Yeh dooriyan (Episode 36)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : dadi’s truth out, swara shocked


She was continually crying and Sanskaar was trying to console her, but all in vain and atlast she slept on his chest after crying hard.

Sanskaar tried to make her sleep on bed but she has held his shirt tightly.


” I think we should end this trip today.” Dp said

Everyone agreed to this.

“Um..uncle one minute. I want to say something to you all” swati spoke hesitantly

“Ha beta bolo” ap ask

“Aunty.. actually.. I want to apologize to ragini and laksh. When everything is open now I too wanted to confess many things Infront of you ” she said with guilt

Everyone looks on.

“Ragini, laksh, I know I did wrong with you. I shouldn’t have done that. I won’t say anything much cz it won’t make any difference,but trust me m really sorry for my behavior and b-bhai i’m sorry I know I did wrong but that time I was blind in sanskar’s love. M really sorry. Please talk to me now” swati said while crying

”its okay swati, we have seen you changing. It’s good and we have no more grudges for you”ragini said and hugged her

“Kya Koi btayega ye kya ho Raha hai” dp ask Strictly

“I will tell you all” shlok said and explain everything to ap n dp, now everyone knows everything. At first they got shocked to know about the evil side of swati but then they forgave her as her heart has changed now. Still shlok was adamant not to talk to her.

“Bhai.. still you won’t talk to me” swati ask chokingly

Shlok didn’t say anything in return and left.



Swara was sitting in her room with an expressionless face, dadi’s words were echoing in her ears. She was busy in analysing her mistake, what was her mistake that her own dadi hates her to the core? Was her love so weak? What if she is Bengali? But at the top the thing which bother her most was ” you are an unwanted chlid that’s why your mother left you” these words were haunting her. She closed her ears with her either hand and shouts ” m, not an unwanted child!! That lady was a gold digger that’s why she left me and my Baba. Have you heard !! M not an unwanted child!! ”

Sanskaar immediately rush in listening to her voice and sat beside her “Kya hua swara”

“M not an unwanted child!! Sanskaar m not!! That lady was greedy. “She said while crying

“Ssshhh!! Don’t cry. Yes you aren’t an unwanted child. Don’t pay heed to dadi’s words. Don’t care about her” he said while wiping her tears out

“Sanskaar you know I always lived only with ma, i never had too many relations. Whenever in school my friends told the stories about their family trips n vacation I always felt that something is missing in my life. Relations, relations were missing from my life” she said

He pulled her in a side hug and she continues

“I thought my love can change dadi’s thinking, but I was wrong. Look na Sanskaar irony of my life my blood relations aren’t real, my mother , my dadi, no one loves me”

“But I love you mera Bachha, n you have mistaken everyone loves you except dadi” he said

“And my birth mum” she continued

“Leave all this and come let’s have something” he said

” M not hungry.. aap kha lo.. good night” saying this she covered herself with comforter

Sanskaar gave up and came downstairs. He narrated the whole scenario to all the family members including gadodias.

“It should have happened.. my daughter always wanted a big family with many relations. Specially grand parents and father.she Can’t experience her father’s love properly. When she got her dadi it was a dream come true for her, you know dp bhaisa swara always use to say that sanskar’s father is very nice person she feels Shekhar’s presence in you.” Sumi said with teary eyes

“Chachi. Don’t worry. Our princess is strong, she will overcome this also. We all are with her” shlok said

“I hope so shlok” sumi said

@ap’s room

“Annapoorna I think we should do something for swara” dp said

“Ji, I too think the same but what to do?” Ap ask

“I think we should ask Sharmishtha Bhabhi about swara’s likes and dislikes. We still don’t know much about swara” dp said

“Hmm.. I agree we will call her tmrw” ap said

“Why tmrw? Call her right now!” Dp ordered

“Ji? Don’t you think it’s quite late to call her and vese bhi badi mushqil se Bhabhi ko smjha Kar bheja hai” ap said

“No it’s not late. Tell me are you calling her or should I do that?” Dp said strictly

“Okay ji, I am calling her” ap gave up

Dp put phone on speaker. Finally Ap and Dp talked with sumi for 1 and half hour and they finally understand her likes and dislikes.


Next morning

Swara woke up but dadi’s words were haunting her. She want answer, answer to a baseless doubt which has been forced into her brain by he own dadi who doesn’t even care if she is alive or not.

Sanskar was not in the Room she availed the opportunity and grabbed his telephone diary which has all details about his business associates, she searched for Banerjee’s address and rush to that.

She was still in her old clothes, a light blue chiffon saree which has now turned into a different shade of dirty blue , her kajal was smudged, her face has clear tear marks, messy hair and fragile condition. She reached to kaveri’s house

“Mrs Banerjee” she spoke

Kaveri was dumbstruck to see swara in such condition,that too, too early morning.

“swara beta! What Happened to you? Come n sit here” Kaveri said with a fear in heart seeing Swara this way.

“I want an answer, can you give it to me?” Swara ask calmly

Kaveri nods

“Am I an unwanted chlid? You and Baba didn’t want me to come in this world? Is this is the reason why you left me?” she ask

It was like a thunderclap on her, swara’s calm words brings storm in Kaveri’s heart and mind. Yes she didn’t want to be a mother soon, but she was Never an unwanted chlid. Kaveri left swara cz of her own greeds, Mr Banerjee was ready to accept Kaveri only if she agreed to leave her daughter behind, and , she agreed.

She commited the sin to leave her 3 months old daughter for luxuries which she can’t afford, that time it was unreal for gadodias to grew their business this much.

“I have asked you something” she said in a stern tone

“no you were not an unwanted chlid, you were the biggest blessing to us” she said

“Ya that’s why you left that blessing” she said mockingly

“Swara I know I did a sin, but I was blind in money that time, please forgive me. I am not saying you to call me mom or to love me cz I know it’s impossible, but please remove that hate for me. I’m sorry” Kaveri pleads

She was about to say something when she recalls shekhar’s words

“Swara committing mistakes is easy,but accepting that is a huge thing. Hating someone is easy, loving someone is difficult. Never hate someone, that hate will eat you up eventually. Hate is a strong feeling which overcomes every other feeling. Be strong. Try to forgive, but not to forget.”

She let out a deep exhale,

“ Fine. I am accepting your apology but it doesn’t mean that I will accept you as a mother, don’t expect anything more from me. My mother is Sharmishtha bose and will always be” she said and left without allowing Kaveri to speak something, but today Kaveri got a hope that swara could forgive her.

She came back too MM

Everyone was concerned about her sudden departure everyone asked her various questions but she ignored all and again Locked herSelf there.

Neither she ate anything properly nor she talked. Now she was struggling to answer herself why she has accepted Kaveri’s apology?

That day proved to be a longer, before she slept.


Its been 2 days to that incident but she can’t cope with that at all.

Swara tried to forget dadi’s taunts but she was unable to do so, dadi’s words were still haunting her. she plastered a normal face and starts her work.

As soon as she descend the stairs someone throw balloons on her and she saw the hall was beautifully decorated and “ happy birthday swara” was written on it

She got shocked to see that, she has never ever told anyone about her birthday. The decoration was just like Shekhar used to do for her birthdays, tears swam in her eyes.

Then dp came and ask “so swara don’t wanna celebrate your birthday with your dad?”

“Dad !! ” dp cuts her in middle “mujhe kaise pata ke Shekhar tumhare liye bachpan me ese he decoration karta tha . Yahi na?”

She nods. Dp came forward and put a hand on her head “you are my daughter, and a father should know everything about his daughter. We love you swara.” He said lovingly

Sanskaar was adoring swara’s bonding with dp and was hoping secretly that she forget those taunts.

“Haan swara, you know we always wanted a daughter but look what we got, we got these two monkeys” ap giggles

Swara smiles with teary eyes.

“Come on ma atleast don’t call us monkey in front of our wives” SanLak said with a pout.

Ap held their ears with either hand and said “I will call you both monkey even In front of your children. Samjhe”

Topic of child makes ragini sad, as she knew she can’t conceive Laksh notices her sadness and tried to lighten the environment again.

“Maa! M hungry!! Kuch khila do na” he said with puppy face

“Haan, chalo swara beta let’s have dinner”dp said and took swara to the dining table

“Ha beta you must be hungry na” ap said

Laksh’s mouth was wide open in shock “ look Bhai I asked for food and they are asking swara to have food Wow!!! ”

Sanskaar giggles

“Beta sit here!” Dp said and ask her to sit on his chair

”dad it’s your chair how come I?” She hesitates

“I said sit” dp said strictly and she sat on his chair, ap and Dp fetch chairs on her either side and feed her with their own hands.

“Swara beta I know it’s won’t be as good as Your ma’s but still I tried my level best” ap said

Dp interrupts ” we tried our level best”

“Dad aapne?”swara looked at him in shock

“Haan Kyu? Can’t I prepare food?” Dp said proudly

Swara felt blessed to have such in laws who were trying to cheer her up and were refreshing her childhood moments.

“Bas ma! I can’t have more”she said

“Nahi nahi, now you have to finish this also” dp said while passing a bowl of custard

“No dad!! Please m full. Sachhi I won’t be able to eat even in night now” she said

“Mom, dad, please stop this. If she can’t eat at night then please stop this. Don’t spoil my surprise” Sanskaar said immediately

“Surprise?” Swara ask in confusion

Sanskaar realised what he Said

“Umm… vo I gotta go ma. I have important meeting” he said and escapes


Whole day ap and Dp spend time with swara in refreshing her childhood moments. Whatever She use to play with Shekhar now she is playing with dp. Their love make her understand that she should care only about those people who love her and care her she can’t get everyone’s love. She should value those love who genuinely cares for her.


Sanskaar has blindfolded swara which was irritating her a lot.

“Sanskaar it’s too much! I’m pissed off now! M opening this blindfold or else tell me where are you taking me??” She ask in irritation

“So, Mrs. Maheshwari I have kidnapped you and I’m gonna ask for a huge ransom from your husband” he said while guiding her out of car

“Oh! It means I have been kidnapped. So my husband must be worried Alot na” she said with a smile

”hmm.. may be or may be not..( swara stumbles) swara ! careful ” he said out of concern

She nods


Sanskar took her to a room removed her blindfold

Swara’s eyes shone seeing the arrangements. It was simple yet beautiful with minimal decorations. Sanskar’s farm house’s room was sparkling. Swara could feel Sanskar’s love in each and every detail
“It’s beautiful!!” Came out of her mouth ecstatically.

“You like it?” He asked like a little kid.

“I love it” she said and hugged him tightly “Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you so much for this Sanskar” she continued.

“Swara you can thank me afterwards but first, let’s have something. I didn’t even have lunch, so if I won’t eat now the rats will come out of my stomach and beat me” he said in a funny tone, without realising the fact that she would blast on him.

“You didn’t have lunch!!! How dare you!! Why the hell you can’t take care of yourself and now also you must have ordered something from restaurant. It’s not good you know this very well that you can’t eat restaurant’s food it doesn’t suits you but Sanskar Maheshwari won’t listen to anyone.. Sanskar it’s too much I..” Sanskar finally shut her blabbering with a kiss.

Swara shut her mouth.

The kiss was soft and gently leaving a tingling feeling on her lips. But Swara knew she wanted more. But before she could deepen their kiss, Sanskaar freed her leaving her breathless and wanting.

“Let’s have food” Swara said with crimson cheeks.
She couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. She knew she loved him, but was she really ready? Was she ready to take it further?

“Right now, I think we should skip straight to dessert”, Sanskar said with a teasing smile which made Swara blush hard.

“Shut up and let’s have our dinner”, She said

Sanskar fetched a chair for her first like a gentleman. Then he sat beside her and served her. All the dishes were home made, and ofcourse, her favourite.

“It’s sooo yumm.. Sanskar I can eat even your part also.. I just loved it.. you know whenever I was sad or felt low ma always prepare these dishes for me. Even when I realised my love for you that day also ma prepare these thing cz I wasn’t stop crying” she chuckled

Sanskar ignored her whole talk except the fact that she was crying.

“Why were you crying? I mean what made you cry after realising you love for me” he asked with curiosity.

“You were fiancé of someone or chah Kar bhi Mai aapko apne pyaar ke bare mein nahi Bata Sakti thi.”

“I wish I could’ve met you earlier. Then all this mess wouldn’t have happened.”, he said.

“Sanskar leave all this na.. look it’s raining outside.. let’s go..” she said to cheer him up

“No way! M not going in rain. I don’t like rains. You go” he said uninterestedly.
Swara made a face and went out to the balcony. She loved the rain. Each drop was rejuvenating her, it washed away all her pain. She forgot her dadi’s hatered for her in that rain. The very first rain of changing weather.
Sanskar was staring adoringly at his beautiful wife, who was enjoying like a stress-free child. Her georgette saree was hugging her body as it was completely soaked. Sanskar was mesmerized and started moving towards her, not knowing what he was doing at all.

Swara was twirling round and round and enjoying rain when she collided with Sanskaar’s drenched and toned chest. She stared up at him and for once, felt shy seeing her husband. His white shirt gave a clear outline of his toned muscular body. She composed herself and turned around to go when Sanskar stopped her by holding her hand. Her eyes closed automatically. He pulled her towards his chest. Now her back was facing his chest.

((Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se ankhein mila ke
Chura loon tere khwab main..))

He pushed her lovely hair to one side on her shoulder and nuzzled his face in her neck sending shivers down to her spine.

((Mere saaye hai saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho))

He planted a wet kiss on her nape that made her gasp.

((Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho))

He slowly slid his hand under her saree caressing her belly. She clasped his hand not able to take the desire rolling through her at his touch.

((Hai yeh nasha ya hai zeher
Is pyaar ko hum kya naam de
Hai yeh nasha ya hai zeher
Is pyaar ko hum kya naam de
Kab se adhuri hai ik dastaan
Aaja usse aaj anjam de
Tumhe bhuloon kaise mein
Meri pehli khata tum ho))

Each and every touch was playing havoc on her. She was unknowingly responding to him. Here he too was not in his senses. He was just lost in his wife’s, his first love’s beauty.

((Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho))

He removed his hands from her belly and slowly carressed her hands from shoulders to the end. This feeling was new for them. They never had felt so comfortable with anyone at any point.

((Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saanse chura ke
Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saanse chura ke
Dil ke raha hai gunehgaar banja
Bada chain hai inn gunahon se aage
Main ghumshuda si raat hun
Meri khushnuma subah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho..))

He untied the string of her blouse she gasped his name. Her voice, ringing shar and clear brought Sanskaar reeling back to reality. He saw what had been going on and felt extremely guilty for trying to cross the line between them, whereas Swara was blushing after recalling whatever he did.

“I-i am sooo.. sorry Swara!! I-i , j-just went in flow. I don’t know how , I mean I did that in heat of the moment. My intentions weren’t like that. I’m sorry. I know I have hurted you but, but I was not in my senses. Whatever I will say won’t be enough, I know you aren’t comfortable in these things. I’m sorry again.. umm wait. (Without looking at her, he quickly tied up her blouse, went inside the room and grabbed his blazer and covered her with that as well) I-i am sorry” saying this he went to the other room , leaving Swara all confused.

Sanskaar rushed to the adjecent room and banged his fist on mirror resulting it to break and his hand to bleed. Sanskar usually was very calm and composed, but when it came to Swara, he couldn’t control his anger and today… Today, according to him he himself tried to hurt her dignity. Sanskaar closed his eyes in despair and self loathing. The guilt was killing him.

“Damn!! How could I!! I know this very well that Swara wasn’t ready to take this relation further. Then how could I.. how could I loose my control.. Sanskar you did wrong today. How can you even touch her without her consent.” He was about to bang his fist again when Swara stopped him. Sanskar saw her, still clad in his blazer looking so innocent and heart-breakingly beautiful.
She could see the guilt in his eyes tearing him apart inside.

“I’m sorry” he apologised for his deed knowing it would not be enough.

Swara didn’t say anything in return and made him sit on the bed. Without looking at him, She got the first aid box and tended to him. Sanskar’s full focus was on her face. He wanted to read her expressions but she refused to meet his eyes.

“Swara please! Say something. It’s killing me. I know I shouldn’t have done that but I was not in my sound mind. Please trust me. Just say something” he said with guilt filled eyes.

Swara sighed, her voice full of love. ” Oh Sanskaar! I love you so much.”

And then she placed her lips on his. This time, It was Sanskaar’s turn to be shocked. He pulled away and looked at Swara incredulously. She smiled at him and nodded.

” I am Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari. I am your wife and I love you with all my heart and mind. You talk about trust. I don’t trust anyone more than you. When I am with you, the world is better. When I think about you, A bright smile appears on my face. I am utterly, hopelessly in love with you, Sanskaar Maheshwari. (whispering) Please take me as yours. Make me complete. Make me yours.”

At Swara’s frank confession, Sanskaar’s heart jumped up to the sky. Swara had brought her inner most feelings in front of him and trusted him.
He looked at her one last time, but found no doubt in her eyes. Sanskaar’s eyes gleamed with love and cupped her face tenderly.

Sanskaar said, ” I love you, Swara! More than I can tell you. Words are not enough to tell you how I feel. ”

Swara whispered. ” Then show me…. Show me.”

Her simple words took all doubt away from Sanksaar’s mind and settled his lips on hers.
This was no gentle kiss. He was devouring her, the way a starved man ate a piece of bread after days of hunger. The kiss was passionate and full of desire. Swara felt herself responding instinctively to him.
Her arms went around him bringing him closer than they already were. She couldn’t bear being apart from him right now. She could feel the tingles in her shoulders, her navel,right down to her toes.

Slowly, Sanskaar lifted his lips from hers and looked at her. Swara smiled shyly and nested herself against his shoulder, hugging him tightly. He removed his blazer and made tracing patterns on the back which made Swara shiver with anticipation.

Sanskaar slowly removed the blouse knot which he had tied carelessly and moved one finger across Swara’s bare back making her stiffen. He smiled, then brought her face to meet his.

Sanskaar said. ” You want this? ”

Swara replied, “I want you.”

And Sanskaar was lost. Suddenly, he was touching her everywhere and kissing her, as if his hands belonged to her.
And it did. Sanskaar belonged to Swara as much as she belonged with him. Their lovemaking grew to a heightened frenzy until they were one.

Sanskaar held Swara close to him and muttered. ” I belong to you and you belong to me.”

Swara smiled. Sanskaar couldn’t see her but felt it and that made him smile too.
Swara said. ” Good! We are one today, tomorrow and forever!”

To be continued..

A/N so guyz while reading that date you all must be thinking how suddenly my writings get improved(lol) so lemme tell you that date part was edited by Anjali (writer of Mr maheshwari and I) she made that beautiful and, consummation party was solely written by her, that’s why it’s beautiful.

Special credits: Anjali?

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