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Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : swasan wedding



Swara woke up and saw sanskar asleep in half lying position.. his one hand was on her head n in other he was holding her hand..

“Shoott!! Cz of me sanskar sir has to suffer again”she thought

She slowly releases her hand and in this sanskar’s sleep got disturbed.

“Hwz mera Bachha feeling now? Do u still have pain in head? “He ask

She without wasting time.. threw herself on him. He wraps his hand around her waist.

“Ur head is still paining??” He ask

” No.. m fine n m sorry I trouble you alot” she said innocently

“Hhmm.. vese swara.. I never knew that I am going to marry a cry cry baby”he said teasingly

“Haww!! M not a cry cry baby” she said cutely

“Ya ya.. u aren’t a cry cry baby.. I was crying last night na.. “he said

“Ha to its natural to cry.. u are so bad.. katta sir”she said

“Swara I swear I won’t talk to you if u don’t stop calling me sir.. I feel like I am married to my secretary” he said in irritation

“I don’t feel good while addressing u with name only..” she said cutely

“Then no need to talk to me.. m bearing ur this nonsense from long”he gets irritated and left..

Swara gets sad seeing him this way and curses herself.”swara it’s enough.. now u have to take his name u can’t make him angry on the very first day of marriage”


Everyone was waiting for swara to come downstairs but she didn’t

“Beta what happened to swara.. ? Why didn’t she come yet”ap ask

“Don’t know ma! “Sanskar said uninterestedly

“Sanskar!! Kuch hua Tum dono ke beech”ap ask..

“Ma she is still addressing me sir.. n its damn irritating.. now m pissed off”he said in irritation

“And what u did?”dp ask casually

“I said that I won’t talk to her untill she stop addressing me sir”sanskar said

“Beta it’s not good.. she needs time. She will adjust herself here soon”ap said

“We have already given her a month.. now it’s enough”he said

Soon swara come downstairs . Sanskar gets mesmerized seeing her in red saree but controls himself.

“Ma look now swara will say good morning mam”Sanskar mumers

Here swara reached the dining table and spoke”good morning mam,good morning sir, ”

Everyone burst out laughing

“Why u all are laughing”she ask innocently

“What’s ur name swara” laksh ask while eating

“Swara bose”she said proudly

Ap Hits her head playfully”swara maheshwari”

She bites her tongue”sorry maa..”before she could complete ap interrupts “mom..!! M ur mom!!”

She nods

Swara too sat with everyone and started her breakfast… Suddenly sanskar started to cough.. swara got up n pour water in a glass and forward that towards him.. he didn’t take that Nd signals laksh to gave water to him.. he did that. Swara was hurt but his anger was justified…

“Swara beta come to my room”ap said

“Yes mam (again bites tongue) yes mom” she covers

Ap smiles and left…


Here swati went to shopping .. she was bzy in phone and suddenly in mall she bumped into someone .. the other person was also on phone….

He got up and helped swati too in getting up.

“R u fine mis..?”he spoke

“Swati! “She said

“Ohh.. m sorry.. I didn’t see you”he said

“It’s fine.. I was equally responsible for this crash.. m sorry Mr?”she frowned

“Swayam! Swyam Shekhawat”he said

Now both were surrounded by awkward silence… They were just staring eachother finally swati broke the silence.. “so.. bye”

“Ya… Bye” he Said


Sanskar was searching for something in his study.. swara went in and ask
“May i help you?”

No reply

“Where the hell that file went!!! “He bangs his fist on table.

“Which file sir?”she ask

He gave her a death glare and finally found that file behind the rack..

“I haven’t seen this file earlier”she thought..

swara was trying here leavel best to talk to sanskar but he was admant not to talk.. she thought to call sumi for some help.. but sanskar had already called sumi n told her everything, swara was unaware of this fact.

“Hello ma”she said sadly

“Ha Shona..”sumi ask

“Ma sir is angry with me”she explains everything

“Sorry Shona I can’t help you.. u have. To sort this on ur own. Take care”sumi said n cut the call

Suddenly she saw sanskar going towards ap’s room with tie in hand

“Sanskar sir n tie? It means he is going out.. !! M truely a bad wife that’s why he is going out today”she curses herself and Ran behind him

“Sanskar sir!!!” She shouts

Sanskar ignores her.. and went into ap’s room.. soon he came out wearing tie and blazer.. swara was still waiting for him outside and starts to follow him. But he left..

Swara sat in the hall juat to wait for him coming back.. it was night n still he didn’t come back..with each passing moment her face was becoming more.pale.. but soon her face lightened seeing Sanskar coming in.. she again’starts to follow him

“Just listen to me once”she shouts

He stopped but didn’t turn back.. she hugs him from back and spoke “m sorry”

“I don’t need ur sorry swara”he said rudely and moved ahead

“Swara it’s now or never”she thought and again shouts


A curve appeared on sanskar’s face..

He turned and moved towards her..
“ what you said”

“Vo.. i-i .. i-i .. sa-said… So-so-sorry” she fumbles as he went near her

“And after that”he smrik

She tried to escape but before that he held her hand and pulls her.. in No time she collided with sanskar’s toned chest

“Come again swara what you said” he ask

“S-sa-s.a.s.k.a.r… Leave me”she said

“Hmmm.. not bad.. now for ur this achievement.. I have a gift for you”he said and lifts her up


He put her down on bed and bolt the door.. he took out a small box from his office bag..

“Close ur eyes swara”he said

“Huh??”she gave him confused look

“Ya close ur eyes” he said strictly

She followed his orders.. sanskar opened the box Infront of her and spoke “now open ur eye”

As soon as she open her eyes.. tears welled up in her eyes.. that box contains the jewelry piece which she use to sell inorder to repay the loan

“Sir ye!!!”

Sanskar gave her anger look

“I mean.. sanskar.. these.. all how..”she cried in happiness

He explains how he saw her and bought these jewellery

“Thank-you.. Thank-you so much…ami nijeke bhaggoboti monekori tomake peye” she said

Sanskar hugs her tightly and ask..”ummm swara what did u say?”

She realised that he can’t understand Bengali

“M blessed to have you in my life sanskar.. I love you”she said n tightens the hug

He broke the hug and kissed her forehead

He slowly leans towards her.. she closed her eyes in nervousness.. he smiled seeing her and spoke in her ear “don’t worry.. I won’t so anything until u get comfortable with me.. I just want to tell you that tmrw.. is ur result day”

She opened her eyes in shock “result!!!!”

“Ya result.. don’t you wanna know the result of ur post graduation”he ask

She nods no vigorously

He held her head from his hands “don’t nod this much.. ur head will dismantle”

“Ohh God result!! I know I will flunk.. “she said

” don’t worry u won’t.. and ya here is another gift for you”he said and handed her a box of mobile phone..

“Sir??” She get confused

“I know you don’t have phone.. I don’t know what happened to ur old phone.. but since a month m noticing that u don’t have phone so here it is.. and ur number will be started by tmrw”he said

“But sanskar how comw I take this much expensive gift from you”she resistes

“Mera Bachha u have already stolen the most expensive thing.. my heart.. n now u r hesitating in accepting gift”he said..

Finally she agreed..

To be continued..

Precept: result, and revelation of Mask person.

Ps: I had no idea what to write.. I got stuck here.. sorry for the boring chapter..

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