’s my biggest project, a dream project for any businessman. Still for avoiding any Chaos I listened to her and in this whole process I somewhere forgot about that unknown fear.

We reached at our destination, the journey was tiring but those moments which I have spent with swara last night were refreshing me.

I was about to call swara but urrhh this nimisha, she came in n escort me towards Mr. Mathew’s office.


“So Mr maheshwari finally now we will work together, just 3 years and we will have the biggest and widest hospitality chain in the Asian continent” Mr Mathew said, shaking hand with me. I was feeling top of the world I just wanna hug swara at this point, she is indeed my Lucky charm, but I need to be professional this time.

“Yes Mr Mathew, you can count upon us, I can assure you this project will yield us the desired results” I said to him as I am pretty much confident about my work.

“So why don’t you join me tomorrow for a dinner? My wife is half Indian she would love to meet you” Mr Mathew said to me before leaving, if swara would have came with me then I can join him anywhere but now my priority is swara I just wanna share my happiness with her.

“I’m really sorry Mr. Mathew my heartly apologies to you, but I can’t join you I’m going back India tomorrow morning. Next time I will definitely join you and not only me but my Wife will also join ” I said with an apologetic look, he knew that I got married 3 months back so it’s quite obvious that i don’t wanna stay away from my lovely wifey. I can see a slight curve on his face.

“I can understand! You better spend time with your better half young man” he said patting my shoulder. Mr Mathew is of dad’s age so it won’t be difficult for him to understand my feelings that to when my face and eyes were explaining alot.

I got back in the hotel room. I am irritated now, I came thousands of kilometres just to sign a deal..ugghh.. as soon as I came back in nimisha gave me my phone saying that I have left it in cab.. phew!! Thank God.

The first thing I did was to call swara ignoring all the messages and missed calls. “Not reachable”

I again tried

“Not reachable”

Now I began to panic what happened to her? Why her phone is not reachable? Ahh not again, I just hope her Stalker didn’t hurt her. I brushed the thoughts and decided to call at home’s landline, thankfully laksh has lifted the call

“Thank God lucky you picked my call, achha call swara na I wanna talk to her her phone is not reachable”

“Bhai swara didn’t reach home yet”

Now my heart sank. It been more than 12 hours and Swara didn’t reach home.

“Why the hell on Earth you didn’t inform this to me earlier!! ”

“Bhai we thought she must be with you, nimisha didn’t tell us that you are supposed to go to Singapore in this hurry”

“What did you say ? She didn’t tell you? Then how come you know?”

” Dad went to office today and there he got to know that nimisha has re scheduled this meeting and sent you there, I was trying you phone but it was out of reach”

“Tell swyam to serch her, I’m leaving for India”

I hung up.

Why nimisha did this? I am going mad now. I just check my other calls incase I have swara’s msg or anything.
I got 2 voice calls from swyam and as soon as I listened that my world turned 360.

“Hey! Sanskar please don’t leave swara even for a second. She is in danger” swyam’s first clip

“Sanskar nimisha is the Stalker, she and your business rival Ashish has planned this, nimisha is Sharmishtha aunty’s biological daughter shonali. Yes Sanskar she is alive, She will try to harm swara, and Ashish will use swara to spoil your international deal, If nimisha tried to take you anywhere just make sure you left swara at home.. I am in Kolkata will be there by night” it was swyam’s second clip and I started cursing myself

It was hard to digest, whatever he said was just shocking. Before long I saw an MMS on phone from some private number. It was a video of being hostage of Ashish.. he has tied her to a chair.. my blood was boiling I wish I could kill him straight away..

“Hello sanskar.. oopps Mr Sanskar maheshwari. Your very precious thing is with me if you want to see her alive don’t you dare to sign that deal just back off from that” Ashish said in video , he has sent this video way back but I didn’t see that earlier.. damnn! then I heard swara shouting

“No! Sanskar no! You can back off now, that project is my dream.. you can’t let my dream shatter, please just sign that. Nothing will Happen to me.. remember what I told you today.. no one can seperate us.. no one.. I love you”

I can see the strange confidence in her eyes.. I can see her confidence on me.. the next thing I did was to reach India as soon as possible.. nimisha as expected was nowhere to be seen..

I reached India at 10 am. Though I’m exhausted cz of tiring journey but my priority is to search her..

Laksh and swyam met me at airport.



Sumi ma was crying bitterly.. I can see the pain in her eyes

“I never thought my own blood would do something like this, I should be happy knowing that my daughter is alive but no.. if she would have died then it will be far better.. I won’t forgive her.. God won’t forgive her” ma cried

I tried to look as calm as possible cz I know everyone’s hope is on me and I can’t let them down, I can’t let my swara down.

“Any new progress swyam?” I asked him as I can see that he has some hope in his eyes..

“Yeah!! She was somewhere in the industrial area some 2 hours back, now they have taken her somewhere.. somewhere in the outskirts of the city as we have sealed the boarders,t hey can’t go out” swyam said

Time Was slipping out of our hands.. it’s been almost two days since she is missing and we can’t figure out anything.. I don’t know when I fall asleep holding her saree in my hands.

*Sanskar’s pov end*


Swara’s POV

“W.a.t.e.r.. I want water please!!” I plead them

Suddenly someone splashed water on my face. It was Ashish. I just hate this man from the day he humiliated me.

“We are not your servants Mrs maheshwari” he said squeezing my fave in-between his hand. I couldn’t help but wince in pain.

“Leave her ashish” nimisha said.. ah.. I mean Shonali

Ashish left me with a jerk. Shonali came near me with a glass of water.
I refused to drink that from her hands. I want my hands to be opened.

“Open my hands. I can drink it by myself” I demanded

“Swara, don’t force me to hurt you. Just drink this” Shonali said.

I can see the uncertainty in her eyes. Is she feeling guilty of kidnapping me twice? Or is she feeling guilty of trying to kill me twice? No, i don’t think she is feeling guilty. But something is bothering her. At last she gave up and untie my hands. I took the glass from her and as soon as she shifts her sight from me I pushed her hard and ran.

Before i could reach door Ashish came out of nowhere and slapped me hard, he pulled my hair tightly “never ever dare to act over smart” he said, ending with another tight slap on my face.

I bite his hand making him more furious. I don’t know whether I am acting stupid or bold,. But I am doing this anyway.

This turned his animal side on. He continue to slap me, I got slaps , kicks , punches and what not. I think he will kill me today but before he could do anything Shonali came n stopped him.

“No Ashish! We need to think wisely. You go I will handle her” she said. Ashish left throwing his hand in anger.

Shonali then came to me and somehow make me sit on the chair though I was crying in pain. This guy has used his whole power on me. Shonali came with a first-aid box and does my first aid. I was taken aback by her this act. She was supposed to hurt me? Isn’t she? She has tried this earlier also, then what happened to her today?

“Ahhhh!!” I winced as she applied antiseptic on the cut on my waist..

“I’m sorry, ” Shonali immediately said.

Did she really said sorry?

“Why are you saying sorry? You are supposed to hurt me, you have tried this earlier also na, then what happened now?” I said as rudely as I can.

I can see some tears in her eyes.. and it shocked me alot..

“If I know you earlier i wouldn’t have done that” she mumers but it was audible for me.

I can expect her to be kind hearted as she has ma’s blood but this change suddenly? I can’t digest this fact. I just hope if she is genuine then please let her good side overcome the bad Shonali.. I can’t see ma in pain.. I can’t..

*Swara’s POV ends*

Precap : second last part.

A/N : hey guyz I hv switched to pov style for the last 3 chapters as it will be easy to convey their feelings..

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