Yeh dooriyan (Episode 34)

This chapter is specially dedicated to my friend little princess…. I know we won’t be in touch regularly but you have no Idea how much I will miss you. You were here to tell me my mistakes. But I know it’s important for you to go.. and I will be waiting for the day when you will come back..

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Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : reason behind sanskar’s changed behavior. Dadi’s unsuccessful attempt to instigate swara against sanskar. Swasan talks



SwaSan were sleeping peacefully in eachother’s embrace under a comforter, on bare cold floor.

Sanskar woke up first and kissed swara on top of head

“Good morning mera Bachha”

She open her eyes slowly and said”morning.. hhhannnncchhhiiee” she sneezed

“Look you catch cold swara..!!”he said

“Nothing.. it just a sneeze”she said casually

“Just!!” He said seriously up

She Nods. And again sneezed

“That I can see!!”he said

She peck him on cheek

“You go n get ready n till then… I will go n prepare breakfast”she said

“Okay”he said with pout

“Come soon. Okay?”she said

He nods n she left


Everyone was sitting on dining table for breakfast and Sanskar was coming when laksh called him

“Bhai I wanna talk to you”laksh said.

“Can we talk after breakfast lucky?”Sanskar said

Laksh nods n SanLak too sat with others

“Swara beta pass that juice to me”dp said

“Yess dad”she said n passed the juice to him

“Beta please prepare something good in lunch today”dp demands

“Ya dad tell.. hhaannnchiiee …. What you want.. I will .. hhannchhiie… Prepare that only” she said with sneeze

“Swara beta what happened you catch cold?? Fever to nahi hai na?” Ap said while putting her hand on Swara forehead

“No maa.. m.. hhannchhiie m fine”she said

“Sanskar how she catch cold .. can’t you take care of my daughter properly”dp said in Lil angry tone

“Dad it’s not my fault it’s inlur daughters’ fault” sanskar put whole blame on swara

“Excuse me what did I..haannchhiee.. do?? It was ur plan” swara immediately revert

“My plan!!! Really!!! ” He frowned

Meanwhile all the family members were staring SwaSan’s childish fight

“Yes it was only your plan to … Hhannchhiie… to sleep in balcony’s bare floor.. n only cz of that i catch cold”she said

Sanskar looked at her in shock as she has blabbered that which she shouldn’t.

“Bhai!! Swara !! If you wanna romance you can do that in room. Look cz if this swara catch cold” laksh avails the opportunity to tease them

Swara bites her tongue for blabbering

“Yes swara next time please don’t sleep in floor” ragini too joins him

” But ragu I think she won’t feel cold na Bhai was also with her ( to swara) Kyu swara” laksh continue his teasing

Here swasan were getting embarrassed.

“Enough!! Laksh!!” Dp said strictly

” Yes laksh stop it.. see how much swara is blushing.. and swara beta next time don’t tell this to us that you sleep on floor” ap too joins them

“Ya ya okay dad! I will take care if swara” sanskar said to divert topic

“Aree Paani nahi hai.. lemme bring water”saying this swara left with a crimson face

*After breakfast*

“Bhai wanna talk” laksh said

“Ha lucky bol” sanskar said

“Bhai actually vo dadi na! She was instigating swara against you and.. she did same with swati also” laksh said n told him everything from his n swati’s engagement to last day what he heard dadi saying to swara

“What!! Dadi did all this! N you are telling me now!!”sanskar was hell shocked to hear dadi’s truth

“Sorry Bhai I didn’t tell you this before, but now if I didn’t tell you then it may create misunderstanding between you n swara.. now you can be careful”laksh said

“It’s possible that dadi was brainwashing swara.. yes it is possible!!”sanskar thought

“Lucky it means now it’s time to teach dadi a lesson”sanskar said with a naughty smile

“MATLAB??”laksh got confused

“Tu chal mere sath!!! “Sanskar said n dragged him

“Mom!! Dad!! I have a plan!! Lets go on picnic tmrw at our farmhouse what say?”sanskar said with excitement

“But beta suddenly!! ” Ap said

“Haa na mom please.. hhhannchiie .. let’s go na.. please.. please.. hhnnachiee .. please!!!”swara said with pleading expression

“Okay then! I think we should call sumi Bhabhi n others also!! What Say?”dp suggest

“It osm dad!! And Ha i have a friend swyam who had saved swara from those kidnappers.. I think we should invite him also” sanskar said

“It’s very good beta! If u know that guy it would be great! We should show some gratitude towards him”dp said

“So Its final tmrw we all are going for picnic!” Laksh said in excitement

Sanskar called gadodias n swyam too



Swara was cooking food and sanskar’s mind nudges him to do romance!

Sanskar went n was about to hug swara from back, swara who was completely unaware of his presenc added dry chili in boiled oil..and gets aside ..

Here Sanskar who has inhaled the whole tadka sneezed loudly “haaaaaannnnccchhhhho”

“Sanskar what are you doing here?” She ask

“Nothing!!’ he looks at her angrily and left


SwaSan room

Swara packaging stuff from tmrw’s picnic. Sanskar stood Infront of her.

“You need anything?”she ask

He nods.

“What?” She ask.

“Just a few mins to spend with you!”. He said

“Sanskar please! Not now! Bhut kaam hai.” She said

“Haa Haan krlo kaam jab tumse door chala jaunga tab sochna kash time spend Kia hota”sanskar said in flow

Here the box which she was about to put in cupboard fell off her hand.
Sanskar looked at her in shock. He can see the love ,the fear of loosing him ,the pain which his words caused to her was evident.

“Swara! I-i am really sorry! I didn’t mean that! Trust me! I (tries to hold her shoulders but she shove his hands) swara I said that unknowingly” he said

“Unknowingly!!! Really!!! You said all those words unknowingly!! Haaan!!! What you think of yourself (pushed him back) you Peirced my heart unknowingly (again pushed him back) let me tell you Mr sanskar maheshwari I have saved you once! I will do that again n again. (Pulls him closer by holding his collar) sanskar ko Kuch Hoga isse pehle swara ki aankhe ban ho jyengi.. ” she said as soon as the last word escapes her mouth he shut her mouth by placing his lips on hers

((Iss qadar pyar hai tumse aye humsafar
Chandani naram si raat ke honth par

Teri nadaaniyan
Teri gustakhiyan
Mili toh yun judi
Ke bheegi raat bhar
Iss qadar pyar hai tumse aye humsafar

Dil mein hai betabiyan
Neend udne lagi
Tere khayaalon se hi
Aankh judne lagi

Ab toh ye baahein
Jhukti nigahein
Bas inhi ki fikar

Teri angdaaiyan
Meri khamoshiyan
Mili toh yun judi
Ke bheege raat bhar
Is kadar pyar hai tumse aye humsafar))

“Sanskar aur swara ek sath jiyenge or ek sath marenge”he said straight looking into her eyes

“I love you”she said n hugged him tightly

“Love you too swara” he said n kissed on top of her head



Everyone was super excited for the picnic specially the new love birds swyam n swati.

Soon the gadodia family entered and in no time swara jumped onto her

“He are you ma”she ask

“M osm beta but I don’t think i should ask you hwz you.. you must be happy with sanskar” sumi sai

“Kya ma! Aap bhi”she said while blushing

Then her gaze went on swyam who was greeting with sanskar

“Hey! Swyam “she spoke

“Hi swara m good you tell me hwz you” swyam said

“M also fine. And Thank-you so much swyam m safe and Alive only cz of you”she said

“It’s my duty swara”he said

“Chalo chalo we are getting late !!” Ragini shouts

Soon everyone sat in bus and swasan were sitting in seat away from rest of the family.. swara has held his arm and rested her head on his shoulder

None of them were saying anything! But sometimes silence speaks more.


Shlok was opening the main door of farmhouse when Sankar wishpers

“Everything is ready na lucky”

Laksh nods

“Ma , dadi, mom, dad you all take rest first” sanskar said

“Laksh you go n show everyone their room..”sanskar said

Laksh showed everyone their respective room

@dadi’s room

“Huh?!! I just hate that girl swara..”dadi cruses swara

Dadi got up to get fresh n up and as soon as she steps into bathroom an earthen pot fell and it contains cow dung wich fell on her making her fume in anger

“Urrrhhhh I know it’s all is done by swaea she wants to trouble me, but don’t worry swara.. trouble me as much as you can cz I will make sure that you cry “dadi thought

Here SanLak were giving hifi to each other.. and discussing about dadi n their plan

“Yeh Bhai now that dadi will stink like hell”laksh said

“Ye to shuruwat hai lucky .. I will make sure that this trip will be rememberable one .. Dadi ki to band bajo ke rahegi” Sanskar said

“Sanskar laksh!! What’s this? Why you both are planning to trouble kakisa”ap ask Strictly

“Mom vo nothing like that”laksh covers

“Lucky! Wait! Mom actually…” Sanskar explained everything to ap

“Sanskar laksh!! It’s bad!! You should not trouble kakisa like this”ap said

Laksh bow his head down

“You should think something new for this”she continued

“Mom!!”SanLak got shocked

“Ya! Kakisa tried to break my dare she.. now you all will do what I will say. I have a plan” ap said

She explains the plan n SanLak looked at her in shock

“Don’t stare at me like this!!” Aps said

“Mom you are osm”laksh said

“Ha ha.. ok.. but ye bat hum teeno ke alwa Kisi ko nhi pata lgni chahiye”ap said

“Hum chaaro mom.. ragini is also with us I told her everything” laksh said

Ap nods..

Everyone decides to go for outing next day as everyone was tired cz if journey

Everyone was bzy in their own works like swyam n swati in spending time.. RagLak in preparing for the next plan.. swara in kitchen and Sanskar in romancing with her.. ap was initiating her plan n accordingly she was talking to dadi


Sanskar back hugged Swara making her smile. He began teasing her n didn’t let her do her work.

“Mr. Maheshwari..What do yu want han? Why disturbing while working” swara said in irritation

“Because you don’t love me. All time work?” he said innocently

“?Who said so? Of course, I do. ” She said

Sanskar put his arm around her neck and said ” I know.. but yu know no.. teasing you is something i love the most ?”

” You’re too much..” she hits him playfully

Sanskar went lil closer n they shared a beautiful eye lock
He tucked her hair strand behind her ear n planted a sweet kiss on her cheek.
Swara blushed n later kissed him back?

“Now happy? Go n let me so my work!! Everyone is waiting for food”she said


Ap n dadi were talking

“Your villa is beautiful ap ji but I never knew about this?”dadi said

“Ya vo Kya hai na kakisa.. this Vila is possessed by some spirit so we don’t come here frequently”ap said

“Are but who believes such things..”dadi said casually

“Kakisa we too don’t believe this.. but once we were staying in the where you are staying now.. at night we have seen someone in our room”ap said in serious tone to scare dadi

“That could be sanskar or laksh or ragini na” dadi said

“No no kakisa.. someone else.. some ghost”ap said

Suddenly ragini crossed dadi wearing white saree. And dadi gulps in fear

“Ap ji did you see that?”dadi ask

“What kakisa.?”ap said innocently

“Vo.. white sare wali lady”dadi said

“There is no one kakisa.. I think you must have seen that spirt here.. leta go in.. it’s not safe”ap said

“Hq Ha you are right”both went in


After dinner dadi was going towards her room suddenly someone creepy sounds came as soon as she open the gate of her room.. she gulps in fear.

“What ap ji was saying wasn’t that true?”dadi thought

“No no parvati.. nothing like that.. ghosts doesn’t exist” she said to herself

She prepare bwd for herself and went to wash face.. in the mean time laksh came in and spread red colour water on her bed.. when dadi came back she got shocked n shouts.. listening to her shouts everyone came.. and as her back was towards her bed… Sanskar came from window and changed the bedsheet..

“What happened dadi why are you shouting??” Shlok ask

“Vo vo my bed.. that..”dadi fumbles

“Uff lemme see what happened.. “ragini Said n went in

“Everything is fine dadi”she said

“Nhi there was blood now”dadi said

“I think you are tired dadi.. just take rest” swati said and left

“Kakisa be careful!!”ap said in serious tone before going

Soon everyone left and dadi chants humaan chalisa..

She lye down in bed and agin some creepy sounds came.. this time ragini came in her room wearing that white saree!

“What you want? Who are you?”dadi ask in fear

“You ! I want you”ragini Said in scarey tone n moves towards her..

This was it was dadi.. she jumped off the bed and hide herself in bathroom..

After sometime when there was no noise dadi opened the door of bathroom and pop her head out!! Ragini too was waiting for her. As sion as she open the door ragini jumps Infront of her making dadi scare like hell and ahe. Closed the door again.. and finally ragini left

@raglak’s room

“You won’t believe how much scared she was”ragini Said

“Ye to shuruwat hai… Tmrww will give her more surprises”sanskar said

“Sanskar you should go now. “Laksh said and Sanskar left.

@swasan’s room

“Where were you?”she ask

“Kyu? You were missing me?” He ask

She nods yes then no

“And why so??”he frowned and moved closer to her

Before she could say anything she was on bed and he was on her.

“Ha so you were saying something”he said in husky tone

“I am feeling sleepy”she said and got up abruptly and act to sleep

“Kab tak bachogi swara?”he whispers in her ear which send shivers down to her spine..


Somewhere in a house a girl was sitting on floor surrounded by many pics of a small girl.. and has a locket in her hand…

Then a guy came n spoke “shonali”

To be continued

Precap: dadi ka pardafash

Special credits: little princess, A.S, archu

Guyz I don’t think that I can update any of my ffs this week but still will try to post asap

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